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Retire the words “fact” and “truth.” They are obsolete.

Posted by Charles II on October 18, 2012

FAIR had a good take on the Romney-Benghazi-“act of terror” thing here. The so-called “fact-checkers” like Annenberg’s Brooks Jackson and Politifact‘s “main imperative … is to maintain an appearance of impartiality by making it seem like both sides are about equally dishonest.”

In other words, the policy of fact check factories is to lie.

In fact, the fact checkers (including Candy Crowley) tried to say that Romney got it half right because the Administration initially believed that the attack had been related to a protest against a film about Islam. But the NYT own reporting at the time “stressed that the attackers themselves stated they were retaliating for the anti-Muslim video.” The Times has now re-confirmed that the attackers gave as their cause of belligerence the anti-Muslim video.

BTW, if you would like to see just how deep into dishonesty the right has gotten with this, there’s always, which continues to claim that Obama was not talking about Benghazi in calling the assault on the consulate an act of terror despite the fact that his remarks were for f–k’s sake titledRemarks by the President on the Deaths of U.S. Embassy Staff in Libya.” They even link it!

None so blind as they who claim to see.

(This is the CNN interview they excerpt from without linking). In it, David Axelrod schools Candy Crowley on what the president said in the Rose Garden the day after the attack. When she interrupted Romney in the debate, she was presumably trying to save him from saying something irretrievably stupid).

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The First Rotten Fruit Of The Citizens United Ruling In Minnesota

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 20, 2010

Here they are, straight from the “bipartisan” group MN Forward, which is run by Brian McClung — who until just a few weeks ago was Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty’s chief spokesperson.

Oh, yes: As MRW notes, their first TV ad is pro-Tom-Emmer (Emmer being the Republican pick to replace Tim Pawlenty) and their first Tweeter followed is none other than Deputy MNGOP Chair Michael Brodkorb, who of course has his own history of posing as an “independent” voice when in fact he’s not.

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Righter wing media

Posted by Charles II on July 6, 2010

Terry Krepel has what looks like a scoop to me:

In early June, Newsmax raised a few eyebrows by declaring its interest in — and then making an official offer for — Newsweek magazine, which the Washington Post Co. has put up for sale.

While the offer itself got attention, the likely money behind it mostly didn’t. While Newsmax makes rich Republicans its target demographic — according to Talkers magazine, 20 percent of its readership claims a net worth of $1 million or more — and while it claimed revenue of $36 million in 2008 and has projected $50 million in revenue this year, it likely doesn’t throw off enough money for Ruddy to purchase money-losing Newsweek without help.

Enter Richard Mellon Scaife.

Now, it’s not a done deal. But the very idea that a crackpot bunch like Newsmax, famous for inventing a noticeable fraction of the lies against Clinton among other lowlights, could conceivably take over a magazine like Newsweek tells us that media in this country are seriously screwed up.

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Quelle Surprise: GOP/Media Complex Slants Health-Care Coverage Against Obama

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 23, 2009

As if this surprised anyone who’s been paying attention over the past few years.

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Well, Well

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 22, 2009

The surprise isn’t that some right-wing yahoo is going around spreading a bogus e-mail — an e-mail in which he claims to have detailed knowledge of how Captain Phillips was rescued from the Somali pirates, and that President Obama had allegedly opposed the Pentagon’s plan to rescue him. The surprise is that a mainstream media entity is actually bothering to debunk it:

Two senior military officials who talked to NBC about this both said essentially they have no reason to carry President Obama’s water on this, but that he and the White House responded quickly and positively to the military’s request.

Given some of the details included in the email, military officials say it could very well have come from a “disgruntled” Navy SEAL who had no idea what the White House and senior commanders were planning or executing.

In addition, the email was originally passed around by a former admiral who retired in 1982 who told Navy officials he doesn’t know any Navy SEALS and has no idea where the original email came from.

This has been duly passed along to the fine folks at

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Somehow This Doesn’t Surprise Me

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 5, 2009

Oh noes! Somebody (William Black) went on Bill Moyers and said that Obama is breaking the law by not nationalizing stricken banks!

Um, except that he isn’t:

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Why I Call Them “The GOP/Media Complex”, 01/29/09 Edition

Posted by Phoenix Woman on January 29, 2009

Digby and Jane are both wondering why we’re still seeing far more Republicans than Democrats on TV even after Obama won the White House and the Dems increased their control of both Houses of Congress.

