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My Whining Wingnut Baby Graphic Is Really Getting A Workout Lately

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 25, 2007


Dog bites man. Sun rises in East. Local GOP blogger and paid campaign worker Michael “Minnesota Democrats Exposed” Brodkorb is a hypocritical doofus.

Minnesota Campaign Report has the details.

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So Much For Grover

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 19, 2007

Looks like even some Minnesota Republicans realize that Grover Norquist’s “use debt to kill social programs” scam is not how responsible adults run a government — or at least they want to have it both ways, voting for a bill that they claim the governor will veto anyway, without mentioning that it’s going to pass by a veto-proof majority.

In other news, that oh-so-nice man Michael “Minnesota Democrats Exposed” Brodkorb — who is trying to shake his partisan Republican reputation and history to get more and better exposure in the mainstream media — has been revealed to be the guy behind yet another local partisan Republican site, this one attacking newly-elected Democratic Congressman Tim Walz.

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Time For Another Blogger Ethics Panel (Twin Cities Media Edition)

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 11, 2007

On the front page of today’s paper edition of the StarTribune, right above the fold, there is a rather odd piece by Patricia Lopez and Conrad Defiebre.  The piece attacks the DFL for attempting to undo Tim Pawlenty and the Republican Party’s tax cuts for the well-to-do. 

Among other things, the piece implies that low taxes automatically equal “fiscal restraint” — ignoring the fact that it was Tim Pawlenty’s tax cuts for the rich that ran up a huge debt and gave Pawlenty the go-ahead to slash services that benefitted every Minnesotan rather than undo his free-money giveaways to his wealthy patrons. (See here and  here for details on how Pawlenty and his GOP buddies cooked the books — and how the state’s major media let him get away with it.)

Today’s Strib piece reads as if it could have come straight from a talking-points spin sheet from David Strom and his Minnesota (Rich) Taxpayers League.  This shouldn’t surprise anyone, since Strom considers Lopez and her longtime Strib collaborator Dane Smith to be “friends of mine”, as Steve Perry mentioned in City Pages back in 2005.

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I’m Over At Fire Dog Lake Today…

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 24, 2007

…and probably most every Saturday, at 10:30 am Central Time.

Here’s my first FDL post. Got another one coming up over there at 3:00 pm Central, all about Little Miss Bachmann. Enjoy!

And for you FireDog readers coming here for the first time: Hello and welcome! Beer’s in the fridge and the cats are friendly. And if you’d like to check out another Minnesota blogger, you could do worse than to read this excellent post over at The Cucking Stool.

Have fun!

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The Rise Of Local Bloggers As Journalists

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 12, 2007

Chris Bowers over at MyDD has been tracking the evolution of blogging (in posts here and here). The main changes noted are the rise in blogs that have more than one blogger, or which (as in the case of DailyKos, MyDD and a host of other blogs) expand the reader’s role beyond mere commenting. Another change noted is the need to pay the bills with ads, as bandwidth ain’t cheap.

But the changes that most intrigue me are the growth in blogs with a local focus (not just a national/international one), and the growth in blogs whose proprietors actually go out and commit actual journalism.

Which is why I’m so happy to report, albeit belatedly, on a big scoop garnered by the fine folks over at A Bluestem Prairie, a blog devoted to the happenings in Minnesota’s First Congressional District:

State Senator Dick Day (R-Owatonna) to run for congress

Following up on an internet rumor about State Senator Dick Day’s filing paperwork with the Federal Election Committee to run for Congress in Minnesota’s First in 2008, we contacted the FEC, then State Senator Day himself for confirmation.


The FEC did not have the committee paperwork online yet, and a spokeswoman in the information office told us that, other than for high-profile Presidential candidacies, the agency isn’t releasing information about filing before they are online. She noted that the paperwork is generally online 48 hours after it is received.


In a brief telephone interview, a gracious and enthusiastic Senator Day confirmed that he is indeed challenging Representative Walz for the MN-01 seat. He had signed the necessary paperwork earlier in the week and “his people” had sent it off.

There’s more (including a number of updates) at the link. Kudos to BSP!

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