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Another Corrupt Bushevik Out the Door

Posted by MEC on March 31, 2008

Alphonso Jackson has resigned amidst accusations he used his position as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Republicans and to punish agencies and contractors that didn’t support Bush and his cronies.

The FBI has been examining the ties between Jackson and a friend who was paid $392,000 by Jackson’s department as a construction manager in New Orleans. Jackson’s friend got the job after Jackson asked a staff member to pass along his name to the Housing Authority of New Orleans.

In another instance of alleged favoritism that came to light in February, the Philadelphia housing authority alleges that Jackson retaliated against the agency because it refused to award a vacant lot worth $2 million to soul-music producer-turned-community developer Kenny Gamble for redevelopment of a public housing complex.

Jackson’s problems began in 2006, when he told a group of commercial real estate executives that he had revoked a contract because the applicant who thanked him said he did not like President Bush. Jackson later told investigators “I lied” when he made the remark about taking back the contract.

The probe of Jackson’s comment by the HUD inspector general ended with no action taken against him, but the investigators brought to light friction between the HUD secretary and some contractors who have long done business with the agency, a number of them donors to Democrats. On Monday, the IG’s office said it had seen Jackson’s latest remarks and “there is nothing more that we can add.”

In the IG probe, some of Jackson’s own aides contradicted his account of one incident in which investigators found the HUD secretary had blocked a contract for several months to one heavily Democratic donor.

With a record like that, Mr. Jackson is overdue for a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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It hardly seems fair….

Posted by Charles II on March 6, 2008

Philip Shenon, NYT (via t/o):

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are missing and presumed stolen from the chief fund-raising arm of House Republicans, according to party officials who described the findings of emergency internal audits.

The financial records of the group, the National Republican Congressional Committee, may also have been falsified for several years, Republican officials said. The campaign committees of several Republican lawmakers may also have been victims of a scam that is now under criminal investigation by the F.B.I….

But until now the committee has not acknowledged that any money was missing from its bank accounts or that the financial irregularities might extend beyond the national committee to the campaign funds of individual Republican lawmakers who also worked with [NRCC Treasurer] Mr. Ward, a longtime party operative.

It hardly seems fair. He only stole modest sums compared to what they were stealing from us.

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States To Bush: We Don’t Want Your Bogus Abstinence Programs

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 17, 2007

More and more states are refusing to put up with Bush’s faith-based gaslight, especially where Sex Ed is concerned:

The number of states refusing federal money for “abstinence-only” sex education programs jumped sharply in the past year as evidence mounted that the approach is ineffective.

At least 14 states have either notified the federal government that they will no longer be requesting the funds or are not expected to apply, forgoing more than $15 million of the $50 million available, officials said. Virginia was the most recent state to opt out.

Two other states — Ohio and Washington — have applied but stipulated they would use the money for comprehensive sex education, effectively making themselves ineligible, federal officials said. While Maryland and the District are planning to continue applying for the money, other states are considering withdrawing as well.

Until this year, only four states had passed up the funding.


The trend has triggered intense lobbying of state legislators and governors around the country. Supporters of the programs are scrambling to reverse the decisions, while opponents are pressuring more states to join the trend.

“This wave of states rejecting the money is a bellwether,” said William Smith of the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States, a Washington-based advocacy and education group that opposes abstinence-only programs. “It’s a canary in the coal mine of what’s to come.”

“We hope that it sends a message to the politicians in Washington that this program needs to change, and states need to be able to craft a program that is the best fit for their young people and that is not a dictated by Washington ideologues,” Smith said.

Smith and other critics said they hope that if enough states drop out, Congress will redirect the funding to comprehensive sex education programs that include teaching about the use of condoms and other contraceptives.


The jump in states opting out follows a series of reports questioning the effectiveness of the approach, including one commissioned by Congress that was released earlier this year. In addition, federal health officials reported last week that a 14-year drop in teenage pregnancy rates appeared to have reversed.

