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FrackQuake-Wracked Oklahoma In Keystone XL’s Path

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 6, 2011

Life’s little ironies:

The Keystone XL pipeline, the one that TransCanada really, really wants and climate experts like NASA’s James Hansen really, really fear would trigger runaway, irreversible warming and a “game over” scenario for humanity, runs through the part of Oklahoma most heavily visited by earthquakes of late.

And (drum roll, please) the USGS has linked these quakes to the use of a mining and oil and natural gas extraction technique known as hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”. (In fact, Cuadrilla Resources, the company doing shale fracking in Blackpool, England, has admitted that its fracking caused the earthquakes that rocked that part of England.)

Oh, and did I mention that the pipeline sits right on top of the Ogallala Aquifer, which sits under the soil in places like Oklahoma and Nebraska?

Of course, there will those oil-company execs that will claim that we really don’t what’s causing the fracking. But that makes it even worse: If fracking’s to blame, we stop the the fracking and thus the quakes. But if fracking’s not to blame, and we don’t know what really is to blame, then how can we risk a pipeline running over the water supply of the nation’s farmers when there are earthquakes we can’t predict, much less prevent, in the area?

If Big Energy actually consistently admits that fracking’s triggering the quakes, it’s going to set up one hell of a Hobson’s Choice for them: stop fracking, or stop the pipeline. Take yer pick.
Added by Charles as a technical visualization aid for our Transcanada spokesman:

NYT photo of ruptured pipeline

(Image from NYT of Silvertip pipeline rupture in the Yellowstone River). Recent news:

Exxon crews spent three months cleaning thousands of acres of land along the river. The rupture happened while the Yellowstone was in flood stage and deposited globs of oil in fields hundreds of feet from the riverbank and left a bathtub ring of oily grime around buildings caught in the flooding.

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Ave Atque Vale, Debora

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 1, 2008

Just got the news that Debora Jeane Palfrey has been found dead, an apparent suicide victim.

On the one hand, Dan Moldea is not surprised, as he says she told him she’d rather kill herself than go back to jail. On the other hand Paul Joseph Watson of Alex Jones’ Infowars is also not surprised, as she is on record as early as 1991 and as recently as last July stating that no one should believe it if she was reported to have killed herself. (I lean towards this, myself — if she was going to off herself in frustration, wouldn’t she have arranged to out some more former high-powered clients first? And not just in a suicide note the contents of which she would know full well would never be disclosed.)

Hail and farewell, Debora. At least you’re no longer in pain.

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Moooom! Mickey’s Messing With The Space-Time Continuum Again! Make Him Stop!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on January 15, 2008

Either Michael Brodkorb (aka the Mouth of Sauron for Ron Carey, Minnesota state GOP Chair) really does think that his farts today cause earthquakes that happened last week, or he’s not telling everything he knows about certain things.

I found out from Across the Great Divide that he’s been banging away again at Minnesota’s Secretary of State Mark Ritchie like Ken Starr going through Bill Clinton’s jockstraps. (Never mind that the last Republican-driven effort to trash Ritchie came up with nothing to show for it; they apparently figure that if they can keep flinging mud against him, some of it will unfairly stick to him and not to the people flinging it.) It’s pretty pitiful, too. Check this out from last week (again h/t AtGD), wherein he accuses Mark Ritchie of not having a user-friendly caucus-finding tool on the SoS website:

You’d practically need a map to find the information. From the Secretary of State’s homepage, you have to go to “About the Office,” and then to “News,” and then to “Publications,” and then scroll down under “Elections & Voting: Voter Information” to finally find a document called “Minnesota Precinct Caucuses.”

Except that, as Charlie of AtGD showed, it’s not arduous at all — unless you consider two clicks to access a PDF file “arduous”.

What makes this even more hacktackular is that this week, Ritchie’s office came out with a new-and-improved caucus-finding tool, one so easy even a Brodkorb can do it, to paraphrase the GEICO ad. As Ollie notes over at BSP, it got rave reviews, too, even from Republican activist Sara Janacek.

This tool was obviously in the works for months, well before Carey’s Mouth o’ Sauron opened his trap about it last week. And Brodkorb, who in addition to being joined at the hip to Ron Carey was the GOP’s chair in State District 25 and thus would presumably be in the loop when it came to knowing basic elections information, should have known about it well beforehand, as Ollie points out (emphases mine):

To paraphrase a famous phrase from history: Did MDE know about the precinct caucus finder project, and if so, when did he know about it?

I talked to the communications staff at the Secretary Of State’s office to find out when the political parties knew that January 15 was the launch date for this multi-partisan tool. He had to ask the staff in the elections and IT departments for specifics, but just got back to me with the answer.

Since the political parties (which were all working very co-operatively with the staff) had to put the data about the precinct caucus locations into similar file formats, all of them were told of the firm launch date by October or early November.

