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The Tice Tribune Strikes Again, This Time On Teaching

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 22, 2011

The War on Teachers is in full swing over at the Tice Tribune. Marshall Tanick (via Rob Levine over at The Cucking Stool) has the details:

The editorial told only half of the story, and got that part wrong. As the attorney for the prevailing principal, I feel obliged to correct those mistaken impressions…

…The court ruled against the superintendent because she consciously and deliberately bypassed the notice and hearing requirement for no apparent reason, stripping Murphy of significant job responsibilities that she carried out well for many years…

The editorial opined, as did the school district in the lawsuit, that the reassignment was a mere trifle because Murphy retained her same salary….[but] The law currently defines a “demotion,” which triggers a right for a notice and hearing, to consist of a “reduction in rank,” defined as a diminution of duties or a decrease in compensation. Both occurred in this particular case.

The principal’s duties were changed from overseeing a facility and its staff to more menial duties, including lunchroom supervision. The offense in this case was not merely a matter of modifying a “title,” as the editorial suggested, but a major reduction of the educator’s role that could affect her if seeking a job elsewhere as well as promotional opportunities internally.


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Verrrry Interestingkk

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 30, 2008

As Arte Johnson would say.

Back on May 19, the StarTribune’s Minnesota Poll (now run by someone other than the excellent Rob Daves, the past president of the American Association for Public Opinion Research, the nation’s premier polling authority) was on the front page of the Strib, and it showed a 51% to 44% lead for Norm Coleman over Al Franken, who was being batted around by reporters taking Republican Party of Minnesota dictation on an alleged tax scandal that wasn’t.

Well, yesterday, the Strib referenced the latest Rasmussen poll for the Coleman-Franken race, deep inside Section B in the print edition. This poll shows Coleman up 47% to 45%, which is a big gain for Franken as last month’s Rasmussen poll had him down to Coleman 50% to 43%. Seems that for Rasmussen — which is the poll of choice among Republican campaigns — the attempts by the RPM to fling mud at Franken may have splashed back onto Coleman. Oops.

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What Mark Brunswick Won’t Tell You

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 11, 2007

What Mark Brunswick, StarTribune reporter and smear conduit for the Minnesota state GOP, won’t tell you (thanks, Wege) about his latest Mark Ritchie story is that he himself did the same stuff for which his articles have been dinging Ritchie:

The Strib’s Mark Brunswick scrapes up just enough new comments to justify yet another story on Mark Ritchie’s mailing list. And, repeating a link from yesterday, Phoenix Woman explains how Brunswick’s been doing exactly the same thing as Ritchie while trying to get more dirt.

The horrible crime? Using a public record for private purpose — which is (drum roll please) legal.

By the way, if you wonder who gave Brunswick the idea to go after Ritchie this way (and to go sending out unsolicited mail to the Sesquecentennial Commission), wonder no more. From Brunswick’s latest Strib piece:

McClung, [Minnesota Repulican Governor Tim] Pawlenty’s spokesman, said he believes Carey’s e-mail may have been harvested from a mailing list sent to representatives of offices and agencies planning for the Minnesota Sesquicentennial Commission.

But a Star Tribune inquiry to others on the commission’s mailing list found no one else reporting being solicited from the Ritchie campaign.

So Brunswick’s attempt to follow up a GOP tip not only pissed off the Sesquecentennial Commissioneers, but was a dry socket.

Bear in mind that the real crime of Mark Ritchie’s is beating Crazy Mary Kiffmeyer in the November 2006 elections.

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In Case It Wasn’t Clear Before That Right-Wingers Now Control The Strib’s News Room

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 26, 2007

A Bluestem Prairie , Rob Levine and Norwegianity all point out the bizarre pro-Republican contortions of a front-page piece, ostensibly on the 35W bridge collapse and its aftermath, by the Star Tribune‘s Kevin Diaz .

Remember, gang: “He said, she said” (aka “balanced”) reporting is automatically skewed in the GOP’s favor, as they have so much more to hide.

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Senator Blow-Dry Does It Again

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 27, 2007

Norm “Pay No Attention To The Blonde Behind The Curtain” Coleman joins Rudy Giuliani in the “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” annals of Republican hypocrisy (from TPM via The Sideshow):

D’oh!: Leave it to Sen. Norm Coleman to step on his own dingbat story. Turns out Coleman also got a cut-rate price on his anti-Moveon newspaper ad.

