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Don’t get sick

Posted by Charles II on July 5, 2014

After you click this link.

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Hooboy: Rotten Florida Republican Edition/Updated

Posted by Charles II on September 26, 2012

Kudos to Mark Caputo, Manny Garcia, and Scott Hiassen of the Miami Herald for this most entertaining story. It was summarized by Eric Lach, TPM Muckraker:

[Ana] Alliegro, a self-described “conservative bad girl” who this summer served as campaign manager to Justin Lamar Sternad, disappeared just before a scheduled meeting with federal investigators on Sept. 6.

[Democratic candidate] Sternad’s efforts reportedly benefited from $46,000 in secret money linked to [Republican Congressman David] Rivera.

Alliegro — whose grandfather was Senate president in Cuba during the Batista era, and whose father helped train contra rebels in Nicaragua for the U.S. military — has made several unsuccessful runs for public office.

A very bad girl. Fabiola Santiago, Miami Herald:

She’s a Bonnie without her Clyde, a political operative with a penchant for dating and marrying older men with impressive jobs. Only they end up running for their lives, including former Miami Mayor Joe Carrollo, who begged for a divorce after 83 days.

Now the feds investigating Justin Lamar Sternad’s campaign finances want to talk to Alliegro, but she didn’t show up for her Sept. 6 date.

The FBI and federal prosecutors believe Alliegro was the go-between linking David Rivera, the Republican congressman running for reelection, and Sternad, a part-time hotel clerk whose campaign Rivera allegedly funded with tens of thousands of dollars in cash.

she tried in 2007 to shoot her architect ex-husband, Moshe Cosicher, after he refused to remarry her.

No screenwriter could come up with a livelier scene than this Herald account of police and prosecution reports of that altercation:

“She then sat naked at a desk with her leg up and compared the gun to a male sexual organ.

“ ‘If you think your [expletive] is powerful (showing the gun), this is mine,’ Alliegro told Cosicher . . .

“She fired a round into the ceiling. ‘You see. It’s loaded — this is business,’ Alliegro allegedly said.”

He tried to leave.

“She shot at me when I approached the front door (she missed my head by inches),” Cosicher wrote in a police statement.

Update 1: Mugshot

Update 2: More on the fake Democrat.:

Sternad said Alliegro referred to the congressman by his initials, “D.R.,” and called him by the nickname, “The Gangster.”

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The One Party State: the True History of Watergate

Posted by Charles II on May 22, 2012

Bob Parry has a good, if somewhat long read on what really happened at Watergate up at Consortium News.

The gist of it was that the Watergate break-in of 1972 had as its main goal ensuring that McGovern was nominated despite the efforts of the Democratic regulars to prevent that from happening. After McGovern was in fact nominated, the regulars disloyally refused to support him, guaranteeing the re-election of Richard Nixon. When Watergate broke, the regulars did everything they could to sabotage the civil suit filed by the DNC against Nixon’s Re-elect Committee and ultimately installed uber-fixer Robert Strauss as party leader, from which position Strauss led the Democratic Party into decline. It is difficult to read Parry’s narration of the story without concluding that the Democratic Party was destroyed from within.

As an aside, the Democratic regulars believed–wrongly–that somehow the RFK/McGovern insurgent wing of the party had foiled Hubert Humphrey’s election. In reality, Hubert Humphrey was his own worst enemy. Even Nixon’s treason–and I use the word in its strict constitutional sense–in conducting unauthorized negotiations with the Vietnamese to block a settlement of the war did not have as much impact on the election as the clubbing of anti-war protesters on the streets of Chicago. Yes, many RFK supporters sat out the election, but they did not do so at the request of the Kennedy family or George McGovern. They were just exercising their right to vote or not vote for the person of their choice.

So was the fall of the Democratic Party a tragedy, the result of a misunderstanding by the regulars that they had to win the loyalty of their voters? Or did it represent the rise of the one-party state, in which neither conservatives nor liberals have any real representation in government?

Whatever one believes the goal of Watergate was, its effect was to greatly narrow the differences between the parties as they sought corporate money instead of people power to win elections.

