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Yet another political show trial crashes and burns

Posted by Charles II on June 1, 2012

Michael Biesecker, HuffPo:

A jury’s refusal to convict John Edwards was less a redemption of the former White House hopeful than a rejection of the Justice Department’s boldest attempt to make an example of someone in the name of enforcing campaign finance laws.

“As noted by nearly every campaign finance lawyer who considered the matter, this was a lousy case,” said Melanie Sloan, executive director for the campaign finance watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. “All the salacious details prosecutors offered up to prove that Edwards is, indeed, despicable, were not enough to persuade the jury to convict him.”

Several jurors said there just wasn’t enough evidence. On network talk shows Friday, even jurors who thought Edwards was guilty on at least some counts said the prosecution wasn’t able to prove it.

Being a scoundrel is not a crime. Sometimes one wishes it were, but not enough to waste a lot of money on it.

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Wise Words on John Edwards

Posted by Charles II on May 6, 2012

Scott Horton:

The Edwards prosecutors may well win their case, but not because any crime was involved. Rather, they’re likely to win because John Edwards is one of the most reviled politicians in the United States, and so a choice target. No doubt his affair, undertaken while his heroic wife was dying of cancer, makes him the definition of a cad, but while he may be morally unsuited for high office, that is not the question in this trial. If Edwards can be imprisoned for using campaign funds to try to cover up his flaws, then few politicians could fairly escape prison. The Justice Department appears instead to be engaged in statutory vandalism, and it is awarding itself exceptional power to intrude into the electoral process—a power that is ripe for abuse, as the Edwards case demonstrates.

One more partisan Bush U.S. state attorney is allowed to apply a wrecking ball to the legal system by one of the most cowardly Attorney Generals the USDoJ has even had. In support of which claim, two words: Don Siegelman.

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Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 5, 2008

The McCain campaign has threatened to sue the National Enquirer supermarket tabloid over rumors that Sarah Palin had committed adultery by cheating on her husband with his “former business partner”, presumed to refer to Scott Richter — who is currently in the midst of a rather long and drawn-out divorce.

Two observations:

— The Enquirer is often wrong, but it recently scooped the mainstream press on the John Edwards adultery story.

— Scott Richter has, after a year of letting the divorce wind its way publicly through the Alaskan courts system (and after no activity in the case since May), suddenly filed an emergency motion (which was denied) to seal his divorce papers (h/t Andrew Sullivan):

9/04/2008 Order Denying Motion Case Motion #3: Motion to Make Case File Confidential 0.00 0.00
09/03/2008 Motion to Make Case File Confidential Attorney: Pro per (0100001) Scott Alan Richter (Petitioner); Case Motion #3 0.00 0.00
09/03/2008 Motion for Expedited Consideration of: Motion to Make Case File Confidential Attorney: Pro per (0100001) Case Motion #2 0.00 0.00
05/19/2008 Notice to Employer Re: Children’s Medical Insurance Deborah Marie Richter (Co-Petitioner); 0.00 0.00
05/19/2008 Cust/Spprt/Visit Modified. Case Closed. (no motion link) 0.00 0.00
05/19/2008 Order Granting Stipulation Case Motion #1: Standard Motion 0.00 0.00

Sarah Palin touts her status as a Christian. I wonder if she or Mr. Richter are familiar with Proverbs 28:1?

UPDATE: Ah, the guy the Enquirer is allegedly tagging as Palin’s lover is Brad Hanson, not Scott Richter — at least not yet. Are we looking at the new Helen Chenoweth here?

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Jamison Moser Speaks

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 23, 2008

You listen:

When John Edwards was running for president, and the media were obsessing about his wealth, they linked his fortune to his policy positions. Surely John McCain — who can’t remember how many houses he owns, “jokes” that you aren’t rich unless you make $5 million a year, and supports tax policies that would save him and his wife, Cindy, nearly $400,000 a year — should be held to the same standard?

Of course, John McCain is rarely held to the same standard the media apply to Democrats. But if basic fairness doesn’t convince reporters to examine how the candidates’ policy proposals relate to their wealth — and to the voters they are trying to woo — maybe this will: John McCain wants the media to link the candidates’ wealth with their proposals.

McCain’s campaign released a statement yesterday linking Obama’s 2007 salary with his “plans to raise taxes.” (Obama would, in fact, cut taxes on the vast majority of Americans, which didn’t stop several journalists from reporting McCain’s false attack as though it were true.) If media darling John McCain wants the media to consider the candidates’ wealth in concert with their policy proposals … well, few reporters have a track record of resisting McCain’s desires. Why should they start now?


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Saturday Morning Election News Roundup

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 16, 2008

– In former candidate news, a buddy of John Edwards explains why Rielle Hunter got $14,000 in additional video payments. Amazing how a guy who the press shunned or mocked during his short-lived primary campaign that ended during the height of winter is now getting more ink than ever, even as the similar foibles of a current candidate (cough*JohnMcCain*cough) are excused by the media.

– In other former candidate news, Alison Owings discusses the Hillary Holdouts, the small but vocal group that the news media loves to focus on in order to make it seem like John McCain might actually have a chance of winning this fall.

– In current candidate news, McCain’s trial balloon of Tom Ridge for Veep is being ferociously attacked by Fundies who don’t want a sane pro-choice man a heartbeat away from the presidency.

