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For posterity

Posted by Charles II on May 9, 2009

This picture of Bush with his feet on the desk has apparently been disappeared from the web. This thumbnail is all that we (Dan of Pruning Shears and I) found. It was apparently up on The National Post and was last found by Google at

Bush Feet on Desk

Fortunately, Oliver Stone has immortalized the moment. But it’s a real lesson on how falsified and truncated our history has become, when armies of brown nosers go around after The Great Man sanitizing his image for posterity.

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I Can Haz Rule Of Law?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on January 22, 2009

Just Us

Per LHP at FDL, signs point to “yes”:

David Iglesias, one of the US Attorneys who were fired for actually trying to do their jobs in a fair, non partisan manner, has just been tapped by the Obama administration to prosecute Gitmo detainees. This is an inspired choice. Not just for the “up yours” message it sends to the loyal Bushies — though that adds some fun to the mix — but because his unique skill set positions him to handle all the permutations of prosecutions to come in these cases.

Go read the rest of Looseheadprop’s story. Rule of Law: It’s the new black! (And black is the new president.)

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One Small Step for the Rule of Law

Posted by MEC on January 9, 2009

The first bill passed by the House of Representatives this session overturns Bush’s Executive Order that limited access to Presidential papers in defiance of the Presidential Records Act.

Bush’s EO, with its precedent-setting contempt for the law and its equally blatant motivation to keep his father’s records secret, has been a particular sore point for me, so I’m quite pleased that the House leaders chose this for their first action. It has both symbolic and substantive value.

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Yet Another Federal Judge to Bush: You Are Not Above The Law

Posted by MEC on July 31, 2008

Poor Dubya can’t catch a break. Another federal judge has ruled, unequivocally and with a severe scolding, that he and his minions have to obey laws and respect the Constitution. To add insult to injury, Judge John D. Bates is a Bush appointee.

Judge Bates’ opinion of Bush’s pretext for evading Congressional oversight couldn’t be clearer:

[E]xecutive privilege is not absolute even when Congress — rather than a grand jury — is the party requesting the information. And a claim of absolute immunity from compulsory process cannot be erected by the Executive as a surrogate for the claim of absolute executive privilege already firmly rejected by the courts. Presidential autonomy, such as it is, cannot mean that the Executive’s actions are totally insulated from scrutiny by Congress. That would eviscerate Congress’s historical oversight function.


That simple yet critical fact bears repeating: The asserted absolute immunity claim here is entirely unsupported by existing case law.

Of course this doesn’t mean that Harriet Miers and Karl Rove will now agree to testify in a Congressional hearing, or that Joshua Bolten will provide the documents Congress has requested. It means Bush will file an appeal, and when the appeals court smacks him down because there is still no basis for his claims of absolute immunity, he’ll go to the Supreme Court. We can only hope the Supreme Court will rule according to the Constitution and legal precedent, not partisan loyalties.

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Federal Judge: President Is Not Above the Law

Posted by MEC on July 5, 2008

Judge Vaughn R. Walker of the Northern District of California has ruled that the president’s authority as commander in chief does not make him exempt from the law.

Walker, who was appointed by President H.W. Bush, stated the obvious when ruling on a lawsuit by an Oregon charity that has evidence the government used an illegal wiretap against under the secret surveillance program established by Bush after the September 11 attacks.

This ruling is consistent with other rulings that Bush cannot use “I’m a wartime president” as the pretext for ruling by fiat.

Let’s hope it sends a message to Congress: Bush cannot have everything he wants just because he wants it. And that includes retroactive immunity for the telephone companies that helped him break the law.

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Supreme Court to Bush: The Constitution Is Still in Effect

Posted by MEC on June 12, 2008


The Supreme Court did its duty today.

The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that foreign terrorism suspects held at Guantanamo Bay have rights under the Constitution to challenge their detention in U.S. civilian courts.

In its third rebuke of the Bush administration’s treatment of prisoners, the court ruled 5-4 that the government is violating the rights of prisoners being held indefinitely and without charges at the U.S. naval base in Cuba….