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Preserving the best of white hate for posterity: Trayvon Martin edition

Posted by Charles II on March 30, 2012

I feel an obligation to preserve the sayings of Free Republic for posterity. All too many liberals do not know what goes on in Red America and imagine that Congress would somehow magically reform itself if people would vote for Dennis Kucinich for President.

The reality is that Congress knows its constituents. The problem is that both liberals and conservatives pander to their constituents rather than educating them. In a country where the real left has been destroyed by decades of assault, many liberals pretend to be moderates and many ::cough:: conservatives pretend (or not) to be neo-Nazis. Neither of them seem to believe anything at all. No one does what is right for the country. Read these posts understanding that they represent perhaps one third of Republicans (and only a few of the 20 or so threads about the Martin case). Other posters occasionally make weak protests against the sort of hate-the-victim comments, and surely many stay silent in the face of this evil. What comes to the fore during cases like the murder of Trayvon Martin is the racialist wing of the Party.

Averting one’s eyes is no longer an option. These people mean to seize power, through sham elections and domination of the courts that that enables, if possible, but if not… well, read and see what you think.

As an aside, seven of the over 20 threads on the Martin case are initiated by someone who reveres the late Senator Joseph McCarthy, having taken the nickname that McCarthy took to celebrate his heroism in World War II, Tailgunner Joe. Wikipedia remembers the heroism of the real Tailgunner Joe:

He would leave the Marines with the rank of captain. It is well documented that McCarthy lied about his war record. Despite his automatic commission, he claimed to have enlisted as a “buck private”. He flew twelve combat missions as a gunner-observer, earning the nickname of “Tail-Gunner Joe” in the course of one of these missions.[15]

He later claimed 32 missions in order to qualify for a Distinguished Flying Cross, which he received in 1952. McCarthy publicized a letter of commendation which he claimed had been signed by his commanding officer and countersigned by Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, then Chief of Naval Operations. However, it was revealed that McCarthy had written this letter himself, in his capacity as intelligence officer. A “war wound” that McCarthy made the subject of varying stories involving airplane crashes or antiaircraft fire was in fact received aboard ship during a ceremony for sailors crossing the equator for the first time.

Interesting that what Joseph McCarthy actually did in lying about his service record was how they smeared John Kerry.

So, here goes, local interest first.

TailgunnerJoe, posting an article from MPR on pro-Trayvon protests at U. Minn. gets the following responses:

“…protesting over the death of the 17-year-old who shot and killed as he walked to his father’s home as he was attacking the local neighborhood watch captain by George Zimmerman”
3 posted on Friday, March 30, 2012 7:35:16 AM by Mr. K (If Romney wins the primary, I am writing-in PALIN) [The interesting slip in the quote is MPR’s. For reasons not clear to me, the website administrator also gave it a URL “hoodie rally” that seems strange]

The predator underclass is furious that their prey are shooting back.
“Justice” = only criminals can have guns.
4 posted on Friday, March 30, 2012 7:36:11 AM by lightman (Adjutorium nostrum (+) in nomine Domini–nevertheless, Vote Santorum!)

“you mess with one of our young people and we will bring the people to you,” Miller said.
A thug, masquerading as a caring person.
Referring to Miller.
All these demonstrations, justifying resort to criminal conduct. The media, the president, numerous politicians, all elevating the commission of a crime into sainthood.
The Legend of Saint Skittles is that of turning criminal conduct into exemplary conduct.
5 posted on Friday, March 30, 2012 7:36:29 AM by Cboldt

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A great nomination…but will he serve?

Posted by Charles II on August 29, 2011

The choice of Alan Krueger as head of the Council of Economic Advisers is one of the Obama Administration’s best nominations. I’d put Dawn Johnsen and Elizabeth Warren a notch higher, but Krueger is definitely top tier. Along with the Canadian economist David Card, he helped debunk the myth that raising the minimum wage causes job loss. Certainly the departure of Austen Goolsbee is a a plus no matter who replaces him, and that includes Ron Paul. From correspondence with Goolsbee, I came to the conclusion that he’s a completely empty suit, someone with no principles whatsoever, and very willing to sacrifice the powerless on the altar of neoliberalism. Goolsbee is University of Chicago (though not their notorious economics department), which may explain this Atrios post.

