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A case for the Crown

Posted by Charles II on August 28, 2015

Lisa O’Carroll, The Guardian:

The Crown Prosecution Service is considering bringing corporate charges against Rupert Murdoch’s British newspaper publisher over phone hacking, it has emerged.

The Metropolitan police handed over a file of evidence on News International – now renamed News UK – to the CPS for consideration after an investigation stretching back to 2011, when the News of the World was closed at the height of the scandal.

“We have received a full file of evidence for consideration of corporate liability charges relating to the Operation Weeting phone-hacking investigation,” a spokeswoman confirmed.

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Justice dismayed

Posted by Charles II on June 24, 2014

Lisa O’Carroll and Patrick Wintour, The Guardian:

Rebekah Brooks, his [Andy Coulson’s] predecessor in the job [editor of the News of the World}, walked free from the Old Bailey after she was cleared of all four of the charges she faced in the eight-month trial.

[Brooks husband] Charlie [Brooks], [secretary Cheryl] Carter and News International’s head of security, Mark Hanna, were all cleared of one count each – conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

The News of the World’s former managing editor Stuart Kuttner was also found not guilty on phone-hacking charges, but the jury have not reached unanimous verdicts on two further charges faced by Coulson and one charge faced by the News of the World’s former royal editor Clive Goodman.

Brooks’s acquittal will provide some relief for Rupert Murdoch, who once described the woman who rose to be chief executive of his London based News International operation his “top priority” when the phone hacking crisis first broke in the summer of 2011.

The only Murdoch employee found guilty was Andy Coulson, David Cameron’s former head of communications.

This follows a familiar pattern: criminality is rampant at a corporation, but the boss didn’t have the slightest knowledge; jail time for the small fry, not even a slap on the wrist for the people who–however cleverly and deniably– ordered the deeds. How different things would be, I think, if the law held the boss responsible for whatever was done by a corporation.

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At last: a Murdoch paper tells the truth

Posted by Charles II on December 11, 2013

Tim Elliott, Sydney Morning Herald:

Eagle-eyed readers of last weekend’s newspaper may have spotted an unusual assemblage of letters in Harry the Dog’s regular word puzzle.

The puzzle, on page 79, had an “animals of Indonesia” theme, with readers asked to spot words such as “dolphin”, “civet”, and “cassowary”.

But on line three are the letters: LIVESIHCODRUM, or, written backwards…


Too bad his empire is not as mortal as he is.

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Murdochwatch 2013

Posted by Charles II on July 5, 2013

I don’t I have no idea why Watson thinks that Jay Rockefeller is somehow incorruptible. Lisa O’Carroll and Josh Halliday, The Guardian:

A prominent Labour MP has said US authorities should press corporate corruption charges against Rupert Murdoch’s global empire after he admitted in a secretly recorded meeting with staff on the Sun that payments to police were part of “the culture of Fleet Street”.

Chris Bryant, who has been compensated for phone hacking by the defunct News of the World, said the latest revelations were “another reason” for the FBI to take action under the foreign corrupt practices act, which makes it an offence for American companies to pay public officials on foreign soil.

Meanwhile, Labour colleague Tom Watson, MP for West Bromwich East, has written to a leading US politician, Senator John D Rockefeller, asking him to ensure the US authorities’ investigations into News Corporation “are not inhibited in going to the very top”.

…then the media mogul appears to admit he knew it was common practice.

A Sun journalist asks him: “I’m pretty confident that the working practices that I’ve seen here are ones that I’ve inherited, rather than instigated. Would you recognise that all this predates many of our involvement here?”

Murdoch says: “We’re talking about payments for news tips from cops. That’s been going on a hundred years, absolutely. You didn’t instigate it.”

Bryant believes this is enough for the US authorities to act: “American law is much tougher than UK law: you don’t have to prove that a director knew it. The mere fact that a company engaged in paying public officials is enough to bring a body corporate charge … the charge can be brought because the directors did not have a governance system in place to stop it.”

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American journalism to be saved from Rupert Murdoch by…Charles and David Koch?

Posted by Charles II on April 1, 2013

No, not April Fool’s. Connor Simpson, The Atlantic Wire (via FAIR):

This could get very ugly, very fast. The Koch brothers are reportedly [by the LA Weekly] considering a bid for the Tribune Company newspapers — focusing on the crown jewels of the L.A. Times and Chicago Tribune, or at least what jewels of power are left in the flailing newspaper industry — but they may face stiff competition in the form of a debt-free, full pocketed media power player named Rupert Murdoch.

