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Epic Blago Fail

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 9, 2008

Word has hit that Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich tried to stiff-arm Obama’s transition team into giving him a plum job in exchange for picking somebody they’d like to see fill Obama’s seat, then got increasingly angry as the Obama people refused to play ball.

Why do we know this? Because Patrick Fitzgerald, the scourge of corrupt politicians of all parties, had Blago’s office phone tapped as a part of the ongoing Rezko probe. Ooooops. Now Blago’s in the pokey, along with his chief of staff.

I was wondering when Blago would be fitted for the orange jumpsuit he’s destined to be wearing for the next ten years or so. Now we know.

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How Is Patrick Fitzgerald Like KRS-One?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 28, 2007

Answer:  If you’re lame or wack, both men will end your career.  As Conrad Black is finding out.

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Wednesday News Roundup

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 15, 2007

— The US Attorney Purge Scandal is really affecting the Bushistas.  How do we know this?  They dragged the torture-addled  Ron Jeremy  Khalid Shaikh Mohammed out for the cameras and had him confess in a long rambling statement to plotting 9/11, plotting to kill the Pope, plotting to kill Jimmy Carter and plotting to kill the Easter Bunny.  (They would have used Jose Padilla, but after half a decade of custody and interrogations without being charged for a single crime until last fall, he’s apparently no longer able to speak coherently enough for any confessions to be taken seriously.)

— Bad News:  Patrick Fitzgerald won’t be at this week’s TreasonGate (aka Plame) hearings because the case is going to be appealed.  Good News:  It’s also because he doesn’t want to mess up the Wilsons’ lawsuit.   And as he points out, it’s not as if he didn’t leave Congress lots of publicly-aired material.

— Speaking of the purge scandal, does anyone doubt that Rove’s at the center of it? Not Sid Blumenthal.

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Colin McEnroe On Scooter Libby, Tim Russert, And Journalists’ First Amendment Rights

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 11, 2007

(hat tips to Atrios and Digby for this)

Colin McEnroe is too honest for his own good, and in a just world he would have David Brooks’ column space over at the New York Times.  

Here he ensures the enduring hatred of the Beltway crowd by spilling the beans on the whole “Patrick Fitzgerald damaged journalism by picking on those poor widdle journalists” scam:

When Russert was first subpoenaed, in 2004, to speak to the grand jury in the Libby case, he and NBC made a great show of fighting to quash that subpoena because, in the words of NBC News president Neil Shapiro, “The American public will be deprived of important information if the government can freely question journalists about their efforts to gather news.” This quote appeared in a “story” on the MSNBC website about NBC’s brave resistance.

Stirring words. Only one problem. It emerged at trial that Russert spoke freely to an FBI agent about this whole matter the first time he was ever contacted. The whole pageant of refusing to cooperate was kind of a charade. He had already cooperated. I mean, shouldn’t the story MSNBC ran about NBC’s commitment to the American public have explained that Russert compromised at least some of that commitment the first chance he got?


…Russert’s policy is one of his own invention, and it’s the kind of policy you’d have if you prized your cozy relationship with powerful people more highly than you prized your role as a reporter.

I mention all this because, here and there, you read comments about the prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald and how much he damaged the First Amendment by sweating a bunch of journalists. Please. It’s more like he lanced some kind of infectious boil.


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Shorter Sid Blumenthal On The Libby Trial

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 22, 2007

Fitz&Co.: Libby “didn’t remember” nine conversations with eight reporters and then “remembers” two that nobody else remembers? I don’t think so. Face it, folks — he lied his ass off to save his boss from paying the price for burning a NOC.

Wells&Co.: WAAAAH! We’re going to cwwwwyyy! And stamp our feet! And hold our breath until we turn blue! So you’d better acquit!

Go read the whole thing here. It’s lovely.

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To a Possibly Recognizable Melody

Posted by MEC on February 1, 2007

From Macdaffy of Salon‘s Table Talk, inspired by The Master.

Who made me the pundit I am today,
The Eminent Scribe that others all quote?
Who’s the confessor that made me that way,
Who ducked attribution whenever I wrote?

One man deserves the credit,
One man deserves the blame,
and Irving Lewis “Scooter” Libby Junior is his name. Oy!
Irving Lewis “Scooter” Libby…

I am never forget the day I first meet the great Scooter Libby!
In two words he told me secret of success in Washington:

Wilson Lies! Wilson lies!
Reading the New York Times will strain your eyes,
This fellow wasn’t sent by Cheney’s guys
To cause our war’s demise
So Wilson lies! Wilson lies! Wilson lies! …
And be sure always to call him, please… “A Jerk”.

And ever since I meet this man my life is not the same,
And Irving Lewis “Scooter” Libby Junior is his name. Oy!
Irving Lewis “Scooter” Libby…

I am never forget the day I am given first original leak to pass. It was on Analytic and Bureaucratic Topology of Valerie Wilson’s Role Within The CIA Hierarchy In Sending
Her Loser Husband Joseph Wilson To Africa!
Bolzhe moi!
This I know from nothing!
But I think of great Scooter Libby and I get idea – haha!

I have a friend at Time,
Who might believe our slime,
And Judy Miller takes a juicy story every time
There’s Pincus at the Post
Bob Woodward is a ghost
If Novak sees that Valerie is C-I-A,
She’s toast!
And when his work is done –
Haha! – begins the fun.
From Novak to Bob
To Pincus a lob
By way of a leak,
At the end of the week,
To Cooper at Time
To Judy’s pique
The slime! The grime!
The sleaze! The crime!
To me the news will run,
Yes, to me the news will run!
And then I write by morning, night,
And afternoon and pretty soon
My name in Wilson’s house is cursed,
When they find out I leaked it first!

And who made me a big success
And brought me wealth and fame?
Irving Lewis “Scooter” Libby Junior is his name. Oy!
Irving Lewis “Scooter” Libby…

I am never forget the day my first article is published.
Every chapter I stole from somewhere else.
Index I copy from old Judith Miller article sourced by “Curveball!”
This article! This article was sensational!
Fitzgerald! Ah! Fitzgerald! Fitzgerald said: “Zhil byl korol’ kogda-to,
Pri njom blokha zhila” (“It stinks”)
But Ted Wells! Ted Wells said:
“Ya idu kuda sam tzar’ peshkom hodil” (“It stinks”)
The American People bought the trial rights for six million dollars,
Changing title to ‘The Eternal Triangle’,
With Richard Cheney playing part of hypotenuse.

And who deserves the credit?
And who deserves the blame?
Irving Lewis “Scooter” Libby Junior is his name.

(The original)

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