The StarTribune was at least decent enough to refund Al Franken — who paid the national rate rather than the local rate Coleman got — the difference between what he paid and what Coleman paid.

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The Two Faces Of Bachmann

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 23, 2007

Michele Bachmann, as done by Alicia Morgan in the style of Margaret Keane

Yup, you can tell that archconservative Doug Tice has consolidated his control over the StarTribune’s political newsroom when it puts out front-page puff pieces on Poor Widdle Put-Upon Chelly Welly Bachmann.

Fortunately, Eric Black over at Minnesota Monitor has a nice corrective:

Read the rest of this entry »

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Time For Another Blogger Ethics Panel (Twin Cities Media Edition)

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 11, 2007

On the front page of today’s paper edition of the StarTribune, right above the fold, there is a rather odd piece by Patricia Lopez and Conrad Defiebre.  The piece attacks the DFL for attempting to undo Tim Pawlenty and the Republican Party’s tax cuts for the well-to-do. 

Among other things, the piece implies that low taxes automatically equal “fiscal restraint” — ignoring the fact that it was Tim Pawlenty’s tax cuts for the rich that ran up a huge debt and gave Pawlenty the go-ahead to slash services that benefitted every Minnesotan rather than undo his free-money giveaways to his wealthy patrons. (See here and  here for details on how Pawlenty and his GOP buddies cooked the books — and how the state’s major media let him get away with it.)

Today’s Strib piece reads as if it could have come straight from a talking-points spin sheet from David Strom and his Minnesota (Rich) Taxpayers League.  This shouldn’t surprise anyone, since Strom considers Lopez and her longtime Strib collaborator Dane Smith to be “friends of mine”, as Steve Perry mentioned in City Pages back in 2005.

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In Which The Wege Cuts Loose Upon Dane Smith And The StarTribune

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 25, 2007

Norwegianity’s boss Mark Gisleson is the Samuel L. Jackson of bloggers, and he shows it yet again today in yet another righteous posting, this time about the Strib’s reprinting as news the local GOP’s attack talking points on Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie’s efforts to get more people in the voting booth while cutting back on red tape and bureaucracy:

The Star Tribune apparently sees no difference between a Republican activist Secretary of State trying to prevent people from voting, and a Democratic activist elected Secretary of State trying to increase voter turnout.


I don’t know if I had an opinion of Dane Smith before, but it’s hard not to think nasty thoughts about a “reporter” who quotes a Republican activist who ran an anonymous attack blog on the topic of appropriate behavior.


Michael “Angry Franken” Brodkorb is a former state of Minnesota Republican party officer, who, while still working for the Republicans, started Minnesota Democrats Exposed, a shallow, vituperative attack blog focused exclusively on the left and all our works and all our ways. His disclosures have all been tardy, his admissions after the fact, corrections run rarely if at all, and his rhetoric is juvenilely inflated for the benefit of his not terribly savvy audience.


For Swiftee-enabled visitors, Norwegianity differs from MDE in that I’ve never hidden my identity, I rip on Democrats as well as Republicans, and I never try to pass off “tips” as any kind of journalism. Not that I get any tips — the DFL and I aren’t on speaking terms.


For the Star Tribune to mention Michael “Angry Franken” Brodkorb’s name WITHOUT the necessary context is tantamount to D.J. Tice saying the Strib is now an official house organ of the Republican party. Or maybe Dane Smith is partisan/clueless all on his own, and D.J. had the weekend off and had nothing to do with this.


Either way, it’s a black eye for the Strib, but thank goodness the only person blogging about this so far is me, a pottymouth Kate Parry feels free to ignore because using bad language makes you a bad person.

Mark Ritchie and his plans for voting reform have been mentioned before in MR.  He’s a vast improvement over his predecessor, the nuttily partisan Mary Kiffmeyer

Gisleson makes an important point that the local wing of the Republican Noise Machine, which has spent most of my adulthood pretending that the StarTribune is some sort of hyper-liberal outfit simply because its editorial staff wasn’t hand-picked by Bull Connor, would like to obscure:  The Strib’s newsroom is run by D.J. “Doug” Tice, who is never going to be confused with Leon Trotsky anytime soon.  (Wesbrook Pegler’s more his speed.)

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