Steve Benen, who Atrios is quoting, says that because Senate confirmation is required, Krueger might get to serve sometime around 2018. Unfortunately, that does seem to be the drift of things. The Senate Republicans give a–holes a bad name.

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Don’t know much about history…if you listen to the corporate media

Posted by Charles II on July 14, 2011

Robert Parry, Consortium News:

In November 1991, as Newsweek and The New Republic were ridiculing the idea that Ronald Reagan’s campaign chief William Casey might have made a secret trip to meet Iranians in Madrid in 1980, a senior State Department official was informing George H.W. Bush’s White House that Casey indeed had gone to Spain on a mysterious visit.

State Department legal adviser Edwin D. Williamson told associate White House counsel Chester Paul Beach Jr. that among the State Department “material potentially relevant to the October Surprise allegations [was] a cable from the Madrid embassy indicating that Bill Casey was in town, for purposes unknown,” Beach noted in a “memorandum for record” dated Nov. 4, 1991.

In other words, as Newsweek and The New Republic were making the October Surprise story into a big joke in mid-November 1991, Bush’s White House had information that contradicted the smug self-certainty of the two magazines. Not surprisingly, the White House made no effort to clarify the record.

From those records, [Newsweek and The New Republic] concluded that Casey, then Reagan’s campaign chief, had been present for a morning session on July 28, 1980, and thus could not have attended a two-day meeting in Madrid, as described by Iranian businessman Jamshid Hashemi.

Now, this may seem like ancient history. But in 1980, Ronald Reagan won the presidency largely because Jimmy Carter did not succeed in freeing American hostages taken by the Iranian Revolution. Therefore, if Reagan’s camp were responsible for delaying the release of those hostages, one could say that Reagan took power through treason. And not treason defined as, “stuff I don’t like” but treason defined as in Article III, Section III of the US Constitution.” Delaying the release of American hostages would probably qualify. And William Casey traveling to Madrid contradicts what the Administration told the Congress, meaning at the very least that the Administration abetted the obstruction of a Congressional investigation.

William Faulkner said that not only is the past not dead, it’s not even over. US democracy is dying because at a series of critical moments, Republicans seized power through illegitimate means, and the corporate media acted as their accomplices. Those moments were:

1. The McCarthy era.
2. The 1968 election, in which Richard Nixon won election by (treasonously) obstructing the peace accords.
3. The 1972 election, in which Richard Nixon used the power of government to win the election.
4. Perhaps the 1980 election, in which Ronald Reagan may have won election by conspiring with Iran
5. The 1994 election, the Gingrich “revolution” seized power using illegal money, personal smears, and lies.
6. The 2000 election, in which Bush was appointed by the Supreme Court, itself the product of perjury and corruption.

I would argue that the elections after 2000 were all fake elections, in which the media were used as propaganda arms of a corporate state to push the result as far to the right as possible. But we probably won’t know until the whole corrupt mess falls apart, and people are willing to talk.

It’s very likely that none of the post-Watergate elections would have been corrupted if Reagan had been exposed in what increasingly looks like treason. Of course, if elections can simply be bought or stolen, why listen to the voice of the people. Until this poison is drained, and people properly understand why Washington seems less and less responsive to their desires, democracy has no chance.

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Just watch it

Posted by Charles II on May 17, 2011

Andrew Breitbart and anyone else associated with this need to suffer the full punishment of the law.


Two Missouri labor professors have been vindicated after a right-wing smear campaign almost cost them their jobs. Last month, the website—run by right-wing blogger Andrew Breitbart—posted footage of a labor relations class taught by University of Missouri professors Judy Ancel and Don Giljum. In the video, the professors appeared to make a number of statements backing the use of violence in the struggle for labor rights. But it turned out the video was edited in a way to distort their words—similar to recent video campaigns against ACORN, Planned Parenthood, NPR and former FDA official, Shirley Sherrod. “I was just appalled. I knew it was me speaking, but it wasn’t saying what I had said in class,” said Judy Ancel, Director of the Institute for Labor Studies, University of Missouri-Kansas City.