“This abstinence-only program is just not getting the job done,” said Cecile Richards of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. “This is a ideologically based program that doesn’t have any support in science.”

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Annals Of Patheticity: Ari Fleischer’s Watch

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 23, 2007


Been wondering what the original Mouth of Sauron for the Bush Junta’s been up to lately? Wonder no more!

And so Ari Fleischer and some other well-financed NeoCon fellow travelers have come galloping over the hill with “Freedom’s Watch” (which I originally read as “Freedom Swatch” and immediately thought, “Ooh! I want one!” before I realized my mistake.), another “non-profit” Right Wing/White House propaganda mill like Swift Vote Veterans for “Truth”.

And boy oh boy is it a stinky little mill:

Just in case you thought the Iraq war was lost, here comes the cavalry! Former White House spokesman Ari Fleischer, tanned, rested and ready, is returning to public life with a new political action group, Freedom’s Watch, that’s promising to spend $15 million in a five-week advertising campaign designed to convince Americans that the so-called surge is working.

What’s next, are they gonna exhume Rabbi Baruch Korff and put him back on the rubber-chicken circuit?

It’s hard to determine what’s more pathetic about this: That it’s obviously being coordinated with Bush’s current White House staff (why else would Bush be making the bizarre and wrongheaded “Quiet American” and Vietnam references in his recent speeches?), that it’s directed largely at those wavering Republicans up for election who are slowly realizing that their only chance at electoral survival is to repudiate Bush and all his works, or that Ari Fleischer doesn’t even know the name of the disabled veteran who he’s shamelessly using to promote the continuance of a policy that’s killed over a million Iraqis and thousands of US and other troops?

I’ll take Door Number Three, Monty:

On MSNBC’s Hardball tonight, former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer, who is leading a White House front group to defend Bush’s escalation, was unable to name the wounded Iraq veteran featured in his organization’s pro-war ad. “I don’t have his name in front of me,” said Fleischer when asked by host Mike Barnicle if he knew the soldier’s name.

(Psssst, Ari: It’s John Kreisel.)

Paul Rieckhoff, who was on that same program, knew the guy’s name:

Later in the program, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America executive director Paul Rieckhoff ripped into Fleischer’s offensive ignorance. “What bothered me the most is that Ari Fleischer didn’t even know the guy’s name.” said Rieckhoff. “He’s willing to run a multi-million dollar campaign, utilizing the personal story of a soldier, and he couldn’t tell you on national TV what that soldier’s name is.”

Rieckhoff described it as part of “a problematic trend” that Freedom’s Watch is using the soldier’s “personal story” as “a backdrop for political rhetoric”:

People on both sides of the aisle, but especially the president and this administration, have continued to use troops as a political prop. As a backdrop for political rhetoric. It’s why the president gave such an impassionate speech today in front of the VFW. It’s why this ad carries so much weight on a visceral level. And it really bothers me because our troops are not political props and they’re not chew toys.

Sorry, Mr. Rieckhoff, but if Ari and the gang can’t be bothered to give a rodent’s behind about the deaths of one million Iraqis in four years, they’re not gonna bother to remember the name of the guy they’re using as a stage prop. (Psssst, Ari: It’s John Kreisel.)

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Every So Often, Harry Reid Reminds Us That He Really Was A Boxer In His Youth

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 19, 2007


And not by acting punch-drunk, either.

If you’re wondering why the Republicans (particularly the phony “mavericks” in the WINO caucus) are especially enraged at him today, it’s because he’s just cut off their last lines of escape:

4. What are the prospects for the Dems succeeding in breaking the GOP filibuster?

They’re actually better now that the softer Iraq amendments can’t get passed. That’s because yanking the bill rules out the introduction of other, nonbinding amendments that nervous Republicans were inclined to support. Without the option of supporting such amendments, Republicans can’t plausibly claim to constituents to have done anything to stop the war. In turn, that increases the pressure on them to support the only available option left — i.e., a binding measure mandating withdrawal, such as the one favored by Dems.