Should we assume that MDE was acting on his own when he wrote the January 3 post in which he slammed not only Ritchie, but also the staff at the Secretary of State’s office? Should we assume he knew nothing about the project?

Or maybe MDE did know about the coming launch, and personal animus compelled him to smear public employees who he knew to be working toward a specific project. Whatever the case, he does seem have an obsession with poisoning the waters in which Mark Ritchie–and his staff–swim.

Occam’s Razor sez that Ollie’s right on that last bit.

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Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 17, 2007

Remember the Cox Report?  The Republican Congress of 1999 used it to claim that Evil Bill Clinton had sold off our nuclear secrets to the Chinese.

Except that 1) the report itself, according to nuclear scientist Sam Cohen, was a big fat leak (Curt Weldon tried to show that it wasn’t and blamed Hazel O’Leary, but that was quickly debunked), and 2) it turns out that the secrets they were so freaked out about Clinton leaking were in fact leaked during the presidency of their demigod Republican Ronald Reagan:

The envelope, please. And this month’s winner in the category of best supporting demon in service of a bloated military-industrial complex is … China. It seems that the Chinese have stolen the secret missile plans. The barn door’s open and the cows are gone. Heck, those steaks were snarfed and forgotten a long time ago. The U.S. intelligence community acquired a 1988 Chinese document in 1995 that basically confirmed the theft. …

Well, now to the facts. Note the date on the intercepted Chinese document – 1988. That’s right – smack dab in the middle of the Bush-Gipper years. The theft of the original documents took place during the Reagan administration and the majority of the testing of the resulting weapons during the Bush years. One wonders how Clinton could possibly be responsible for something that started at least 8 years before he even ran for office.

And speaking of lax security, let’s take a closer look at just what was happening at the national weapons labs in the 1980s. To begin with, security was gradually privatized at both Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore during the 1980s. That’s right, security concerning the most destructive weapons in the history of the world was treated not much differently than requisitioning toilet paper. A former FBI Assistant Direct for Counter-Intelligence was recently asked if the privatization had significantly and negatively affected security. He agreed. Taking the privatization obsession even further, an executive order was issued in 1987 to loosen controls so scientific advances could be more easily exploited by the private sector.

So the leak happened during the Reagan administration and was at the *very least* indirectly due to the privatization binge that was one of the key policy issues pushed by that administration. So you’d think that even the dimmest Republican would be smart enough to shut up about it. No, they’re also whining about how Clinton delayed notifying them about it since it was discovered in 1995. Well, while the spooks did indeed know about it in 1995 they didn’t bother fully briefing the executive branch until two years later in 1997. That briefing was timed just well enough to sink a planned summit between Clinton and Chinese President Jiang Zemin. In other words, rogue elements within the intelligence community delayed notification and then used the information to push their own anti-China policy agenda. So their contribution was first letting the Reagan adminstration replace them with rent-a-cops, and then using the consequences of that foul-up to undermine the foreign policy of another administration. The only blame I can possibly put on Clinton – who’s regularly accused of treason – is for not ferreting out those responsible, convicting *them* of treason, and having them executed on a national TV special hosted by Jerry Springer. Now *that* would be entertainment.

Sure enough, the folks over at Stanford’s Center for International Security and Cooperation wound up giving a scathing review of the Cox Committee report.

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Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 11, 2007

Looks like that “slam-dunk” evidence that Iran is arming Iraqi insurgents is not so slam-dunk after all.  NewsHog has the scoop, here and here.  (In addition:  As a commenter at NewsHog noted, the UK uses shells of that type, so there’s a strong likelihood that this was grabbed out of a Brit ammo dump in Iraq, given a cursory rebranding, and then ‘found’ in an insurgents’ den.)

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The Rules Of The US Media

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 5, 2007

Nothing like watching a “mainstream” media guy taking his cues from Michelle Malkin. I can just see her at her keyboard, cackling “Dance, Glover, Dance!”

Here’s the #1 rule of post-Fairness-Doctrine media in America: Conservatives are always more credible than liberals. The more wrong they are, the more credible they are. (Compare the amount of TV and radio time over the past twenty years that’s been given to Ann Coulter and Molly Ivins. I rest my case.)

This leads us to Rule #2, as often voiced by Atrios: There is nothing a conservative can say or do that will get him or her exiled permanently from the public discourse. (Look at Michelle “Internment was PEACHY!” Malkin, Ann “Women shouldn’t be able to vote” Coulter, or Pat “Nazis weren’t all bad” Buchanan. Again, I rest my case.)

 UPDATE:  In a comment from last year, Alderaan over at Drum’s blog has an even longer list of conservatives who did things that would have got them drummed out of public life were they not conservatives.

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