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All the news that the State Department thinks is fit to print

Posted by Charles II on July 17, 2010

Jeremy Bigwood, NACLA

The U.S. State Department is secretly funneling millions of dollars to Latin American journalists, according to documents obtained in June under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The 20 documents released to this author—including grant proposals, awards, and quarterly reports—show that between 2007 and 2009, the State Department’s little-known Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor channeled at least $4 million to journalists in Bolivia, Nicaragua, and Venezuela through the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF), a Washington-based grant maker that has worked in Latin America since 1962. Thus far, only documents pertaining to Venezuela have been released. They reveal that the PADF, collaborating with Venezuelan NGOs associated with the country’s political opposition, has been supplied with at least $700,000 to give out journalism grants and sponsor journalism education programs.

Before 2007, the largest funder of U.S. “democracy promotion” activities in Venezuela was not the State Department but the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), together with the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). But in 2005, these organizations’ underhanded funding was exposed by Venezuelan American attorney Eva Golinger ….

So we have the spectacle of the Venezuelan media serving to recite whatever the State Department says it should, which is then recycled into the New York Times and the Washington Post so that the State Department can criticize Chavez for what the State Department has previously inserted into the Venezuelan media.

One need not like or approve of Hugo Chavez to realize that this is really, really wrong.

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Which side is Hillary on?

Posted by Charles II on March 8, 2010

I’ve written about how Hillary seems to have sided with the most retrogressive forces in supporting the Honduras coup. I had ascribed that to her DLC leanings.

But as I read Jeff Sharlet’s The Family, I begin to wonder whether she is not part of it. For those who are not familiar with The Family, it was established to influence political, religious and financial leaders. Nominally fundamentalist Christian, it has embraced dictators and unrepentant criminals of all stripes, from Charles Colson of Watergate fame to Indonesia’s mass murderer, Suharto, to Siad Barre, the butcher of Somalia, whose shipwreck of that country was the precursor to the pirates attacking American shipping today. The Family has no trouble with non-Christians like Suharto: it imagines that it is working God’s will through their crimes. And The Family is mainstream. It runs a number of members of Congress, including Bart Stupak, who is presently single-handedly denying American health insurance knowing that thousands will die as a result.

There is plenty of material in Sharlet’s book to lend credence to the view that Hillary Clinton is under the sway of The Family, although the careful nuance Sharlet provides makes it clear that she is almost certainly not in the inner group. However, neither does she seem to be an opportunist who simply uses political contacts in The Family for her own ends. Instead, she seems to be one of those many benighted people who believes that God gives power to people because He approves of their actions… and thereby gradually becomes corrupted. A couple of excerpts:

The Family works through the men and women who we put in power. Sam Brownback. Hillary Clinton. Pick your poison. In the calculus of party politics, these two do occupy distant coordinates, but in the geometry of power politics, the Family knows, they are on the same plane, and the distance between them is shrinking. They mean well, both of them, and I’m more partial to the views of one of them, but I can’t help looking at that narrowing spectrum and wondering, This is an awful tight space in which to fit a democracy. (p. 284)

Hillary may well be God’s beautiful child, but she’s not a member of Coe’s Family. Rather, I’ve been told at Ivanwald, she’s a “friend,” less elect than a member, but more chosen than the rest of us. A fellow traveler but not a sister. Her goals are not their goals; but when on occasion they coincide, Hillary and the Family can work together…. The theology of Jesus plus nothing [but lacking any of the teachings of Jesus and the Church] is totalitarian in scope, but diplomatic in practice. It doesn’t conquer, it “infects,”…. (p. 272)

“Infected” seems like a good description of US Honduras policy.

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Hillary! (Another triumph for the State Department)

Posted by Charles II on February 24, 2010

As our readers may recall, one of the predicted side effects of the perverse US position on Honduras was that American hemispheric leadership would be damaged.


