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Koch Fib Files: The TV Ad’s Apolitical Cancer Patient

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 11, 2014

Remember the anti-Obamacare ad created by Karl Rove’s Koch-funded group “Americans for Prosperity” that featured a lady cancer patient who tried to make it sound like her health care costs were going up?

Well, it turns out that she’s actually going to save over $1000 a year because of Obamacare:

Before her plan was canceled, [Julie] Boonstra was paying a $1,100 monthly premium. That’s $13,200 a year, without adding out-of-pocket expenses like co-pays and prescription drugs. But under her new plan, the Blue Cross Premier Gold, Boonstra’s premiums are down to $571 a month, and out-of-pocket costs are capped at $5,100. That’s a maximum annual expense of $11,952 a year.

Oh, and here’s something else that won’t surprise anyone at all who’s been paying attention over the last four decades:

Boonstra told The Detroit News she had never been politically active before joining the anti-Obamacare campaign. The newspaper reported her ex-husband, Mark Boonstra, had served as chair of the Washtenaw County GOP, and was appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder (R) to the Michigan Court of Appeals in 2012.

What was that about being apolitical again, Ma’am?

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Support Don Siegelman

Posted by Charles II on September 11, 2012

Andrew Gumbel, The Guardian:

The magazine of the American Trial Lawyers Association has described him as “America’s No 1 political prisoner”, and his well-connected friends and supporters include more than 100 former state attorneys general and former Democratic presidential candidates Al Gore and John Kerry.

The basic story is that a healthcare executive, who had served on a (non-paying) state hospital regulatory board for three administrations, was appointed to the board a fourth time by Alabama Governor Don Siegelman. That healthcare executive had donated to the non-profit Alabama Education Foundation which was seeking to promote a lottery initiative (to support education) that Siegelman supported (and was opposed by powerful interests represented by Jack Abramoff). Despite the fact that appointing contributors to positions is a normal political practice (and Siegelman had not received a dime), the courts–in the person of Dubya appointee Judge Mark Fuller— called this bribery.

You can sign a petition supporting Don Siegelman’s search for justice here. This is the message I included in my signature:

If someone as senior as Don Siegelman can be jailed on such flimsy charges and with the assent of figures including the Attorney General and the Supreme Court, then I can have no faith in the American justice system. Why should any of us serve on juries or otherwise support the system when it has become simply a tool of political power?

Our courts are deeply corrupt. Until they are reformed, until all of the political appointees are shaken out of the system and replaced by people with a passion to see justice done, this nation will continue to decline. And shame on Barack Obama for refusing to take a stand on this case and Eric Holder for standing on the wrong side.

The full megillah follows below the fold.

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Meet your new overlords

Posted by Charles II on July 26, 2012

Paul Barrett, BusinessWeek:

Rove’s position is that a SuperPac of a few dozen billionaires deserves to have its donor base protected to the same degree that a grassroots organization like the NAACP does.

Ezra Klein:

According to Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig, only 0.26 percent of Americans give more than $200 to congressional campaigns. Only 0.05 percent give the maximum amount to any congressional candidate. Only 0.01 percent — 1 percent of 1 percent — give more than $10,000 in an election cycle. And in the current presidential election, 0.000063 percent of Americans — fewer than 200 of the country’s 310 million residents — have contributed 80 percent of all super-PAC donations.

You might want to check out Bill Israel‘s book, A Nation Seized. Maybe FDL Book Salon would be interested?

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Joseph Stalin lives. His name is Karl Rove.

Posted by Charles II on March 7, 2009

Via Larisa Alexandrovna, a documentary on the extent of the politicization of the justice system under Karl Rove. Watch this (it’s a three part series) and tell me that we should not despair about the corruption of the courts:


According to this documentary, there are hundreds of cases like Don Siegelman’s.

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Thursday Morning News Roundup

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 5, 2009


— If the Gang of Fourteen Plus Lieberman really hates earmarks as much as they say they do, then how come the effort to strip some from the budget bill just failed?

— Contrast this silly posturing with President Obama’s putting the war profiteers on notice.

— I love Margaret and Helen.

— Oh, and somebody must have threatened to use force of arms to get Turdblossom to show up and testify before Congress.

— Meanwhile, Sasha and Malia can now play on a new swing set while their daddy watches them from his home office.

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A Major Injustice

Posted by Charles II on February 20, 2009

Larisa Alexandrovna reports that Paul Minor, a Mississippi trial lawyer who won millions from the tobacco companies for costs to Medicare and was jailed in an apparently political prosecution inspired by Karl Rove, was denied visitation with his dying wife until her very last hours. After negotiations, he was allowed three hours to be with her– with 3-4 armed escorts in the room.

