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Things That Made Me Happy Today

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 27, 2008

— Went out on a longish bike ride yesterdat with the spouse; stopped at a fine restaurant, and then at a bike shop, where some work was done on my bike which made it a happier bike (and more work was done at home that made it even happier still).

— Saw this article on Apple’s filing patents to place solar cells on portable devices such as the iPhone and iPod touch. The solar cells would reside under the LCD touch screens. Heck, you could probably at least partially charge the sucker while it was turned off just from the solar power you’d get from an airplane window. Go off the grid, yet stay in touch.

— While we’re talking about solar powered electronics, check out the world’s first solar-powered laptop bag, from Voltaic Systems. Top off your laptop or give it a full charge with a day’s worth of sun.

— Lastly, this blog post on container gardening let me know that I was mostly on the right track with my own little garden.

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