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NPR always ready to give the culture warriors a hand

Posted by Charles II on February 3, 2012

NPR chose to cross-publish John McCormack’s article, Weekly Standard: A Lying Planned Parenthood

This article accuses Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood of lying because she said that “millions of women are going to lose access, not to abortion services, to basic family planning, you know, mammograms.” The recent Internet-wide wingnut rage-a-thon is because “pro-life activist Lila Rose documented in a video, Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms.”

Well, uh, yeah. Sort of.

This was all discussed almost a year ago. Less polite characterizations of Lila Rose’s documentary here. Richards never claimed that Planned Parenthood provided the mammograms. They provide the information, breast exams and referrals that lead to women getting mammograms. No Planned Parenthood, no mammograms.

The rest of McCormack’s article is similarly dishonest. Since the net effect of attacking women’s health services will be more deaths from cancer, I have awarded McCormack the dubious distinction of being a form of (social) cancer himself. Sadly, all too many culture warriors on the right have joined the cause of letting their fellow Americans die of cancer.

I want to know why tax dollars are being used to disseminate culture war propaganda from that well-known bastion of lies, The Weekly Standard. Maybe NPR should re-title itself Noisy Propaganda Recyclers.

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