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Obama gains a hearing

Posted by Charles II on June 4, 2009

Media reaction in the US to Obama’s speech in Cairo has been mostly ridiculous, FOX Noise most notably. One of the rare sensible voices, Zbigniew Brzezinski (on Olbermann) thought the speech was very good. Daniel Levy provides some important analysis (“The immediate effect though is to buy America space and time. “).

Hurriyet (Turkey) says:

’I haven’t seen a deep-rooted change in his address,’ says one diplomat. Read the rest of this entry »

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Republicans In Disarray!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 2, 2009

— Watch as John “Get Off My Lawn!” McCain dukes it out with Mitch McConnell over who has the right to submit The Official GOP budget.

— Meanwhile, John Boehner’s April Fool’s Day elaboration of his original Underpants Gnome budget (the one that served to widen the fissures in the already-fractious Republican House Caucus) is, as Bob Cesca notes, insane.

— Catch a falling star: Sarah Palin, who not too long ago was being hailed as The Savior of the Republican Party and the front-runner for the GOP’s 2012 presidential nomination, has run into a spot of trouble lately. John McCain, the guy who lifted her from obscurity in Alaska, now says he won’t endorse her for 2012 — ouch. What’s more, She’s been booted from being the headliner at a key Republican shindig this coming June (and booted in favor of Newt Gingrich, of all people). Palin’s falling approval ratings (and her rising negative ratings) might could have something to do with this. So, of course, could the fact that she’s a high-handed egotistical lightweight who has finally hit her Peter Principle point.

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Funny How That Works

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 16, 2009

Even as John McCain is talking incoherent smack about President Obama’s stimulus plan — which passed both houses of Congress and is on the way to the president’s desk to be signed — Atrios notes that one of McCain’s top economic advisors is praising the plan to the skies.

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McCain’s Lawyer: Press Never Mentioned Worst McCain Stories

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 7, 2008

Via Jed L., we find a McCain campaign spokesperson confirming to The Politico what we already knew — namely, that the press pretty much coddled John Sidney McCain III by keeping the very worst stories about him under wraps and out of the public eye:

John McCain’s press shop and legal teams spent a lot of time answering questions about –- and preparing to rebut –- exposes that never ran, according to the campaign’s top lawyer, Trevor Potter.

“I could walk into our communications director’s office on any one day and there would be six or seven truly horrific stories sort of bubbling away on the stove,” Potter said Thursday morning during a panel discussion hosted by the University of California Washington Center.

“This journalistic entity was doing an expose on Cindy McCain. This journalistic entity was doing an expose on John McCain’s military record in Florida in the 1960s. On they went,” Potter continued. “Most of them probably never turned into anything,” he said, but they still took a lot of time to vet.

“That meant they were a problem for the legal office,” he said, partly because the lawyers had to pick up some of the slack when financial pressures forced McCain to pare down his press staff last summer, but also because the inquiries required some serious due diligence.

The legal team had “to investigate, assemble facts, put it down on paper, brief staff on what was happening -– the sort of things that law firms would do in an investigation,” Potter said.

After the session, Potter wouldn’t tell Politico which media outlets made the most inquiries about exposes that never ran or what subjects they covered.

“I really have no comment beyond what I said publicly,” he said.

This needs to be broadcast far and wide, to put stake through the heart of Mark Halperin’s plans to excuse his intended ramping up of negative stories on Obama by pretending that the press had been nice as pie to Obama and very mean to McCain, when in fact the exact opposite situation obtained.

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The one-party state

Posted by Charles II on November 24, 2008

Steve Clemons at The Washington Note has a truly striking story that goes to how little real change we are likely to see if we do not hold the Obama Administration to account (via The irreplaceable Sideshow).

It seems that McCain and Obama coordinated to produce a single roster of advisors who would be installed after the election, no matter who won. Presumably, McCain would have taken a few more Republicans and Obama a few more Democrats.

So…exactly why did we hold an election?

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McCain should apologize

Posted by Charles II on November 14, 2008

Since I already wrote to Senator McCain to ask him to apologize to the nation, it will be no surprise that I endorse this message from the man who has done so much to bring out the truth about what happened in New Orleans during Katrina, Bill Quigley:

John McCain spent months fanning the fear-filled fires of folks scared of terrorists, socialists, and anti-Americanism in his campaign for President. On election night he made a fine concession speech and walked away – but the fires are still burning. John McCain apparently thought it was OK to turn fears on high for as long as possible to help his quest for the presidency. But he cannot now just expect the flames to turn off. He owes America an apology for running a terribly fear-mongering, knowingly false and divisive campaign.