Latin American, Caribbean Nations Form New Regional Grouping

Latin American and Caribbean nations have agreed to form a new regional body excluding the United States and Canada. On Tuesday, leaders gathered in Mexico backed calls to form an alternative to the Organization of American States. Cuban President Raul Castro said the move would aid regional integration.

Cuban President Raul Castro: “Cuba proposes that conditions are set to advance quickly the constitution of a purely Latin American and Caribbean regional organization that would be formed and would represent the thirty-three independent countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.”

Now, the existence of an alternate organization doesn’t in and of itself accomplish anything. Everything depends on what it does. It doesn’t have the aegis of the UN… yet… so it lacks the legal powers that make the OAS a force to be reckoned with (if the US says so). But this represents a historic shift, of a kind and magnitude that hasn’t happened in a century or more.

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A Victory for Sanity

Posted by MEC on January 27, 2010

Secretary of State Clinton has reversed the Bush regime’s decision to deny visas to Adam Habib, the deputy vice chancellor of research, innovation and advancement at the University of Johannesburg, and Tariq Ramadan, a professor of contemporary Islamic studies at the University of Oxford.

Both of these emininent scholars had been banned from entering the U.S. because officials equated criticism of Bushevik policies with terrorism.

They must now reapply for visas, but the past excuses for rejecting them can no longer be used, so they are expected to receive quick approval.

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Sunday Afternoon News Roundup

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 1, 2009

— I really haven’t heard anything new coming out of Honduras, but that doesn’t mean nothing new is going on. Al Jazeera reports that the agreement may be in jeopardy, but that’s been suspected from the first; the golpistas don’t want to allow Zelaya even a nominal win. And as Quotha’s Adrienne Pine and ALP’s Nell Lancaster both opine, the only reason there’s been any movement at all in the past week, after months of stalemate, is because the US finally got involved in a serious way.

David Neiwert over at Crooks and Liars picks up on Sally Jo Sorensen’s excellent journalism on the subject of neo-Nazis and the anti-immigration movement in particular (and the conservative movement in general).

— Meanwhile, it looks as if Secretary Clinton may have got something worthwhile done in the Middle East last week and got Israel to start making some concessions. I’ll know for sure if I hear one of my Likud/Kadima-worshiping acquaintances cuss her out tomorrow.

— In other news, business spending is starting to recover, which is a good sign for the economy.

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Lew Anselem: Yet Another Bush Holdover Undermining Decency

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 29, 2009

This certainly explains a lot — not only is the odious Amselem a Bush holdover at OAS, he’s also got a long history of evil trailing behind him in Latin America dating back over two decades:

Journalist Jeremy Bigwood, who was reporting from Guatemala during Amselem’s tenure there, remembers the diplomat for the same kind of outrageous behavior and statements over the years that he displayed yesterday in Washington. Amselem, according to Bigwood, “would put a positive spin on the extermination of a couple hundred thousand Guatemalan Indians. The guy should be sent to the International Criminal Court for abetting war crimes. He even arranged illegal supplies and airlifts to the Guatemalan Army after US military assistance had been banned. I can’t believe that he would be representing the Obama administration in the OAS.”

Most amazing is that Amselem’s current boss, Secretary Clinton, should already know that he’s a loose cannon because she was, as First Lady in the 1990s, involved with one of Guatemala’s most notorious human rights abuse cases, that of Ursuline nun Dianna Ortiz, who was kidnapped and tortured there in 1989.

In 1995, a US federal judge ordered Guatemalan General Hector Gramajo to pay $47 million dollars in damages to Sister Ortiz and other plaintiffs for those crimes.

Human rights champion Kerry Kennedy has written, “Ortiz’s raw honesty and capacity to articulate the agony she suffered compelled the United States to declassify long-secret files on Guatemala, and shed light on some of the darkest moments of Guatemalan history and American foreign policy.”

