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General strike watch, Oakland update1

Posted by Charles II on November 3, 2011

As peaceful as yesterday was, the overnight was less so. Kristin J. Bender, Sean Maher and Cecily Burt Oakland Tribune

The general strike Wednesday, the first one in Oakland since 1946, was mostly calm, peaceful and organized during the day.

But there was a ruckus at 11th Street and Broadway after two people were hit by a motorist.

About 8 p.m., a man and a woman were struck by a car at 11th Street and Broadway. The male driver of a silver Mercedes ran a red light and struck the pair, said Joe Jackson, 37, of Oakland, who witnessed the incident.

Onlookers said the driver deliberately ran over the protesters, and accelerated after a man hit the hood of the car. The windshield was splattered with what appeared to be a milkshake. After the car stopped at the other end of the intersection, the driver switched seats with his female passenger. About 40 people gathered in the intersection and some pulled open the driver’s door.

The woman inside shouted: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” The injured man and woman were taken away in ambulances.

Throughout the day, at least five businesses were vandalized, mostly banks and a Whole Foods Market.

At the Whole Foods at 27th and Bay streets, a splinter group wearing black clothing and face masks threw paint balls, left graffiti, tore up a fence and broke a window before the larger crowd turned on them and forced them to stop. About 75 people were inside the store at the time. No injuries were reported.

At Bank of America in downtown Oakland, some protesters pounded on the locked doors, defaced ATMs and broke a window before moving down the street to Wells Fargo.

Several windows were also broken at the Wells Fargo at 12th and Broadway by a splinter group as the majority of demonstrators urged them to stop.

There were also some unhappy truckers at the port when the protesters blocked the roadways.

From the blog:

Fences and dumpsters dragged across the roadway at 3rd and Adeline streets are preventing trucks and other vehicles from entering the port this morning. About a dozen protesters have had some scuffles with truckers.

Monique Agnew got in front of a truck with a camper shell that was forced its way in. When it charged, she hit it with a
sign she was carrying.

She said she has been there for several hours.

“These people tried to kill us. I can’t believe they are being that aggressive over a paycheck, over your own people fighting for you.”

After protesters called for help several times, an ambulance finally arrived to take away the injured man.

Graham Holoch, a student at the California college of the arts in Oakland, was a volunteer medic who tended to the man, using medical supplies he brought in a backpack.

“When we got him on the stretcher,” he said, “his vitals were pretty shaky.”

Holoch said he believed the man had been shot in the knee with a rubber bullet and gassed.

Interim police chief Howard Jordan says between 30 and 40 people have been arrested in downtown Oakland, although he could not provide an exact number.

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General strike watch, Oakland

Posted by Charles II on November 2, 2011

Update, 7:15 PM Eastern: Twitter reports of inflitration by “Black Bloc” (i.e., probably agents provocateurs) and some window smashing. Crowd reportedly restrains them. If they’ve closed down the docks, that has been accomplished, but no comments that would answer that question definitely.

(Image from The Guardian of London)

DemocracyNow: Three schools shut down. Mayor Quan has allowed city workers to attend the strike, angering the police union. This evening they will impose a picket line at the docks to deter the 7PM shift from crossing a picket line (and the Longshoremen are going to respect that). Strikers have promised to picket companies that reprimand workers over participation.


Thousands of peaceful protesters gathered in downtown Oakland Wednesday morning to kick off a planned “general strike” to draw attention to the Occupy movement’s core concern over economic inequality.

A number of businesses were shuttered Wednesday, among them the Grand Lake Theater. The movie theater posted its intentions to close in solidarity with Occupy Oakland on its marquee, which the theater’s owner has often used as a political message board.

The Men’s Wearhouse, in downtown Oakland, also had a window sign saying it was closed in support of “the 99%.”

Occupy Oakland:

November 2, 2011. Huge, enthusiastic, crowds are swirling through downtown Oakland. Police are staying away. All downtown banks have shut down. Come on down, it’s beautiful.

A one minute abridged dip into the Twitter stream. I would guess that messages are arriving at the rate of one every two seconds:

ThaNotoriousPAT While I’m all for #ows and #occupyoakland, I hate how ghetto trash see it as a sign to walk/bike in the middle of the street as “protest” ·

Fochik RT @RT_com: #OccupyOakland: Citibank temporarily closed after protest

richardsheehan RT @occupyoakland: Massive “Occupy Banks” banner hung up across Webster St by urban climbers.

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Oakland: Longshoremen Call For General Strike

Posted by Charles II on October 31, 2011

Via Jay Ackroyd at Eschaton, the Longshoremen agreed to join Oakland’s general strike.

This is serious business, folks. As mentioned in a previous post.

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Oakland heads for a general strike/Hedges models verbal non-violence

Posted by Charles II on October 27, 2011

To see how verbal nonviolence works and overwhelms the opponents of its practitioners, see Chris Hedges (via Avedon).

Oakland is going to need it. The wounding of Iraq veteran Scott Olsen will precipitate an attempt at a general strike; the police obstructed the medical treatment of Olsen, aiming flashbangs directly at medics (see also David Dayen). These police actions appear to me to represent assault with a deadly weapon, with no mitigating circumstances. Read this account by FBI agents on injuries they suffered from the detonation of a defective flashbang in 2008 to understand how deeply irresponsible firing flashbangs was:

That’s when, Bain says, the flash-bang grenade in his vest just blew up.

“The car is on fire,” Bain recalled. “I was told later I was on fire. Smoke billowing in the car. It was obviously chaos.”

Scanzano remembers “it was like being in combat. There was smoke and fire in the vehicle, and I knew that we were in trouble.”

An ambulance rushed the three agents to a nearby hospital.

“To me, it felt like someone just whacked me in the back with a baseball bat as hard as they could,” said Bain, recalling the incident, which happened four years ago.

Bain suffered severe bruising, a concussion and burns to his neck and ears. All three agents said they have experienced hearing loss.

Beanbag rounds have a similar safety profile, which is to say that they are potentially lethal.

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