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An article I ought to read

Posted by Charles II on February 7, 2014

I linked this lengthy article by Mark Ames and Yasha Levine in a comment to PW. It has to do with the latest billionaire Oz who imagines that his benevolent neo-liberal ideas will solve the world’s problems, namely Pierre Omidyar. There’s a lot in it:

* How to turn microfinancing into payday lending, complete with suicides and ruined lives
* The latest corporate libertarian Great White Hope Hernando deSoto, aide to dictator Alberto Fujimori
* Hayek’s ILD as the first of the international right-political think tanks linked to Cato and Heritage

And Omidyar is financing Jeremy Scahill, Laura Poitras, and Glenn Greenwald to do FirstLook Media.

It’s an interesting article. I should read it.

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Why I Call Them “The GOP/Media Complex”, 01/29/09 Edition

Posted by Phoenix Woman on January 29, 2009

Digby and Jane are both wondering why we’re still seeing far more Republicans than Democrats on TV even after Obama won the White House and the Dems increased their control of both Houses of Congress.

Dday helps explain: It’s the Villagers.. They’ve been gleefully serving the GOP by marinating people’s brains in right-wing frames for so long that many if not most Americans don’t know how to think other than in right-wing frames.

Here’s an example from Mellow Velo, one of the blogs in my sidebar:

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BREAKING: Wingnuts Caught Lying About Climate Change. In Other News, Sky Is Blue.

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 21, 2008

Ollie Ox has the goods at Bluestem Prairie.

Short version: Right-wing nutjobs claimed that The American Physical Society had reversed its stance on climate change. The American Physical Society retorts: Oh No We Didn’t You Lying Sacks Of Bullcrap.

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Buh-Bye, Steno Sue

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 27, 2008

Howard “Mistah” Kurtz, in the course of watching several longtime fellow WaPo employees, including Susan Schmidt, take the buyouts that the Post has offered them, states this steaming hunk of untruth:

…Sue Schmidt, the investigative reporter who revealed Jack Abramoff’s dirty dealings

Um, no. The late David Rosenbaum, a reporter with the New York Times, had his first story out on Jack Abramoff on April 2, 2002 — a full 22 months before Steno Sue’s first piece on the subject saw the light of day. Her main contribution to the coverage of the Abramoff story seems to have been pretending that Abramoff gave money to Democrats.

But, as our very own Charles noted at Brad DeLong’s shop, the Washington Post has been cheerfully promoting the fiction that Susan Schmidt broke the story, when in fact the only things I can recall her actually breaking with regard to journalism are reportorial ethics and maybe a fingernail or two transcribing the tripe she was fed by Ken Starr’s OIC and other members of the Republican Party’s get-Clinton cabal during the 1990s.

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Greg Palast: Stop The Insanity!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 7, 2008

The inimitable Palast looks at the Bush Junta’s efforts to accuse Hugo Chavez of — of — well, something:

This past weekend, Colombia invaded Ecuador, killed a guerrilla chief in the jungle, opened his laptop – and what did the Colombians find? A message to Hugo Chavez that he sent the FARC guerrillas $300 million – which they’re using to obtain uranium to make a dirty bomb!

That’s what George Bush tells us. And he got that from his buddy, the strange right-wing President of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe.

So: After the fact, Colombia justifies its attempt to provoke a border war as a way to stop the threat of WMDs! Uh, where have we heard that before?

Why, that does have more than a tinge of the yellowcake nonsense about it, doesn’t it? And for good reason:

What the US press did not do is look at the evidence, the email in the magic laptop. (Presumably, the FARC leader’s last words were, “Listen, my password is ….”)

I read them. (You can read them here) While you can read it all in español, here is, in translation, the one and only mention of the alleged $300 million from Chavez:

“… With relation to the 300, which from now on we will call “dossier,” efforts are now going forward at the instructions of the boss to the cojo [slang term for ‘cripple’], which I will explain in a separate note. Let’s call the boss Ángel, and the cripple Ernesto.”

Got that? Where is Hugo? Where’s 300 million? And 300 what? Indeed, in context, the note is all about the hostage exchange with the FARC that Chavez was working on at the time (December 23, 2007) at the request of the Colombian government.
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Lord Tubby’s Worst Nightmare

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 5, 2008

Convicted and disgraced right-wing newspaper baron Lord Black of Crossharbour — aka Conrad “Tubby” Black — tried to reclaim his despised Canadian citizenship so he could avoid doing time in the much rougher U.S. prison system.

He failed:

Black will be headed to what is known as Coleman-Low, the low security facility in the sprawling Coleman Correctional complex. Built in 1995, according to Ellis’s guidebook, it is, he says, “relatively new,” and part of the growing number of complexes that house both low, medium facilities as well as United States penitentiaries.

“If he were an American, he would be going to a camp — an open facility, one that he could theoretically walk away from,” says Ellis. (Think of the facility in Alderson, West Virginia, where Martha Stewart served her sentence, a place that had no barbed wires or fences.) But Lord Black, a British subject, is a “criminal alien” within the federal prison system, and that status booted him up to a low-security facility.

“He’s going to a real prison,” Ellis says. “It’s terrible. Your movement is more controlled.”

Awwww. Poooor babeeee.

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Wingnut Slanders ACORN. The Poor Man Takes Him Down.

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 3, 2008

Go read it here. A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

A quick note: I’m guessing that Special Ed was given his marching orders to regurgitate the long-debunked wingnut bullshit against ACORN as a tangential way of attacking Barack Obama, who has a longtime and honorable history of working with ACORN.

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Attack The Strength, Not The Weakness

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 13, 2008

Karl Rove was at Choate the other day, cowing most of the people who dared attack him and generally enjoying himself immensely, from what it appears.

