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MoDo: She Wants Bill Clinton. Badly.

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 12, 2009

Why else would she ruin a perfectly good date with a perfectly good man by doing nothing but gossiping about Bill Clinton?

This also helps explain her intense hatred of Hillary. Here’s a woman who can’t keep any relationships going, and the man who she can’t stop thinking about, even when she’s allegedly discussing health care reform, is never ever ever going to divorce Hillary for her. The contrast must be galling.

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New York Senate Shakeup: Good For Marriage Equality?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 26, 2008

Probably, per both The Albany Project and The Advocate‘s Kerry Eleveld:

New York’s senate majority leader, Joseph Bruno, a 32-year institution in the state senate, announced his retirement Tuesday just as the GOP and Democrats gird for an election season that will determine the fate of the chamber and, potentially, New York’s gay marriage bill.

Democrats need to pick up two seats this November in order to gain control of the senate — something most LGBT activists wager would hasten the process of getting a same-sex marriage bill to the desk of Gov. David Paterson, who has supported marriage equality since the mid ’90s. The New York assembly is Democrat-controlled and passed a marriage bill last year.

Democratic strategists said Bruno’s exit raises questions about how effectively the GOP can raise money in his absence and whether they can hold certain constituencies together.

“One of the key pillars of Bruno’s support and support for the Republican senate majority has been the labor unions, including progressive unions that you wouldn’t think would be helping to keep a Republican majority in Albany,” said Ethan Geto, an LGBT activist and Democratic political consultant. “His stepping down doesn’t mean that on a wholesale basis all the unions who have been supporting the Republican majority will abandon them, but I think a number of them will.”

It’s not made much news in the national media, but the New York State GOP is in the process of imploding. Even the spectacular fall from grace of Eliot Spitzer hasn’t stopped or even appreciably slowed this process. Joe Bruno’s leaving is being put down by many to two factors: 1) The lead-pipe-cinch likelihood that Democrats will retake the state Senate (which is probably why Bruno recently had the Senate Minority conference room renovated after years of neglect: He wanted his caucus’ future digs to be spruced up while he still held the purse strings), and 2) the longstanding FBI probe of Bruno, which seems to have heated up just as he made his farewells to public office. (He’d apparently hoped that quitting his Senate seat would make the FBI go away. Didn’t work.)

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And We’ve Got Our First Hit!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 9, 2007


(“Please, Mistress, please don’t expose your slave boy toy as a sanctimonious pseudo-Christian hypocrite!”)

David Vitter, freshman Republican Senator from Louisiana (and Rudy Giuliani’s Southern regional chair of his presidential campaign), has been outed as a client of the DC Madam’s establishment.

Check this out: It’s his letter backing abstinence-only education. You know, teaching teens the importance both of saving it for marriage and for being faithful once married.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Pass the popcorn, please!

[UPDATE: Looks like this is by no means the first — or only — time that Mister Chastity For Thee But Not For Me has been caught screwing around!]

[UPDATE II: Ooooh, this asshole was working with David Duke. Verily, he deserves to go down!  And for you irony fans, the congressional seat from whence he came was held by — wait for it — Bob Livingston.]

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The Problem With Reinventing Rudy Giuliani As A “Family Values” Guy…

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 4, 2007

…is that his own children, who he once gleefully used as campaign-ad props, want nothing to do with him:

Andrew Giuliani has been at his father’s side in campaign commercials and inaugurations since he was a toddler, famously bounding across the stage in a rambunctious manner and mimicking his father’s rhetorical flourishes during Mr. Giuliani’s 1994 mayoral inauguration.


But Mr. Giuliani’s relationship with Andrew has grown strained and distant since his very public and bitter divorce from Andrew’s mother, Donna Hanover, and his marriage to Judith Nathan, according to Andrew and others familiar with the relationship.


In a telephone interview yesterday, Andrew, a sophomore and member of the golf team at Duke University, acknowledged having had difficulties with Ms. Nathan, and said that he and his father had recently tried to reconcile after not speaking “for a decent amount of time.”




Similarly, a distance appears to have developed between Mr. Giuliani and his daughter, now a high school senior who is to attend Harvard University in September.




Mr. Giuliani’s three marriages have already bubbled up as an issue. In February, Ann Romney, the wife of Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, noted that her husband “had only one wife” — comparing him to other leading Republican candidates who had gone through divorces.

And check this out:

Some campaign Web sites highlight pictures of candidates with family members, but Mr. Giuliani’s does not mention his children, though it includes photographs and mentions of Ms. Nathan.




Mr. Giuliani once prided himself on attending all his children’s events and went to Andrew’s high school football games and Caroline’s plays. But he stopped at some point after his marriage to Ms. Nathan in 2003. He missed his son’s graduation, in 2005, and his daughter’s plays in the last 18 months, said people who attended those events.

Too bad, kiddos.  You’re no longer young and cute enough to bounce on his knee while the press guys snap photos.  Besides, Judith Nathan — aka Wife Number Three — is much more important to him now.

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This Is So Elegant

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 13, 2007

I wish I had dreamed this up. A guy named Gregory Gadow has created Initiative 957, a legal poison pill of proposed changes to the “Defense of Marriage Act” that just passed in Washington state — changes that will scuttle it if the initiative is made into law:

“Political speeches or sit-ins just do not really sink in,” Gadow says. It’s humor, he believes, that’s needed to rejuvenate the struggle for gay marriage after the blow of Andersen v. King County, the 2006 state supreme court decision that justified the legislature’s decision to outlaw gay marriage by saying marriage was about procreation. So Gadow—who doesn’t personally have a man he’s looking to marry at the moment—is taking the legislature’s intent and the court’s ruling to its logical extreme: All marriages that do not produce a child within three years will be automatically annulled if I-957, which was approved by Secretary of State Sam Reed on January 25, is made law.But, unsurprisingly, it won’t be. Stuart M. Jay, a professor at the UW School of Law, says what Gadow already knows: Since there is no compelling state interest in controlling people’s reproduction, the initiative is “blatantly unconstitutional.” Even if by some miracle it were passed, the courts would have to strike it down, which would actually be a victory for Gadow, since it would cut off Andersen at the knees.

Assuming that the 224,880 necessary signatures can be obtained by July, a much more likely scenario is that it will be voted down, which, Gadow claims, would also be a victory: “We would hold up those votes as votes against the premise that the Andersen decision is based on.”

More like this, please. I hope that gay-rights groups nationwide are paying attention.

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