If the notoriously free-spending political heavyweights and brothers in industry choose to go for the whole company — and, importantly, if their offer is taken seriously and ends up bailing out the papers — their purchase would also include 20 television stations along with the eight papers.

Simpson thinks the report is unlikely. What seems beyond doubt is that the LA Times and the Chicago Trib–and six other papers and 20 television stations–are going from being owned by reactionaries to being owned by delusionaries.

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Everyone was doing it, but the boss didn’t know about it: Murdochgate continues

Posted by Charles II on March 14, 2013

Josh Halliday, Lisa O’Carroll, Sandra Laville, and Mark Sweney, The Guardian:

The Sunday People editor, James Scott, has become the first serving newspaper editor arrested over alleged phone hacking, relating to his time at the Sunday Mirror a decade ago.

Scott was one of four former Sunday Mirror senior journalists arrested in dawn raids on Thursday on suspicion of conspiracy to intercept voicemail messages. Tina Weaver, the ex-Sunday Mirror editor who is seven months pregnant, was also arrested on Thursday morning.

The other two were Nick Buckley, the deputy Sunday People editor, and Mark Thomas, the former People editor, who also both formerly worked for the Sunday Mirror.

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Murdochgate expands again

Posted by Charles II on February 13, 2013

Lisa O’Carroll and Josh Halliday, The Guardian:

Six former News of the World journalists, two of whom now work for the Sun, have been arrested by Scotland Yard officers investigating a new line of inquiry in relation to phone hacking.

In a dramatic new twist to the phone-hacking scandal on Wednesday morning, the Metropolitan police said in a statement that it had identified a further suspected conspiracy to intercept voicemail messages by three men and three women that is alleged to have taken place between 2005 and 2006.

“Detectives on Operation Weeting have identified a further suspected conspiracy to intercept telephone voicemails by a number of employees who worked for the now defunct News of the World newspaper,” the Met said.

Unfortunately, Murdoch has managed so far to tourniquet off the British tabloid side of his empire, and continues to buy up American communications. He and James have so far escaped prosecution for what was pretty obviously a scheme ordered from on high. The only bright spot is that FOX News may have belatedly recognized that no one believes their political propaganda except the zombie right, which means that their audience is dying off.

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Murdochgate grinds forward

Posted by Charles II on January 9, 2013

Lisa O’Carroll, The Guardian:

News International has agreed to settle 130 civil damages claims for News of the World phone hacking with individuals including Cherie Blair, David Beckham’s father, and actor James Nesbitt, at a cost to the company expected to run into millions.

The publisher of the now-closed Sunday tabloid faces 167 phone-hacking damages claims filed by September from almost 180 individuals, after settling more than 50 earlier in 2012 from individuals including Lord Prescott, Jude Law and Sienna Miller.

“…expected to run into millions”

Oh the pity of it! The News of the World was a 130M pound (annually) business. Murdoch upends the lives of over a hundred people and he has to sacrifice perhaps 10% of the proceeds of one year?

Where is the deterrence in this?

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Privatized presidency

Posted by Charles II on December 21, 2012

It could have been so much fun. And now most of the media won’t even touch it.

Carl Bernstein, The Guardian:

So now we have it: what appears to be hard, irrefutable evidence of Rupert Murdoch’s ultimate and most audacious attempt – thwarted, thankfully, by circumstance – to hijack America’s democratic institutions on a scale equal to his success in kidnapping and corrupting the essential democratic institutions of Great Britain through money, influence and wholesale abuse of the privileges of a free press.

In the American instance, Murdoch’s goal seems to have been nothing less than using his media empire – notably Fox News – to stealthily recruit, bankroll and support the presidential candidacy of General David Petraeus in the 2012 election.

Fox News’ inventor and president, Roger Ailes, dispatched an emissary to Afghanistan to urge Petraeus to turn down President Obama’s expected offer to become CIA director and, instead, run for the Republican nomination for president, with promises of being bankrolled by Murdoch

Just imagine if the bio-bimbo story had emerged mid-campaign.

You can hear Kathleen MacFarland of FOX deliver the offer here:

“The big boss is bankrolling it. Roger’s going to run it. And the rest of us are going to be your in-house”

By the way, I predicted that the Republicans would run Petraeus. This shows how close I was.

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We can do this: oppose Murdoch gaining more control over US media

Posted by Charles II on December 7, 2012

The FCC thinks there isn’t any opposition to Murdoch taking over US media and turning it all into the cesspool FOX is.

Murdoch has asked the FCC to change its rules to permit him to take over the Chicago Trib and the LA Times.

The FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski is about to give Murdoch what he wants.

But he hasn’t heard from you.

Let him know what you think here.

(via Ritholtz)

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