The man has a lawsuit against him by Shirley Sherrod. He should be enjoined from publishing anything anymore until that lawsuit and whatever action Judy Ancel may file are resolved. I agree that the students who participated in that class may well have cause for civil suits against the student who copied, falsified, and disseminated the video. I hope Breitbart “excites” himself into contempt of court.

Cross-posted to DKos and FDL.

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Did you know that the greatest threat to voting rights is black people stopping whites from voting?

Posted by Charles II on September 24, 2010

Me neither.

But I turn on my TV machine and this guy (read both) is telling me so.

In a nation where most complaints of racial discrimination in voting get ignored, it’s important that the Voting Rights Act be administered in a “race-neutral” way, which is apparently to say that there has to be a quota for white complaints.

This is one of the investigations that the Republicans want to do if they win power.

I also think that billionaires should get free help for filling out their tax returns so that they aren’t discriminated against.
Adding: The Ike Brown case was tried and the judge’s opinion is here. This sounds to me more like a case of petty corruption by local officials, in which said officials happened to be black (and Democratic) in a state in which there is a lot of corruption, petty and otherwise, at all levels of government. There exist remedies at the state level for such corruption, and the state is pretty much controlled by Republicans, so it is unclear to me why these penny-ante shenanigans landed in Federal court.

Adding even more: The judge’s opinion (which does find that white voters were treated disparately) concludes, “The court does not doubt that similar discrimination against blacks continues to occur throughout this state, perhaps routinely. And it may be true, though the court makes no judgment about this, that the Justice Department has not been responsive, or fully responsive, to complaints by black voters. But the politics of the decision to prosecute this case, while foregoing intervention in other cases cannot be a factor in the court’s decision.”

Kind of an interesting observation: some people may be more equal than others.

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This Is Why Corporate Interests Fear Disclosure

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 27, 2010

The first of a new set of particularly sleazy ads targeting Mark Dayton is being run by a shadowy right-wing group calling itself “Minnesota’s Future“.

Now, if the 72-hour disclosure provision that was originally part of the state legislature’s response to the Roberts Courts’ greenlighting unlimited corporate spending in Citizens United had been allowed to stand, we’d already know who these people are. But since the business community lobbied hard to eliminated that provision, we’ll have to wait a full month.

However, there are some hints.

When one signs up for email updates on the Minnesota’s Future website, one is asked to confirm one’s address. Doing that results in being led to a page with an Alexandria, Virginia address for Minnesota’s Future:

The address (66 Canal Plaza, Suite 501) is that of Targeted Victory, which — surprise, surprise! — has Coleman’s American Action Network as another one of its clients. They made the news back in June when they made a little “oopsie” that may have revealed Michele Bachmann’s plans to run for Amy Kloubuchar’s Senate seat in 2014. They’re a group known for their slick efficiency at promoting Republican candidates. (And need I say that Alexandria — particularly the ritzier parts of Old Town, which is where 66 Canal Plaza happens to be — is Fatcat Lobbyist Central? The deeply sleazy front group Americans for Job Security has its headquarters in the very same building.)

I think we can connect the dots here.

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Smear machine targets Wikileak founder

Posted by Charles II on August 21, 2010

At least, that’s the way it looks.

Via David Derbes, commenter at Eschatonblog, John Burns and Eric Schmitt, NYT

Julian Assange, founder of the whistle-blower Web site WikiLeaks who has been embroiled in a fight with the Pentagon over the recent release of classified documents, briefly became the focus of new attention on Saturday when Swedish prosecutors sought him for questioning on rape allegations — then quickly said the accusations were unfounded.

Mr. Assange, a 39-year-old Australian, had quickly posted a denial of the Swedish allegations on Twitter, saying that the charges were “without basis.” After the accusations had been initially reported in a Swedish newspaper, he wrote: “We were warned to expect ‘dirty tricks.’ Now we have the first one.”

Now, who exactly was the source for this false story, and how did it get through the entire world media without being vetted?

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