I encourage everyone to write to the Senator. He needs to hear that what he did was wrong.

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Monday Morning News Roundup

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 3, 2008

— The Obama people move fast. I don’t think Cheney had finished his little speech endorsing McCain (just the thing Johnny wants — NOT! — when he’s been trying to distance himself from Bush for the past eight months) when Obama’s campaign had an ad up mentioning it.

— The Iraqis aren’t liking that Bush plan to keep US troops there for another four years. They’ve made a demand that they know full well the Pentagon won’t accept: Greater Iraqi control over what foreign troops and contractors do on Iraqi soil. Somehow I doubt that this deal will be signed before Bush leaves office.

— As if you needed another reason to vote for Obama.

— What was that about gun nuts supporting freedom? Dan Cooper was forced to quit his own company, which he’d co-founded, because of the violent and toxic uproar from gun worshippers over his backing Barack Obama for president. Makes me think of a passage from Thomas Harris’ Hannibal (kudos to Bryan Zepp Jamieson for typing it out lo these many years ago):

The Mid-Atlantic Regional Gun and Knife Show in War Memorial Auditorium. Acres of tables, a plain of guns, mostly pistols and assault-style shotguns. The red beams of laser sights flicker on the ceiling.

Few genuine outdoorsmen come to gun shows, as a matter of taste. Guns are black now, and gun shows are bleak, colorless, as joyless as the inner landscape of many who attend them.

Look at this crowd: scuffy, squinty, angry, egg-bound, truly of the resinous heart. They are the main danger to the right of a private citizen to own a firearm.

The grand irony is that most of the people who raised a fuss would never buy a Cooper rifle in the first place: They’re top-quality affairs, and most wingnuts are far more partial to cheaply-made shoddy stamped things.

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Lay down your markers for Tuesday

Posted by Charles II on November 2, 2008

What are your predictions for Tuesday night?
These are the predictions of Johnny Wendell, KTLK-AM 1350 Los Angeles:

Obama wins, carrying the following:

  • California, Colorado, Connecticut
  • DC
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois, Iowa
  • Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana
  • Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota
  • Ohio, Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont, Virginia
  • Washington, Wisconsin
  • McCain gets the rest

    Senate–Democrats pick up:

    Alaska, Colorado, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, Virginia. Georgia is undecided and will be run-off in December.

    Democrats pick up 28 seats in House, giving them 264-171

    Obama wins popular vote by 9.3 million votes.

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    “Until death do us part.” The moral swamp that is John McCain

    Posted by Charles II on November 2, 2008

    “John, don’t be silly. You can call me anything…I’m yours until death do us part.” –Charles Keating, 1923- ?

    Sahil Mahtani, The New Republic (via t/o):

    Yet the Ethics Committee’s was not the only investigation into the [Keating 5] scandal. There were two other probes at the time that got barely any public attention – both of which largely focused on McCain himself. These were probes into illicit leaks about the proceedings of the Ethics Committee – leaks that repeatedly benefited McCain and hurt his Keating Five colleagues. One of those senators described the leaks at the time as a “violation of ethical behavior at least as serious as anything of which we senators have been accused.”

    The leaks, if they were coming from a senator, were also illegal.

    Read the rest of this entry »

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    Next chapter of smear-a-thon arrives

    Posted by Charles II on October 31, 2008

    Eileen Sullivan and Elliot Spagot, AP (on AOL; no external link):

    Barack Obama’s aunt, a Kenyan woman who has been quietly living in public housing in Boston, is in the United States illegally after an immigration judge rejected her request for asylum four years ago, The Associated Press has learned.

    Zeituni Onyango, 56, referred to as “Aunti Zeituni” in Obama’s memoir, was instructed to leave the United States by a U.S. immigration judge who denied her asylum request, a person familiar with the matter told the AP late Friday. This person spoke on condition of anonymity because no one was authorized to discuss Onyango’s case.

    Information about the deportation case was disclosed and confirmed by two separate sources, one of them a federal law enforcment official. The information they made available is known to officials in the federal government, but the AP could not establish whether anyone at a political level in the Bush administration or in the McCain campaign had been involved in its release.

    My immediate thoughts:
    1. No Bush political officer involved? Bwahaha!
    2. Great oversight of public housing by the Bush Administration.
    3. Ditto for INS.
    4. How many more 30 second ads can I endure?

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