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Moral Incoherence, Cognitive Dissonance

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 30, 2011

“Evil deeds do not make an evil person. Otherwise we would all be evil. If evil people cannot be defined by the illegality of their deeds or the magnitude of their sins, then how are we to define them? The answer is by the consistency of their sins. While usually subtle, their destructiveness is remarkably consistent. This is because those who have “crossed over the line” are characterized by their absolute refusal to tolerate the sense of their own sinfulness.”

— M. Scott Peck, “People of the Lie”

Today I had the experience of seeing someone who up until two weeks ago I’d thought of as incorruptible tell an ignoble, pathetic lie even as the evidence exposing the lie was there for all to see. The lie involved pretending that this person did not commit certain reprehensible actions which were recorded, in black and white, at the start of the discussion.

The sadder thing is that even without the evidence in black and white, I had other evidence to hand showing that the lie was a lie — evidence the person who made the lie and the initial actions denied by the lie doesn’t know I possess.

The person in question knows that the lie and the actions it denied were wrong, and that the position this person is promoting is morally indefensible. Which would explain why this person ran away from the discussion, and in fact the list holding it, rather than continue to defend what this person knows to be wrong. In a way, that’s a good sign: If the person were truly evil, there would have been an attempt to brazen it out.

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Man Bites Dog. Sun Rises In East. Fareed Zakaria Does The Right Thing.

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 9, 2010

Edward Teller describes it here.

Wow. Enough people start getting brave enough to things like that, and maybe the Likudniks won’t keep dominating the US conversation WRT the Middle East.

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Why Did No One Object To The Pentagon Mosque?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 8, 2010

That’s what Justin Elliott and Tim Dickinson want to know:

Any guesses as to why no one has ever heard about Muslims praying at the Pentagon — let alone cared? It’s almost as if the entire “ground zero mosque” controversy was whipped up out of nothing by a right-wing tabloid and politicians in search of a wedge issue …

Heh. Indeedy.

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These People Really Need To Get Lives

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 3, 2010

From Rachel Sklar of Mediaite:

Something strange is going on here: Conservatives don’t like money.

That’s the message I’m getting from the extreme distaste some conservative critics have shown for Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. Forget about Rush Limbaugh’s $54 million Gulfstream jet, Mitt Romney’s $42 million donation to his own presidential campaign, John McCain’s seven or eight houses, the RNC’s vacations in Hawaii — the real source of outrage is Chelsea’s big fat Liberal wedding, and its estimated price tag of $2-3 million.  For shame! Never mind President George W. Bush once joking at a dinner about “the haves and the have-mores….Some people call you the elite. I call you my base” — apparently, it’s now completely uncool to have money and spend it.

Over at Newsbusters, Kyle Drennan was outraged that guests of the Clinton-Mezvinsky wedding would be perching on porcelain port-a-potties, and was shocked — shocked! — that a segment on the CBS Early Show “did not raise any questions about the over-the-top extravagance of the affair, which is estimated to cost a few million dollars.” At Wizbang, the Clinton-wedding price tag was tut-tutted disapprovingly, and Chelsea was compared unflatteringly to Jenna Bush, whose private wedding on her parents’ ranch in Crawford was apparently a model of fiscal restraint.

It’s a strange double standard.

Conservatives are all about the double standard. And the outright lie.

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Hypocrisy, Indeed

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 8, 2010

Darren Hutchinson, Professor of Law at American University, makes a salient point about the hypocrisy of Billy Payne, the chair of the Augusta National Club, simultaneously chastising Tiger Woods and refusing to allow women into his treehouse golf club.

I’d also like to add the following observations:

— I did a Google search to see if Payne had ever taken (the very white, very drunk, very dissolute) John Daly to task, much less this forcefully. Couldn’t find any evidence of it.

— Payne has almost certainly known about Woods’ personal life for years. As Charles Pierce pointed out, the reporters working the golf beat knew, but were bullied into silence by Tiger’s now-late dad, who only doled out access to his son to those scribes who could be trusted to look the other way with regard to his son’s affairs.

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In Other News, Hitler Accuses Churchill Of War Crimes

Posted by Phoenix Woman on January 10, 2010

Blue Texan nails it concerning Michael Steele’s attacking Harry Reid:

Here’s a guy [Steele] who promised to woo African American voters with fried chicken, refused to criticize Glenn Beck for saying that the president was a “white culture”-hating racist, and who just a few days ago dropped the Native American equivalent of “nigger” on national teevee.

And when it was pointed out to him by a fellow Republican that “injun” isn’t kosher, Steele told him to “get a life.”

My favorite part is when Steele brings up poooor martyred Trent Lott. Awwww.

Lott, as Steele well knows, is a member of the Council of Conservative Citizens (aka the White Citizens’ Council) — he tried denying it, but his own uncle blew the lid off that little game.

But of course this isn’t a bug, but a feature in GOP circles, so when Atrios and other bloggers first started asking why the same folks who freaked out over innocuous comments made at the Wellstone memorial event at were silent and/or approving of the remarks Lott (who was one of the vocal disapprovers of the Wellstone event) made about wishing Strom Thurmond’s white-supremacist candidacy had beaten Harry Truman for the White House in 1948, the Villagers who so assiduously take RNC dictation ignored Atrios et al. Until, that is, Bush’s favorite brain Karl Rove realized he could use this scandal to dump Lott — who had been stubbornly insisting that the Senate GOP Caucus was not Rove’s plaything — and replace him with the far more malleable Bill Frist. This is why Lott wasn’t exactly sorry to see Rove bail out on Bush’s second term.

In any event, it’s ironic as hell that Steele’s now agitating for Reid’s removal as Senate Majority Leader — as Reid’s likely replacement is the far more effective Chuck Schumer. That’s not what Mitch McConnell wants to see.