Dday helps explain: It’s the Villagers.. They’ve been gleefully serving the GOP by marinating people’s brains in right-wing frames for so long that many if not most Americans don’t know how to think other than in right-wing frames.

Here’s an example from Mellow Velo, one of the blogs in my sidebar:

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The Hostages Speak

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 8, 2008

A story that’s currently getting big play in the US media is this condemnation of FARC by Marc Gonsalves, one of the two military contractors who had been held by FARC up until last week.

Interestingly, fellow former hostage Ingrid Betancourt’s publicly thanking Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez for his long-standing efforts on the hostages’ behalf is not getting any US media play that I know of. In fact, the only place I’ve seen it is here:

As Ingrid Betancourt emerged after six-and-a-half years – sunken and shrivelled but radiant with courage – one of the first people she thanked was Hugo Chavez. What? If you follow the news coverage, you have been told that the Venezuelan President supports the Farc thugs who have been holding her hostage. He paid them $300m to keep killing and to buy uranium for a dirty bomb, in a rare break from dismantling democracy at home and dealing drugs. So how can this moment of dissonance be explained?

Yes: you have been lied to – about one of the most exciting and original experiments in economic redistribution and direct democracy anywhere on earth. And the reason is crude: crude oil. The ability of democracy and freedom to spread to poor countries may depend on whether we can unscramble these propaganda fictions.


On 1 March, the Colombian government invaded Ecuador and blew up a Farc training camp. A few hours later, it announced it had found a pristine laptop in the rubble, and had already rummaged through the 39.5 million pages of Microsoft Word documents it contained to find cast-iron “proof” that Chavez was backing the Farc. Ingrid’s sister, Astrid Betancourt, says it is plainly fake. The camp had been totally burned to pieces and the computers had clearly, she says, been “in the hands of the Colombian government for a very long time”. Far from fuelling the guerrillas, Chavez has repeatedly pleaded with the Farc to disarm. He managed to negotiate the release of two high-profile hostages – hence Betancourt’s swift thanks. He said: “The time of guns has passed. Guerilla warfare is history.”

So what now? Now they claim he is a drug dealer, he funds Hezbollah, he is insane. Sometimes they even stumble on some of the real non-fiction reasons to criticise Chavez and use them as propaganda tools. (See our Open House blog later today for a discussion of this). As the world’s oil supplies dry up, the desire to control Venezuela’s pools will only increase. The US government is already funding separatist movements in Zulia province, along the border with Colombia, where Venezuela’s largest oilfields lie. They hope they can break away this whiter-skinned, anti-Chavez province and then drink deep of the petrol there.

By the way, Greg Palast debunked the “$300 million” nonsense back in March, yet I haven’t seen any US mainstream corporate media acknowledgement of this.

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Sorry, Racists, But “Whitey” Is Actually “Why’d He”

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 3, 2008

Seems that certain people who should know better are peddling the Larry Johnson bullcrap about Michelle Obama and “whitey”. Booman, who up until this week counted himself as a friend of Johnson’s and of his co-blogger SusanHu (who used to be Booman’s co-blogger but pretty much left Booman Tribune after being criticized for posting racist anti-Muslim cartoons; which is sadly ironic, since she was one of the people behind the Abu Ghraib FOIA docs project), debunks the slander:
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Buh-Bye, Steno Sue

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 27, 2008

Howard “Mistah” Kurtz, in the course of watching several longtime fellow WaPo employees, including Susan Schmidt, take the buyouts that the Post has offered them, states this steaming hunk of untruth:

…Sue Schmidt, the investigative reporter who revealed Jack Abramoff’s dirty dealings

Um, no. The late David Rosenbaum, a reporter with the New York Times, had his first story out on Jack Abramoff on April 2, 2002 — a full 22 months before Steno Sue’s first piece on the subject saw the light of day. Her main contribution to the coverage of the Abramoff story seems to have been pretending that Abramoff gave money to Democrats.

But, as our very own Charles noted at Brad DeLong’s shop, the Washington Post has been cheerfully promoting the fiction that Susan Schmidt broke the story, when in fact the only things I can recall her actually breaking with regard to journalism are reportorial ethics and maybe a fingernail or two transcribing the tripe she was fed by Ken Starr’s OIC and other members of the Republican Party’s get-Clinton cabal during the 1990s.

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