Well, guess who pops up in Sister Dianna’s memoirs? Lewis Amselem: and not in a good way. Ortiz wrote:

“…after a U.S. doctor had counted 111 cigarette burns on my back alone, the story changed. In January 1990, the Guatemalan defense minister publicly announced that I was a lesbian and had staged my abduction to cover up a tryst. The minister of the interior echoed this statement and then said he had heard it first from the U.S. embassy. According to a congressional aide, the political affairs officer at the U.S. embassy, Lew Amselem, was indeed spreading the same rumor.

“In the presence of Ambassador Thomas Stroock, this same human rights officer told a delegation of religious men and women concerned about my case that he was ‘tired of these lesbian nuns coming down to Guatemala.’ The story would undergo other permutations. According to the Guatemalan press, the ambassador came up with another version: he told the Guatemalan defense minister that I was not abducted and tortured but simply ‘had problems with [my] nerves.’”

So yesterday was not the first time that Amselem revealed a mean-spirited streak to blame the victims of human rights violations. Most disturbingly, Secretary Clinton – who met with Sister Dianna in the 1990s and expressed sympathy and solidarity – should already know this history.

The good news is that a replacement, Carmen Lomellin, has been nominated. The bad news is of course that the Senate Republicans are holding her and other Obama nominations hostage, as always (and with a nary a peep of protest in the media).

Charles says: Al Giordano spells in “Amselem.” Google renders a split decision. The OAS agrees with Al.

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MoDo: She Wants Bill Clinton. Badly.

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 12, 2009

Why else would she ruin a perfectly good date with a perfectly good man by doing nothing but gossiping about Bill Clinton?

This also helps explain her intense hatred of Hillary. Here’s a woman who can’t keep any relationships going, and the man who she can’t stop thinking about, even when she’s allegedly discussing health care reform, is never ever ever going to divorce Hillary for her. The contrast must be galling.

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Things I Will Never Understand

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 22, 2009

Things I Will Never Understand: Why some people still think that a Hillary Clinton presidency would have been all that much different from a Barack Obama one. (Well, aside from perhaps President HRC’s possibly openly backing Lanny Davis’ efforts on behalf of the Honduran golpistas, as opposed to President BHO’s condemning the golpistas and cutting off aid to them.)

Case in point: Health care reform. Obama is about to do what the Clintons couldn’t pull off fifteen years ago, and yet there are some out there who think that we’d already have gone much, much farther if only she were in charge. Oh, really? If she and Bill still have pull, why aren’t they using it to rein in Mike Ross? Or are they afraid he’d blow them off?

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Wednesday Morning News Roundup

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 8, 2009


— Honduran coup leader Roberto Micheletti, who had previously insisted that the return and reinstatement of President Manuel Zelaya was not possible and “not negotiable”, has suddenly backed away from this stance.

— T. Boone Pickens’ grand wind-farm plan has fallen apart due in part to transmission-line issues. Here’s why this might not be a bad thing.

— Speaking of transmission lines, we currently have enough capacity (especially during off-peak hours) to sustain the demands that electric car usage would put on the grid. Furthermore, even with the current mix of coal and nuclear plants and a growing number of renewable-energy generators, a wholesale switch to electric cars would result in overall emissions and pollution reduction.

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In Which Secretary Clinton Bests Several Republican Clowns Without Getting Her Hair Mussed

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 22, 2009

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee and ably dispatched the best — or rather, worst — the Republicans could throw at her:

I am watching SOS Hillary Clinton’s testimony to the House Foreign Affairs committee on whereupon some Republican congressman (Dana Rohrabacher) asked about the wisdom in releasing the torture memos, and went on to quote Dick Cheney’s statement to Fox News that torture works to keep us safe. He continued with Cheney’s claim that there are memos that show that torture techniques work. Hillary abruptly cut the congressman saying acerbically:

“It won’t surprise you that I don’t consider him (Dick Cheney) a particularly reliable source of information … I believe we ought to get to the bottom of this”

It gets even better from there.

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