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Your nightly schadenfreude

Posted by Charles II on October 16, 2012

Via Atrios, a Salon article from Jillian Rayfield:

Dinesh D’Souza is facing some tough questions from his fellow Christians over a night spent in a hotel room with a woman [Denise Odie Joseph II] he introduced as a his fiancée – despite still having a wife.

D’Souza said that “nothing happened” in the hotel room, and clarified that he had “recently” filed for divorce from his wife.

You can see D’Souza’s brand of hypocrisy as described by a religious professional here:

he seemed to be more of a theistic opportunist whose exact creed and doctrinal home could morph and move according to the needs of the market and the angle of the spotlight

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Because I want to read it over and over again

Posted by Charles II on January 10, 2011

(Via Rotwang at Eschaton) Laylin Copelin, Austin Statesman:

Judge Pat Priest sentenced Tom DeLay to three years in prison.

The three-year sentence was on the charge of conspiring to launder corporate money into political donations during the 2002 elections.

On the charge of money laundering, DeLay was sentenced to five years in prison, but that was probated for 10 years. That means he would serve 10 years’ probation.

“This will not stand,” said his attorney, Dick DeGuerin.

DeLay was taken into custody but he was expected to be released as soon as he posted an appeals bond.

The judge then ordered the courtroom cleared except for the lawyers.

Prior to the sentence, DeLay spoke to the court.

He was unrepentant.

“I fought the fight. I ran the race. I kept the faith,” DeLay said.

Judge Priest said he agreed with the jury’s guilty verdict, returned in November, and would have instructed a different verdict if he did not believe DeLay conspired to break the law.

He said there is no higher principle than that those who write the laws should follow the law….

Former U.S. Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Illinois, testified that his friend, DeLay, had purpose, passion and persistence in representing his district in Congress for 22 years.

Hastert defended DeLay not expressing remorse: “I don’t think you want to say anything until the process is over.”

DeLay is expected to appeal his conviction, saying after the jury’s verdict: “Maybe we can get it before people who understand the law.”

Justice has already been denied by the unconscionable amount of time that DeLay got between the time of indictment and the time of judgment. He could have received 99 years, but he got three. This has been a travesty, but at least this scofflaw has been confronted with a reality he will find very hard to deny: jail.

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Wednesday Morning News Roundup

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 18, 2009

Obama’s plans for Afghanistan include an “end game”. In other words, it sounds like he’s not buying the arguments of McChrystal or McChrystal’s Australian guru, Dr. David Kilcullen, that we need to stay in Afghanistan for fifty or a hundred years.

Frank Schaeffer discusses with Rachel Maddow how all those “Pray for Obama: Psalm 109:8” are actually calls for him to be murdered — “trawling for assassins” is how he puts it. As the Christian Science Monitor explains:

The psalm reads, “Let his days be few; and let another take his office.”

Presidential criticism through witty slogans is nothing new. Bumper stickers, t-shirts, and hats with “1/20/09” commemorated President Bush’s last day in office.

But the verse immediately following the psalm referenced is a bit more ominous: “Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow.”

As a commenter on Daily Kos mentions in a diary on this subject:

It’s important to note that in Hebrew poetic language (of which the Psalms is a part) repetition was a major form. A writer would say something and repeat it once or more times with slightly different wording to bring out a fully-fledged meaning. So it is not only possible that Psalm 109:9 makes 109:8 seem more ominous, 109:9 clearly shows that the author wants someone dead in order that their office will come to someone else. There is no other good interpretation. So don’t let anyone get away with some “that’s out of context” non-sense.

— Speaking of conservative efforts to misuse religion, the conservatives in the Catholic Church are not happy to hear this news that preliminary phase of the $2 million study commissioned by the bishops at the height of the Church’s sexual abuse scandal has so far found no connection between sexual orientation and abuse of children by clergy.

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Just Keep Diggin’ That Hole, Mitt

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 17, 2009

Just when you thought you were safe from Willard, he’s tanned, rested, and spewing gibberish in his battle with Tim Pawlenty for the 2012 votes of the Cleon Skousen-Glenn Beck fan base as he attacks President Obama’s eminently sensible decision to scrap the useless and costly Reagan-Bush Star Wars missile shield concept once and for all.

Y’know, it might not be good for the Mittster to draw attention to himself right now, not when the news of the utter health care reform failure of RomneyCare (aka the MaxTax Co-Ops Beta) in his former home state is starting to make it onto the national media’s radar screens.

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Another Hole Blown Into The “Lone Nut” Hypothesis

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 2, 2009

Remember my mention of the efforts to pretend that Scott Roeder, the man arrested for the murder of Dr. George Tiller, was a “lone nut” and bad apple who was totally unrepresentative of the hardcores in the anti-choice movement?