The funny thing about Rove is that the Democrats who are all a-twitter about him and his myths fail to see that his successes are built largely on this one principle:

ATTACK YOUR ENEMY’S STRENGTH. Not the weakness, but the strength.

See, politics is NOT like judo, in that it’s not a situation where you can find a foe’s weak point and use it to topple him/her. But it IS like judo, in that the best way to defeat an opponent is to neutralize his/her greatest strength — or better yet, turn it against him/her.

Remember 2004, and how John Kerry was running as a war hero? Rove responded with the “Swift Boat” campaign. (Which was cunning on his part — I thought for sure that he’d be using Kerry’s “Winter Soldier” appearance and his throwing the medals in the trash can against him. Instead, he had surrogates come out and make shit up out of whole cloth, which the media obediently swallowed and was still reporting as unquestioned fact in October of 2004, right before the election and months after it had been first debunked.)

Remember 2000, and the insurgent war hero McCain in Michigan nearly derailing Bush’s coronation with a primary win? Rove and Robertson stopped him in South Carolina with, among other things, tales of the confessions he made when at the Hanoi Hilton. (Never mind that these confessions were false and he was tortured into making them.) Suddenly, McCain became a crazy coward collaborator with the Commies.

Now look at 2008. McCain’s now being buffed up again by desperate Republicans as the war hero who understands our nation’s security issues best of all. The press is pushing this constantly as a given, as Glenn Greenwald notes.

Instead of letting this slide by unquestioned, Democrats need to do what Rove would do, what The Nation‘s Ari Melber tells them to do, and what Salon‘s Gary Kamiya tells them to do:  Attack this myth head-on, and apply the Sledgehammer of Truth directly to its forehead. Point out how crashingly wrong McCain was and is on Iraq, and how willingly the “maverick” shills for Bush. Keep it up, keep exposing the rotten reality behind his “straight talk” pose (Keating Five, anyone?) and his constantly getting it wrong on our security.

Speaker Pelosi and Carl Levin made a start Monday by pointing out that the “surge” failed to achieve its stated goal of sparking political reconciliation among Iraq’s major players. In fact, of the eight surge benchmarks, only one has, even by the most generous standards, come close to being met, and others are are even farther away from being met than they were pre-surge. Of course, the righties have been playing “let’s move the goalposts”, but let’s not let them get away with that.

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They Have A Cunning Plan

Posted by Phoenix Woman on January 16, 2008

Too bad for the Siphon Votes From The Democratic Nominee Unity08 people that it’s not working:

SurveyUsa did a bunch of Bloomberg polling. He loses badly nationally. He loses badly in every individual state they polled.

He does come in 2nd… ahead of Rudy Giuliani.. in New York City.

And it appears he consistently pulls more Republican votes than Democratic ones.

So for every single one of their goals, the exact opposite happens? Schweeeet.

Run, Bloomie, Run!

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Mind The Giap

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 9, 2007

 Back during the 2004 presidential campaign, the inveterate liars of the right wing movement were circulating a charming little update of the old anti-Semitic Dolchstoßlegende (wherein Jews and intellectuals were blamed for Germany’s losing the unwinnable First World War)  that Hitler rode to electoral victory in the 1930s:

In a recent release of general Giap’s (North Vietnamese general) memoirs, it is now known the full extent of the media and the “peace and love” movement of the sixties, and the damage it has caused. Read this direct quote from the book: “What we still don’t understand is why you Americans stopped the bombing of Hanoi. You had us on the ropes. If you had pressed us a little harder, just for another day or two, we were ready to surrender! It was the same at the battles of TET. You defeated us! We knew it, and we thought you knew it. But we were elated to notice your media was definitely helping us. They were causing more disruption in America than we could in the battlefields. We were ready to surrender. You had won!” Heard that on Rush earlier

But of course, this turns out to be 100% made-up bullshit.  Here’s the debunking:

Did VVAW lengthen the war by protesting it?

The suggestion that VVAW lengthened the war comes from convicted arms dealer, perjurer, and media personality Oliver North. In a cited quote from North (Greg Lewis, “Fellow Travelers, Useful Idiots, and Other Innocents”, Washington Dispatch, 2/19/2004), North alleges that Giap in a 1985 book stated that John Kerry and VVAW lengthened the war and insured the ultimate Vietnamese victory. Giap published no 1985 book. THERE IS NO SUCH QUOTE in either of General Giap’s two post-war publications (Vo Nguyen Giap, Unforgettable Months And Years, Southeast Asia Program, Dept. of Asian Studies, Cornell University, 1975 or How We Won the War (coauthored by Van Tien Dung) RECON Publications, 1976).

This particular slander on VVAW and Kerry was disseminated on the Internet from a column in the Washington Dispatch by Greg Lewis, February 19, 2004. (Complete article: In reaction to responses to his original column, on March 2, 2004, Greg Lewis retracted his initial accusation against Kerry with: “A few weeks ago in a column about Kerry, I referred to what has turned out to be an ‘urban legend.’ Specifically, based on a ‘news’ item that appeared on, I repeated a reference to a volume of memoirs supposedly published by North Vietnamese General Vo Nguyen Giap in 1985 as the source of an assertion by Colonel Oliver North. After a reader requested a reference to Giap’s 1985 “Memoirs,” I did research that convinced me no such volume exists. For that matter, I haven’t been able to verify through Fox News that Colonel North actually made the comments he is said to have made and which I repeated. My apologies to Colonel North and to readers for including inadequately verified material in my piece on Kerry.”

Complete article:

In light of the nutjob cons running around trumpeting that “the surge is working!” when it really isn’t, I figured it was time to get this debunking revived in time to counter another revival of this variation of the Dolchstoßlegende.

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