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No one will care that a federal agency has a massive wiretapping operation

Posted by Charles II on July 17, 2012

So what will the FDA do if you get in the way of GE marketing an unsafe colonscopy device? You can read the full megillah here (or in the NYT), or get the executive review from DemocracyNow:

STEPHEN KOHN: Yeah. What they did was they put spyware into the computers. We’re not sure how far it moved. We know it went into thumb drives. It went into their own property. And this spyware enabled them to do keystroke analysis, so they could get all the private passcodes of the scientists. So they could get into their—so they had the ability to get into their medical records, their financial records, their confidential Google-to-Google communications—all that capability, they had.
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Yet Another Free-Market Success

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 29, 2008

Cadbury just found out that its Chinese-made chocolates have melamine in them. This after Chinese milk was found to have the same crud deliberately put into it to goose the protein percentages after the milk was watered down. (And after all the stories of poison toys have hit the news, too.)

This is why I won’t eat Green & Black’s now that Cadbury owns them. Besides, Rogue Chocolatier makes a better product anyway. (I recommend the Sambriano.)

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Another Lying Bush Official?

Posted by MEC on March 30, 2007

Dems Question FDA Chief’s Testimony

House Democrats are investigating whether FDA Commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach lied under oath about the antibiotic Ketek, which has long been under scrutiny by Congress.

The seriousness of the inquiry was outlined in a letter sent Thursday to Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt. The letter requested that the department make available by the close of business Wednesday all documents used to prepare von Eschenbach for his testimony. Also, the lawmakers asked Leavitt to make available all senior staff and counsel who participated in preparing him for his testimony.


At a hearing by his subcommittee on March 22, Stupak aggressively questioned von Eschenbach about a questionable study of the drug before it was approved. The study was marred by fraud involving one of the 1,800 sites that enrolled patients given the drug.

But Von Eschenbach said the study was not used as part of the decision to approve Ketek.

“That is false,” Stupak said during the hearing. The congressman said he believed the doctor was being forthright. “But whoever is doing your work is trying to lead this committee down the wrong path. We know these issues. We are on top of these issues, so when you come and give us testimony that isn’t accurate, we are going to call you on it,” Stupak said.

All together now: “What a difference an election makes.”

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