– Also in current candidate news, Jackson Browne joins Mike Myers and John Mellencamp in asking John McCain’s people to stop using his stuff in their campaign ads.

– Finally, Team Obama’s rapid-response crew smacks around bigoted slime-slinger Jerome Corsi with a point-by-point rebuttal that effectively changes the narrative.

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Thursday Morning News Roundup

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 14, 2008

— Adam Stein discusses the limits of localism and why vertical gardens aren’t the solution to feeding city dwellers.

— GM’s all-electric Chevy Volt won’t be released until 2010, but the car already has over 33,000 prospective buyers waiting for one — and many of those buyers are overseas ones. This is how we save American industry, people.

— Sean Hannity, trying to minimize John McCain’s many adulteries even as he attacked John Edwards for straying, actually used the words “extenuating circumstances” in McCain’s defense. And Alan Colmes, normally Mister Milquetoast, just did a Benihana-chef number on him for it.

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Howard Wolfson: Moron, McCain Operative, Or Both?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 12, 2008

We knew that Howard Wolfson was full of dung. Nate “Poblano” Silver explains just how full of it:

The thing about Iowa, however, is that unlike virtually any other electoral contest, second choices matter, since Democratic caucus rules dictate that a voter may caucus for her second-choice candidate if her first choice does not achieve the 15 percent of the vote required for viability. As such, Iowa pollsters did a lot of work in trying to determine voters’ second choices. And in virtually every survey, Clinton did rather poorly as a second choice: an average of several surveys in December showed that she was the second choice of about 20 percent of voters, as compared with 25 percent for Obama and Edwards (an even later version I have sitting on my hard drive showed the second-choice breakdown as Edwards 30, Obama 28.5, Clinton 23.5)

So the odds are that, if John Edwards had dropped out on the morning before the Iowa caucus, Obama would have won by more points rather than fewer.

It was also the case that Barack Obama appeared to get the lion’s share of Edwards supporters once Edwards dropped from the race:

Christy Hardin Smith has more on this over at my home away from home, FDL:

Oh, Howard, go back to your pals at Faux News. Your disinformation slip is showing.

And take Mark Penn with you, while you are at it. I suppose it’s a mere coincidence that the very advice Penn gave the Clinton camp on how to destroy Obama during the primary somehow made it’s way into the hands of McCain’s campaign folks…and that Penn and Charlie Black just happen to have worked together for years. Yeppers.  Just a coinkydink, I’m sure.  Sullivan has more.

I’d clean forgot about the Penn-Black connection. That would explain a lot of things.

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Monday Morning News Roundup

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 11, 2008

Bolivia’s Ivo Morales handily won a referendum on his presidency. The whining Chicago Boys in Bolivia’s eastern half will still whine, but their position is a lot weaker than it was — in fact, they lost a couple of key state governors in the referendum results. Ivo’s progressive revolution lives on and has new power.

John Edwards, in discussing his affair, mentions John McCain’s own adultery. Of course Edwards knows how much the press loves McCain, so this is rather like a “poison pill” maneuver that, skillfully done, will cause them to leave him alone. (By the way: As both Jane and Digby ask, does this mean we can talk about Vicki Iseman now?)

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I Wish Elizabeth Edwards Was Running For President

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 2, 2008

Because I’d vote for her in a heartbeat. Sick as she is, she took the time to go onto MSNBC this morning with Joe Scarborough and the Today show to shoot down a lie:

I just watched Morning Joe just now and Joe was interviewing Elizabeth Edwards. He asked her point blank that there was a NY magazine article that talked about why John Edwards hasn’t endorsed Barack Obama. In that article it said that one of the reasons was that Obama got in an argument with Elizabeth Edwards over health care and was “condescending”.

Well she just said that that article is false and that Obama was really charming in discussing a variety of things including health care. She said that people should just be careful what you read for many things aren’t true.

It is great to hear it from Elizabeth Edwards own mouth that that article is false. Again people should take what they read with a grain of salt for people just make shit up especially when it is from an unnamed source who isn’t part of the campaign but “knows” the Edwards well.

Elizabeth Edwards also said that both she and John most likely will not be endorsing any candidate at this time and instead will just vote privately in the North Carolina primary and most likely will not publicize their votes. She said that all that talk (particularly from Time magazine, Andrea Mitchell, etc) about them endorsing a candidate is not true either.

I thought her interview was telling in that she attacked John McCain and not either Hillary or Obama. She said that both of them would make great presidents.

I don’t have the Scarborough video yet but I’ll post that when it appears.  (UPDATE:  And here it is.)

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Hillary Only Got $10 Million Last Month?!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 5, 2008

Really, that’s not much more than Edwards pulled in last month — especially when compared to Obama’s $34-effing-million-dollar haul.

Kos finds the nugget here:

If true, Clinton is in serious trouble as this thing drags on. Note that Obama’s huge explosion of donations came after his New Hampshire loss. It doesn’t look like Clinton got a similar boost after her South Carolina loss.

No, it doesn’t.

If Obama wins California, it’s all over. Yeah, there’s March coming up and the primary states that are better for her — that is, better for her right now. But if California topples, then suddenly the ‘electability’ issue kicks in on Obama’s side and people wanting to get it all settled will switch from Hillary to Obama just to get it over with.

Besides, how do you beat someone who gets more money than you after he loses a primary than you do after you win one?

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