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Reason Versus Emotion: HCR

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 22, 2009

A funny thing about the persons who back the “any HCR bill’s better than no HCR bill” concept is that many of them are pushing the meme that those who want to kill the Senate bill are doing it out of sheer emotion-laden spite, when they’re the ones losing their Pooh over it.

Case in point: Nate Silver’s increasingly bizarre and histrionics-fraught responses to Jon Walker, as detailed here.

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Was Key Nuclear Evidence Against Iran Fabricated?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 21, 2009

This piece by Gareth Porter for the Asia Times makes a strong case for it:

IAEA Safeguard Department chief Olli Heinonen signaled his de facto acceptance of the “alleged studies” documents when he presented an organizational chart of the purported secret nuclear weapons project based on the documents at a February 2008 “technical briefing” for member states.

Meanwhile, the IAEA has portrayed Iran as failing to respond adequately to the “substance” of the documents, asserting that it has focused only on their “style and format of presentation”.

In fact, however, Iran has submitted serious evidence that the documents are fraudulent. Iran’s permanent representative to the United Nations in Vienna, Ambassador Ali Asghar Soltanieh, told IPS. He said he had pointed out to a team of IAEA officials in a meeting on the documents in Tehran in early 2008 that none of the supposedly top-secret military documents had any security markings of any kind, and that purported letters from Defense Ministry officials lacked Iranian government seals.

Soltanieh recalled that he had made the same point “many times” in meetings of the Board of Governors since then. “No one ever challenged me,” said the ambassador.

The IAEA has never publicly acknowledged the problem of lack of security markings or official seals in the documents, omitting mention of the Iranian complaint on that issue from its reports. Its May 2008 report said only that Iran had “stated, inter alia, that the documents were not complete and that their structure varied”.

But a senior official of the agency familiar with the Iran investigation, who spoke with IPS on condition that he would not be identified, confirmed that Soltanieh had indeed pointed out the lack of any security classification markings, and that he had been correct in doing so.

As Porter points out, the lack of similar markings on the Niger “yellowcake” forgeries are what caused the IAEA to swiftly expose them as such.

There’s more:

Iran has also provided the IAEA with evidence that the handwritten notes on a May 2003 letter, which supposedly link a private Iranian contractor to the “alleged studies”, were forged by an outside agency. The letter was from an engineering firm to the private company Kimia Maadan, which other documents in the collection identify as responsible for part of the alleged covert nuclear weapons program called the “green salt project”.

The letter itself has nothing to do with any “green salt” project, but handwritten notes on the copy of the letter given to the IAEA by an unidentified government referred to individuals who are named in other intelligence documents as participants in the “alleged studies”, according to the latest IAEA report.

But the original letter, which Iran has provided to the IAEA, has no handwritten notes on it. Ambassador Soltanieh recalled that he showed that original letter to an IAEA team led by the deputy director of IAEA’s Safeguards Department, Herman Nackaerts, in Tehran from January 22 to 23, 2008.

But of course this doesn’t fit the neocon “Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran” dream-wish, so you won’t hear about in any US news media outside of blogs like this one.

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Will The Same Palin Partisans Who Attacked David Letterman Over His Palin Joke Hold Pat Buchanan To That Same Standard?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 14, 2009

Pat Buchanan thinks Sarah Palin’s husband should drown the father of his grandchild. Really.

And don’t give me the whole “but he was only joking” schtick, because guess what? So was David Letterman, about something far less serious. Yet that didn’t stop the Palin apologists — and Pat Buchanan — from jumping down Letterman’s throat last month.

Of course, Buchanan won’t suffer one iota over this.

The one time in recent memory that Pat Buchanan was banished even temporarily from public life, it was not for being an anti-semitic racist jackass, but for the one good thing he advocated (albeit for all the wrong reasons): Staying the hell out of Iraq in 2003. It was only after he took this stance that it suddenly became fashionable to remember, in print and on the air, that he was an anti-semitic racist jackass.

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Oink Oink! Here Come The Pork Hypocrites!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 4, 2009

Here’s a new game for you all:

Every time a conservative legislator — be he/she a Bush Dog “Democrat” like Mary Landrieu, Ben Nelson, Evan Bayh or Blanche Lincoln; the fake Independent Lieberman; or just a plain old paleocon Republican — whines about the current budget bill being too big, do a quick Google to see how much pork and earmarks he or she put in that bill.

It’s really easy if the hypocrite in question is in the Senate. The group Taxpayers for Common Sense has (h/t to Kos) created a database listing the earmarks associated with each senator. And surprise, surprise — the Cons of both parties are the leaders by far in porkiness:

    Earmarks  $ in millions

  1. Cochran (R-MS):     204       471
  2. Wicker (R-MS):      143       390
  3. Landrieu (D-LA):    177       332
  4. Harkin (D-IA):      177       292
  5. Vitter (R-LA):      142       249
  6. Bond (R-MO):         86       248
  7. Feinstein (D-CA):   153       235
  8. Inouye (D-HI):      106       225
  9. Shelby (R-AL):      125       219
  10. Grassley (R-IA):    125       219
  11. Murkowski (R-AK):    93       181
  12. Murray (D-WA):      155       171
  13. Lincoln (D-AR):      93       181
  14. Pryor (D-AR):        92       167
  15. Menendez (D-NJ):    171       160
  16. Lautenberg (D-NJ):  173       159
  17. Hutchinson (R-TX):  106       106
  18. Levin (D-MI):       178       152
  19. Stabenow (D-MI):    178       152
  20. Byrd (D-WV):         76       152

Time to hit the phones of the pork hypocrites. Letters to the editor and calls to call-in shows would be nice, too.

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