Justice Anthony Kennedy, writing for the court, said, “The laws and Constitution are designed to survive, and remain in force, in extraordinary times.”


The court specifically struck down a provision of the Military Commissions Act of 2006 that denies Guantanamo detainees the right to file petition of habeas corpus.

It’s worth repeating: “The laws and Constitution are designed to survive, and remain in force, in extraordinary times.”

The shame is that the Court’s ruling was not unanimous. I wasn’t surprised, however, that the ruling was 5-4, with the predictable “justices” dissenting: Scalia, Thomas, Roberts, and Alito.

[Edited to add:] The incomparable Glenn Greenwald has an analysis of the ruling.

[Another update:] Salon has the text of the decision.

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Worst President Ever

Posted by MEC on April 2, 2008

In an admittedly unscientific poll, historians rated George W. Bush’s presidency the worst ever.

Only two percent of respondents said his presidency was a success.

The comments that many of the respondents included with their evaluations provide a clear sense of the reasons behind the overwhelming consensus that George W. Bush’s presidency is among the worst in American history.

“No individual president can compare to the second Bush,” wrote one. “Glib, contemptuous, ignorant, incurious, a dupe of anyone who humors his deluded belief in his heroic self, he has bankrupted the country with his disastrous war and his tax breaks for the rich, trampled on the Bill of Rights, appointed foxes in every henhouse, compounded the terrorist threat, turned a blind eye to torture and corruption and a looming ecological disaster, and squandered the rest of the world’s goodwill. In short, no other president’s faults have had so deleterious an effect on not only the country but the world at large.”

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Another Judicial Ruling that Bush Is Not Above the Law

Posted by MEC on February 6, 2008

Another day, another judicial dope slap for Dubya.

U.S. District Judge Florence-Marie Cooper ruled that Bush does not have the authority to exempt the Navy from a law banning the use of sonar in a zone off Southern California.

As with all the other judicial rulings that Bush can’t just override any law he doesn’t like, the message of this ruling will not get through. The only remedy for Bush’s lawlessness is impeachment.

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Yet Another Judicial Dope Slap for Dubya

Posted by MEC on December 17, 2007

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A federal judge has informed the Busheviks that public records are, you know, public. And that means Bush can’t make the records secret only so We The People can’t find out what’s in them.

This case was one of the more shameless of Bush’s attempts to evade accountability:

White House visitor logs are public documents, a federal judge ruled Monday, rejecting a legal strategy that the Bush administration had hoped would get around public records laws….

Visitor records are created by the Secret Service, which is subject to the Freedom of Information Act. But the Bush administration has ordered the data turned over to the White House, where they are treated as presidential records outside the scope of the public records law.

But U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth ruled logs from the White House and Vice President Dick Cheney’s residence remain Secret Service documents and are subject to public records requests.

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A Victory for the Rule of Law

Posted by MEC on December 5, 2007

Part of George W. Bush’s executive order that effectively nullified the Presidential Records Act has been invalidated by a judicial ruling.

This week, the Bush administration decided not to appeal a federal district court judge’s decision that invalidated a crucial section of Executive Order (EO) 13233, which broadened the rights of presidents and former-presidents to withhold federal records from the public for indefinite periods of time.

On October 1, Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly gave historians and researchers a partial, but significant victory in a lawsuit questioning the legality of the Executive Order. The judge struck down the section of the EO that allows a former president to indefinitely delay the release of their records.

…She declined to rule on the legality of the sections of the Executive Order allowing heirs and designees of former presidents, and former vice presidents, the authority to control the release of documents, calling them “unripe” since no records have yet been withheld pursuant to those provisions. However, the judge left open the right for the plaintiffs to challenge these provisions in the future if the release of records were denied as a result of them.

The House has passed, by a veto-proof margin, a bill to overturn the entire executive order. In the Senate, however, Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona is blocking a similar bill.

Arizonans, do you have a good candidate to run against Senator Kyl? Somebody who believes that we are government is based on law, not on personal power?

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