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Thank you, Keith!

Posted by Charles II on February 28, 2013

The Second Coming must be at hand. Someone has told the truth on FOX.

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So Much For GOP Smears Vs. Keith Ellison

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 30, 2010

Wikileaks reveals that Keith Ellison, the representative for Minnesota’s Fifth US Congressional District, met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin (Binyamin) Netanyahu in Washington in the spring of 2009.

Since the Wikileaks site is currently being slammed by conservative US hackers, here’s the Google cache link (h/t to David Brauer, a true man among men):

¶9. (C) Representative Ellison, noting that he is the first
Muslim to be elected to Congress, said he visited Gaza in
February and met with NGO representatives who could deliver
assistance without the credit going to Hamas. He urged
Netanyahu to consider opening the Gaza crossings, adding that
Gazans he had met told him they want peace and would like to
get their jobs back in Israel. Netanyahu responded that he
is looking at ways to balance Israeli security with enabling
Gazans to have a normal life. The flow of money and weapons
to Hamas remains a problem since Hamas is extending the range
and payload of the rockets it possesses. In response to
Representative Ellison’s comment that Israel should allow
USAID to return to Gaza, Netanyahu said he thought that it
might be a good thing to have USAID operate in Gaza.

Uh-oh! Wait until AIPAC sees this! Allow actual aid to Gaza? Sheldon Adelson will stamp his billion-dollar feet when he hears of Bibi’s blasphemy.

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Keith Ellison States The Obvious. Right-Wingers Go Bananas.

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 14, 2007


 This week, Keith Ellison stated what we all knew — that Bush politically exploited the tragedy of 9/11 the same way that Hitler politically exploited the Reichstag Fire.

And of course, right-wing bloggies and AM radio goons nearly wet their diapers in faux outrage.

Of course, when they make their own comparisons to Nazism and Hitler, they prefer them to be utterly specious, such as when they call women who aren’t doormats “feminazis”, or people who would like to breathe clean air “environazis”. 

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