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Sunday Afternoon News Roundup

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 22, 2010

— Feminists! Don’t be a Dumb Cluck like Sarah Palin — Get your Cackle of Rads membership card today!

— Why do obvious smears and lies such as those directed against the Park51 development get so much media play? Could it be because our corporate-run, Republican-worshiping press keeps giving prime media space and respect to contemptible bigots like CNN’s Erick Erickson?

— In other news, Randy Demmer is still a twit and Tim Walz’s congressional seat is Mr. Walz’ for as long as he wants it.

— And now a not-so-recent item that is timely once more: Legalized booze, not the FBI, is what finally broke Al Capone.

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You Go, Indeed

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 15, 2010

With a big hat tip to La Vie de Cyclisme:

I just love this video.

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Blogroll Update

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 31, 2008

I just had to add Margaret and Helen to the blogroll.

Because old ladies speak their mind. Deal with it.

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News Flash: Modest Dress Doesn’t Stop Sexual Harrassment – But It May Well Encourage It

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 21, 2008

Ziska did a post on the inverse relationship between dressing modestly and sexual harrassment (and the degree of control that men have over their bodily impulses) that’s caused much comment. Here’s a taste from the Bitch PhD link that was the cornerstone of Zuska’s post:
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It’s Not A Zero-Sum Game

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 20, 2008

One of the reasons people resist diversity is the idea that for one group to improve, other groups must suffer. Once again, that’s been shown to be false:

The American Association of University Women, whose 1992 report on how girls are shortchanged in the classroom caused a national debate over gender equity, has turned its attention to debunking the idea of a “boys’ crisis.”

“Girls’ gains have not come at boys’ expense,” says a new report by the group, to be released on Tuesday in Washington.

Echoing research released two years ago by the American Council on Education and other groups, the report says that while girls have for years graduated from high school and college at a higher rate than boys, the largest disparities in educational achievement are not between boys and girls, but between those of different races, ethnicities and income levels.

Why is this an issue? Because of zero-sum thinking, fanned in some cases by those women from conservative sheltered workshops like AEI who want to make a buck off of male fears and/or salve the consciences of rich sexist captains of industry:

Linda Hallman, who became executive director of the university women’s group in January, when the work was well under way, said the report was an effort to refocus attention on what she said were the real problems of education for poor and minority children, and away from a distracting debate about a so-called boys’ crisis. Ms. Hallman said the group’s members were concerned about arguments by conservative commentators that boys had become disadvantaged and were being discriminated against in schools intended to favor girls.

“Many people remain uncomfortable with the educational and professional advances of girls and women, especially when they threaten to outdistance their male peers,” the report says, citing Christina Hoff Sommers’s 2000 book, “The War Against Boys: How Misguided Feminism is Harming Our Young Men.”

Sommers has been exposed before as a cherry-picking bull-slinger who ignores inconvenient truths and fears peer review as a vampire fears garlic. Let’s hope that this latest debunking of her takes.

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