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Badger music

Posted by Charles II on June 1, 2012

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Bill Haney Is My Hero

Posted by MEC on October 31, 2007

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In the Detroit Free Press, Bill Haney dismisses the anti-tax fanatics.

Why should I complain about paying my fair share for protection by firefighters and police officers? Or for maintenance, and even upgrading, of our rutted roads, crumbling bridges, leaking water pipes, and rotting infrastructure? Why should I grumble that the government is confiscating my hard-earned money to pay for schools neither I nor my descendants will attend, when I had no problem accepting education at schools and colleges my parents and grandparents provided for me with their Depression-era sweat?


You get what you pay for. Or not. Unless you are exceptionally lucky. So it’s best just to remember that those who came before you built the schools and the roads and put out the fires and caught the bad guys, and some of those ancient taxpayers had to leave their families and jobs and put on uniforms and take up arms and go away to lands whose names they couldn’t pronounce. Some of those long-ago taxpaying soldiers left parts of their bodies where they fought, and some of them came back in boxes with crisp American flags draped over them.

Would I like to see more value for my tax dollars? You bet. Would I like to see our government waste less? Most certainly. Would I like to see a reordering of priorities to raise the prospects for my grandkids living in a cleaner, safer, saner, more civil country? Oh, would I, would I.

And am I willing to give back more in taxes from the bounty this great nation has given to me, from what it has let me earn and what it has let me become through the taxes and sacrifices of generations before me?

It is my honor, and, yes, you’re damned right I want to pay higher taxes.

More like him, please.

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The Drum Major Institute

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 12, 2007

 One of the things they don’t teach you in high school American History class is that the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King spent the last few years of his life working to end the Vietnam War.  The half-decade between the March on Washington and the shots on the hotel balcony has been nearly erased in the retellings of the histories that most Americans will encounter during their lives.

Two months before he was assassinated, Dr. King gave this sermon, “The Drum Major Instinct“, at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta.  I recommend reading it, if only for seeing the depth and breadth of his scholarship.  Forget morality and humanity, much less the call to America to stop its unjust war:  How many right-wing preachers, then or today, could or would come close to him in terms of sheer intellectual force?

That’s why I’m pleased today to talk about a group that seeks to honor all of Dr. King’s memory, not just the bits you get from TV or from censored high-school history texts.

The Drum Major Institute for Public Policy was founded by friends and co-workers of Dr. King, and works to this day to further his aims in the realms of peace and justice and prosperity for all.  They’re having a benefit party on the 21st to honor those persons, of all walks of life and political persuasions, who in the past year have worked towards these goals.  Check it out.

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See What Happens When I Go Away For A Weekend?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 3, 2007

Sorry for the flippant headline, but I think that Steve would like it if he could see it.   At least, I like to think he would.

Man, oh, man.  Another great one is gone too soon, too soon.

Steve Gilliard is the reason you’re reading this blog.  Shortly after I got online in the mid-’90s, right in the middle of the GOP’s Hunting of President Clinton, a friend of mine forwarded me a link to something Steve had written for his Gilliard News.  I liked it, and wrote to Steve to tell him so.  He e-mailed me back to tell me about this great new online magazine called Salon that he thought I should check out.  I did, and promptly fell in love – this was the Salon of Murray Waas and Mollie Dickenson, back when they were doing the best political reporting in America.  I checked the site several times a day, and got hooked on their “Table Talk” message boards, the place where some of the bloggers we all now know and love used to hang out:  Atrios (he called himself “Kurt Foster” then), TBogg, and a host of others.  

I, and I suspect a lot of other folk, owe a lot to Steve.  He was a pioneer with a genius for encapsulating the most complex concepts in simple, powerful answers.   As Stormcrow noted in the comments to MEC’s post on this yesterday, he was also one of the few online lefties who was able to talk knowledgably about military issues.   This came in handy when discussing Iraq.

Steve had enough military knowledge to be able to predict, before it happened, just what a bad move (militarily as well as morally) invading and occupying Iraq would be — and to be able to convince righties (who like to mock lefties for being ignorant about such matters) that he knew whereof he spoke.   He was able to direct us towards military histories that went far beyond (and in many cases, directly contradicted) what we learned in high school, and we became better citizens thereby.

Furthermore, Steve had the sort of faculty for incisive, direct speech and action I tend to associate with Marines.   To wit:  He’s the one who gave us the vivid imagery of Moqtada al-Sadr sipping coffee at the Balad Starbucks after Balad’s eventual and inevitable forced repatriation to the Iraqis.  There are many ways to depict the monumental hubristic stupidity of Bush and the PNAC Platoon in thinking they could easily impose their will without penalty on Iraq, but for sheer slap-in-the-face, wake-up-stupidhead power, few can touch that image of Steve’s.

Ave atque vale, Steve!   I’m glad you’re not suffering any more, though I wish you could have stayed a while longer. 

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Why The Daily Show Kicks Ass

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 24, 2007


(Pic taken from One great man recognizes another.)

The best humor is based in truth, so it’s not surprising that the reality-based The Daily Show is not only screamingly funny, but also more truthful than its “real” counterparts. This was pointed out yet again over at the American Journalism Review:

But Thompson’s colleague Hub Brown and some others interviewed for this piece believe the lesson of “The Daily Show” is not that reporters should try to be funny, but that they should try to be honest.”Stop being so doggone scared of everything,” Brown advises journalists. “I think there is much less courageousness than there needs to be. There are people out there who stick out because of their fearlessness. Somebody like Lara Logan at CBS,” the network’s chief foreign correspondent who has reported extensively from Iraq and Afghanistan, “is a great example who is fearless about saying the truth.