Attaturk points out yet another hole in that hypothesis (from Plog):

KMBC Channel 9 captured this shot of a phone number to anti-abortion group Operation Rescue inside the car of Scott Roeder, the man suspected of shooting and killing Wichita abortion doctor George Tiller Sunday morning at a Wichita church.


The phone number is written on an envelope with the name “Cheryl” and “Op Rescue.” Cheryl is Cheryl Sullenger, Operation Rescue’s senior policy adviser, who in 1988 was convicted of conspiring to bomb a California abortion clinic. She served two years in prison.

Ms. Sullenger had no comment, other than to say that he hadn’t called her recently and that anyone could have got her phone number off the internet. More than that, she would not say. But it’s rather interesting that Roeder, at any rate, feels he knows her well enough not to need her last name next to her phone number.

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And In News That Surprises Absolutely No One

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 1, 2009

The murderer of Dr. George Tiller turns out to be somebody who was deeply involved in the anti-choice movement and Operation Rescue, a person named Scott Roeder. Rising Hegemon has the details.

In other news, Attorney General Eric Holder made the following statement:

“The murder of Doctor George Tiller is an abhorrent act of violence, and his family is in our thoughts and prayers at this tragic moment. Federal law enforcement is coordinating with local law enforcement officials in Kansas on the investigation of this crime, and I have directed the United States Marshals Service to offer protection to other appropriate people and facilities around the nation. The Department of Justice will work to bring the perpetrator of this crime to justice. As a precautionary measure, we will also take appropriate steps to help prevent any related acts of violence from occurring.”

There were similar bursts of violence all through both Bush administrations, when their respective Justice Departments telegraphed to the anti-abortion community that such would be handled leniently, if punished at all. There were also occasional bursts during the Clinton administration, particularly at its start as Al Giordano notes. But of course none dare call it terrorism, except for those of us in the lefty half of the blogosphere.

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Obama’s New Budget Eliminates Abstinence-Only Funding

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 9, 2009

Read it right here at Think Progress.

This is a very good thing, because as has been shown over and over again, abstinence-only programs don’t put a dent in teen pregnancy rates.

And yes, the people who have been on the Federal dole pushing their useless and harmful programs are hopping mad about having their meal tickets taken away from them.

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Focusing On The Family?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 7, 2009

Things that make you go “eeeewww!”:

Oooo dear. I guess being a fundamentalist Christian doesn’t make you a good person. Or even a law abiding one. Juan Alberto Ovalle, 42, who works for a Spanish-speaking arm of  Focus on the Family, narrates Biblical text for their Spanish language CDs and

founded Spanish Christian Audio in 2001 to help Christian organizations with their audio needs

was arrested on suspicion of using the Internet to arrange sex with a girl under 15. Jzs, ur dum.

I’d link to the audio, but FotF has apparently yanked it.

More on Ovalle here and here.

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Tuesday Morning News Roundup

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 17, 2009


Chris Steller of the Minnesota Independent notices that the St. Paul Pioneer Press, which has backed honoring the final results of the recount, has now — hard on the heels of a court decision that has dealt a mortal blow to Norm Coleman’s hopes of retaking his old Senate seat — suddenly decided that the recount was a wash and that there needs to be a do-over instead. Could this have anything to do with the PiPress’ endorsing Coleman during the campaign last year, Steller wonders?

— Ho hum, Donald Trump’s filing for bankruptcy again. This is the third time for his entertainment company.

There was an NPR program a few years ago that contrasted Trump with Richard Branson, back when they both had reality-TV programs on the air. Trump’s “The Apprentice” was a ratings hit, yet nobody watched Branson’s “The Rebel Billionaire” — people much preferred watching a piss-poor manager reward incompetent backstabbing suckups to seeing a genuine success story challenging other people to get outside their comfort zones. And really, as go TV audiences, so go the alleged “smartest guys in the room”. They all take after the Trump model and not the Branson model, even though Branson is by far the better businessman and manager of the two.

— Surprise, surprise: A handful of racists at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado got President Obama’s picture removed from the base’s commissary. Remember that Colorado Springs is also home to the US Air Force Academy, and to James Dobson’s ministry, which also with other nearby conservative Christian groups has infiltrated the Academy to such an extent that Jewish cadets have a very tough time there.

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WAAAAHHH! Why Won’t They Break The Law For Us?!?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 12, 2009

That’s pretty much what Mike Huckabee and the other religious-right folk trying to scuttle the stimulus package are saying:

A small provision in the economic stimulus package working its way through the U.S. Senate is angering the religious right.

Current proposals to repair or renovate higher education facilities stipulate that those funds cannot be spent on buildings that feature religious worship. That has sparked outcry from all corners of the religious right, who say the bill would ban students from holding Bible study or even gathering to pray on campuses.

Civil libertarians point out that the proposed rule is simply the law of the land, and federal funds can never be used to repair or renovate churches, synagogues or mosques.

Ah, but the religio-confederate right never lets facts get in the way of a good victim play.

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