This is sickening. Larisa justly asks:

And yet all are silent. The mainstream press is entirely silent on Paul Minor’s case. The bloggers on the left and right are entirely silent about this as well. Why? Why does no one care about the number of people who have been politically targeted by the DOJ and prosecuted for political reasons, in some cases on cooked evidence? Perhaps because it has not happened to you. But should it ever, I wonder who will speak for you and ask for justice on your behalf.

Our prison system–our whole system of so-called justice– needs to be ripped out by the roots and a new one planted.

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Attempted citizen’s arrest of Rove

Posted by Charles II on October 23, 2008

Gotta admit, the guy has nerve. Here.

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Posted by Charles II on August 19, 2008

Mark Crispin Miller did a segment on Thom Hartmann in which he brings to attention a GOP whistleblower Stephen Spoonamore who alleges that the GOP has been stealing elections since 2000. Speaking specifically of Diebold, he says:

S – They allow it…they let us work on their cash machines, but no, they won’t let anybody see their software.
I – Any thoughts as to why?
S – Cause they’re stealing elections.
I – How can you say that and what are the vulnerabilities that you’re just surmising?
S – I’m not surmising it, I have a very strong understanding of statistical analysis. The way we actually find credit card fraud – here’s a horrible fact that people are not gonna wanna know. About two and a half percent of the transactions on the global credit card network happening right now are fraudulent. Two and a half percent. That’s a statistic that we are constantly battling with. When a fraud group, when a group that is doing a particular credit card scam moves into an area and begins working actively to fraud cards, we start to see statistics rise above the background level then we send in work, figure out who it is and try to break out the gang. Statistical analysis of one or two percentage points is how all computer hacking is detected. If you look at the case of Chambliss, that’s ridiculous, the man was not elected. He lost that election by 5 points. Max Cleland won, they flipped the votes. Clear as day. Everybody was shocked by it. There’s been numerous vote flips by this point. I do not believe George Bush won. I believe Kerry won, and I’m a member of the GOP. But I want to make it clear, we need to live in a place where your election is actually reflected in the vote. I want my candidate to win, but if my candidate loses, I care a lot more about the process than I care about the victory.

Another interesting bit, this regarding Cliff Arnebeck and the other members of the Ohio resistance is this:

We have learned from attorneys that the Chambers of Commerce, both US and state, have a political arm that works closely with Karl Rove to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for the purpose of manipulating elections. That money is used to create fake front organizations as so-called “advocacy groups” to attack candidates who are not “pro-business.” The advocacy group donors are exempted from disclosure.

You can see the allegations of Arnebeck, Fitrakis et al. A key person of interest is Mike Connell, allegedly a rabid pro-lifer and Karl Rove protege who has been put in charge of congressional IT.

See also Mark’s blog here

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Condi Chatted With Saakashviili. Did Karl?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 14, 2008

As Emptywheel suggests, why else is Team Bush so freaked out about this:

The White House has started to panic over a July 9 meeting between Condi Rice and Mikheil Saakashvili, desperate to suggest they didn’t encourage Georgia’s crack-down in South Ossetia. Given that panic, I wonder whether Karl Rove had any similar chats with Saakashvili when they were in Yalta together just days later?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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Hoo Boy

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 6, 2008

Not sure if this is Karl Rove’s and Rachel Paulose’s revenge, or a legitimate bust of guy abusing his Hatch Act oversight authority — or Rove taking advantage of a legitimate investigation to take out a threat to Rove. The FBI raid on OSC chief Scott Bloch’s DC offices is still big news:

The Inspector General for the Office of Personnel Management has been investigating Bloch for more than two years. He allegedly retaliated against career employees and obstructed an investigation.

He also admitted hiring the company “Geeks on Call” to purge his computer and two of his deputies’ computers. Bloch claimed the computers contained a virus; however, investigators are believed to suspect that he meant to destroy evidence.

The warrant to seize the computers apparently was part of an investigation of whether Bloch violated a Congressional mandate known as the Hatch Act. The act prohibits employees from using their offices for partisan political purposes.

The Office of Special Counsel was created by Congress after the Watergate scandal to protect federal whistleblowers.

Bloch has been a controversial figure since he was appointed by President Bush in 2004. One of his first official actions was to refuse to investigate claims of discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Career employees in his office say Bloch blamed them for leaking the story and retaliated by creating a new field office in Detroit and forcing them to accept assignments there or relinquish their jobs.

Much blood in the water, obscuring the vision. Turf war, or something more?

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