In the hours and days following Hurricane Katrina, state and federal officials dithered while New Orleanians suffered inside the filth and chaos of the Louisiana Superdome. Many journalists, notably CNN’s Anderson Cooper, jettisoned their usual care in handling all sides equally. They were bewildered, appalled and furious, and it showed.

“We saw a lot of that during Hurricane Katrina, but it shouldn’t take a Hurricane Katrina to get journalists to say the truth, to call it as they see it,” Brown says. “The thing that makes ‘The Daily Show’ stick out is they sometimes seem to understand that better than the networks do.” He adds: “I think it’s valuable because when the emperor has no clothes, we get to say the emperor has no clothes. And we have to do that more often here… The truth itself doesn’t respect point of view. The truth is never balanced… We have to not give in to an atmosphere that’s become so partisan that we’re afraid of what we say every single time we say something.”

(AJR via Romenesko.)

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This Is What A Real Man Looks Like

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 5, 2007



And this is how a real man moves to defend his country and its armed forces.

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Pow! Biff! Zap! Bam!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 26, 2007

Nananananananana Nananananananana WAX MAN!

Nananananananana Nananananananana WAX MAN!:

Monday, March 26, 2007

Administration Oversight Committee Directs RNC to Preserve White House Emails

Citing evidence that senior White House officials are using RNC and other political email accounts to avoid leaving a record of official communications, Chairman Waxman directs the Republican National Committee and the Bush-Cheney ’04 Campaign to preserve the emails of White House officials and to meet with Committee staff to explain how the accounts are managed and what steps are being taken to protect the emails from destruction and tampering.

Wake up and smell the accountability, Republicans!

Nananananananana Nananananananana WAX MAN!

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The End Of The Doc Dump

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 20, 2007

This is the end of the document dump as a delaying tactic.

Folks over at DKos are worried that the Bushies have already gone through and removed all the really juicy stuff before dumping. But the thing is, if they really are vetting the stuff prior to dumping, they don’t have the warm bodies needed to get it done in a timely and effective manner.

This is where their lack of trust comes around to bite them in the ass: There aren’t that many Bushistas that would a) know what to leave out and b) could be trusted not to blab. (Can you imagine the Bush Junta farming out the vetting job to outsiders, no matter how ideologically friendly? Neither can I.)

By contrast, we don’t have the trust problem — and even overnight, as TPM Muckraker has shown, we can throw a LOT more bodies at picking apart the docs than they can muster trustworthy gunsels to sanitize them. And if they make mistakes in the sanitizing, we can capitalize on them.

Another thing: How pathetic does your situation have to be for you to do a document dump on a Monday?

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Does Tim Walz EVER Have An Off Day?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 14, 2007

This guy is just the Energizer Bunny when it comes to meeting and working with his constituents, as A Bluestem Prairie notes, quoting from a recent Walz press release:

In order to be more accessible to constituents, Rep. Tim Walz will continue his “Saturday Store Stop” tour this Saturday with a stop in Owatonna. On Saturday, March 17th, Rep. Walz will be at Owatonna HyVee store from 9-11am.

Owatonna’s HyVee is located at:
1620 South Cedar
Owatonna, MN 55060

Next Saturday, Walz will visit the New Ulm HyVee Store. Walz’s planned February stop in New Ulm was canceled due to inclement weather. Walz has rescheduled his visit for Saturday, March 24th from 9-11am.

New Ulm’s HyVee is located at:
2015 South Broadway
New Ulm, MN 56073

By positioning himself in local grocery stores during peak shopping hours, Walz hopes to hear from constituents who might not otherwise request a meeting or submit their opinion on policy topics.

“I hope that people will take a few minutes Saturday morning to stop by and express their thoughts and concerns. My staff and I will have voter registration forms available, as well as information on how we can assist constituents who are having difficulty with a branch of the federal government,” said Walz.

Constituents can find Rep. Walz and his staff at a table near the HyVee dining area.

Walz began his tour on Feb. 10th in Mankato and plans to continue it throughout the spring. Since being elected, Walz has conducted hundreds of meetings with individual constituents and representative organizations around southern Minnesota and in his Washington D.C. office. Constituents can also contact Congressman Walz through his website at or by calling his Mankato office at 507-388-2149.

This is what a hardworking Congressman looks like.

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Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 13, 2007

Chris Dodd — the Good Senator from Connecticut — opens his presidential campaign with a bang:

Today, I plan on re-introducing the Restoring the Constitution Act of 2007. The bill will restore Habeas Corpus protections to detainees, bar information acquired through torture from being introduced as evidence in trials, and limit presidential authority to interpret the meaning and application of the Geneva Conventions.

Please take a moment to watch the video and read the text of the Restoring the Constitution Act of 2007, sign on as a citizen co-sponsor, and forward the bill to your personal networks. While you and I are acutely aware of the damage President Bush has done to our country’s national reputation, too many of our family, friends and neighbors have no idea how far this Administration has gone.

You heard the man.  Go co-sponsor it. 

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