That’s probably the real reason why Republicans are furious with Reid today for removing the bill and all its amendments. (Well, that and sleepiness.) Case in point: Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA). In his floor statement right after the cloture vote failed, a visibly angry Specter inveighed against the Senate’s lack of debate on the most prominent GOP amendment — John Warner and Richard Lugar’s toothless proposal for Bush to submit a post-surge strategy to Congress after Petraeus’s report. Specter, clearly, wanted the option of supporting Warner-Lugar, an option Reid has taken away.

As a result, when debate eventually resumes, Specter will have to choose between either staying with the surge or mandated redeployment. Even for a moderate GOP Senator not up for reelection next year, stark choices are not pleasant ones. Get ready to see more waverers — though, as Greg has been pointing out, not all waverers actually vote their wavering consciences.

The wild card here for the WINOs is the September Petraeus report. No matter how nuanced a picture of Iraq Petraeus paints to Congress, the White House will use it as a rallying cry for continuing the war. How much support that can give to a GOP Senator whose constituents loudly hate the war is one of the big unknowns.

One thing that could conceivably cause more Republicans to defect, ironically, would be President Bush portraying Petraeus’s report as more optimistic than it in reality. The same could happen if Petraeus’s report itself is more optimistic than Iraq seems to warrant. Either of those could diminish whatever credibility on Petraeus’ part the White House is out to exploit, leaving the GOP caucus set to fracture ahead of the next election.

This, my little chickadees, is the key. No more hiding behind bullcrappy shields like the Warner-Lugar amendment or The Salazar Distraction. Either you back bringing ’em home, or you back Bush. It’s really that simple.

Now we get to see how many Republican “mavericks” who’ve been talking faux-tough about How They Oppose Bush are willing to actually vote to oppose Bush.

[UPDATE: DrenchedOtter over in a Fire Dog Lake comments thread reminds me that Reid had even given the Republicans the chance to vote on their bogus Warner-Lugar and Salazar legislation if they would only end the filibuster. They refused, as he knew they would — and then and only then did he yank the defense authorization bill.  That totally gives the lie to Specter’s “Waaaah!  He won’t let us vote for Warner-Lugar!” baloney.  Hey, he gave you the chance and you turned it down, boyo.]

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The Great Party Switch of 2008?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 17, 2007


Looking at this excellent front-page post on the GOP’s woes going into 2008, it occurs to me that most Republicans have a pretty darned tough row to hoe electorally.

Chris Bowers at OpenLeft further delineates their dilemma:  In order to hold the GOP’s base (which aside from Bush’s immigration bill — which they have rationalized as Ted Kennedy’s — rabidly backs The Resident), they have to back the war in Iraq.  But in order to win independent voters, they have to oppose the war in Iraq.

Bottom line:  You can appeal to the base, or you can appeal to the indies and the swing voters.  But you CANNOT do both.

It just occurred to me that for many Republicans, there’s really only one way out of this dilemma that preserves their careers:  Switching parties.

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Too Little, Too Late

Posted by MEC on July 12, 2007

Dr. Richard Carmona joins the growing list of former White House officials who reveal that Bush made them lie for him.

Damning testimony of Dr Richard Carmona, the surgeon general from 2002 until last year, has revealed that the Bush administration frequently censored him and tried to mould his public statements to fit political goals. He was even ordered to mention President Bush three times on every page of his speeches.

I do not respect him for it, nor any of the others who revealed the depths of Bush’s corruption — but only after they were long out of the White House.

I’d respect him if he’d handed in his resignation the first time Bush censored him, and publicly condemned the censorship. Waiting until Bush is unpopular and losing power is just cowardice.

“Anything that doesn’t fit into the political appointees’ ideological, theological or political agenda is often ignored, marginalised or simply buried,” Dr Carmona said. “There is nothing worse than ignoring science or marginalising the voice of science for reasons driven by changing political winds.”

You say that like it was somebody else doing it, Dr. Carmona. But by keeping quiet about it, by going along with it, you also marginalised the voice of science.

Shame on you, oathbreaker.

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