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Giving Themselves A Wedgie

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 11, 2009

Several events, seemingly unrelated, occurred recently:

— Dick Cheney, asked to choose between Rush Limbaugh and Colin Powell, took the vastly overpaid, Clear-Channel-killing “fatass drug addict” over his own former Joint Chiefs head, saying that Powell was “no longer a Republican”. I presume that means they figure that Powell is not going to come grovelling on his knees to prostrate himself before Rush Hudson Limbaugh III, as that seems to be a defining mark of a Republican these days.

Colin Powell’s high-profile endorsement of Obama in October of 2008 — an endorsement that came despite Powell’s having earlier maxed out on contributions to McCain — was probably a sign as well. I know that his backing of Obama made a lot of Republican fence-sitters I know a lot more willing to accept Obama as president, as Powell is someone that they tend to respect.

— Southern Republicans are reacting to Obama’s lifting stem-cell restrictions by planning state-level bans in the states they still control. As Salon’s Peter Dizikes points out, this is not only dumb scientifically, it’s also dumb politically: “State-level politicians from conservative districts may be staging a rear-guard action that displeases the larger public — and many Republicans nationally. A Gallup Poll from February, just before Obama’s stem cell decision, showed 39 percent of Republicans agreeing that embryonic stem cell research restrictions should be eased or eliminated. Wedge issues are supposed to split the other party, not your own.”

Nate Silver on Mike Huckabee’s statements on the GOP’s constitutency:

If you accept Huckabee’s assertion — that social conservatives are always economic conservatives, but economic conservatives are not always social conservatives — it follows that social conservatives are necessarily a subset of economic conservatives…

The GOP’s real problem, of course, is that there is far from perfect overlap between social conservatives and economic conservatives…

The irony of all of this is that Huckabee’s greatest appeal is probably to economically moderate (or even liberal), but socially conservative voters, precisely the sorts of voters that he says don’t exist. But these voters do exist, and the GOP’s medium-term choice is probably in picking between them (which, FWIW, probably requires their making significant into the Hispanic and perhaps even African-American communities) and their alter egos, which are fiscally conservative but socially moderate, libertarianish voters. Right now, however, the GOP’s messaging is so haphazard that they are probably losing majorities of both groups.

Five years after legalizing marriage equality (aka “gay marriage”), Massachusetts residents have noticed that the sky stubbornly refuses to fall. As Nate Silver noted last month — as Iowa was about to join Massachusetts and Connecticut et al in legalizing marriage equality, and Maine would soon follow — the tide is rapidly shifting in favor of marriage equality, thus depriving the Republicans of a favorite wedge issue even as the appeal to racism (another favorite GOP trick) is losing its potency.

Does this all say anything to you? It does to me.

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Monday Morning News Roundup

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 9, 2009


CNBC blowhards rendered delightfully speechless after Jon Stewart’s epic and unassailable takedown of them.

Frank Schaeffer, whose father helped create the modern-day “religious right”, has a message for the Rush-worshipping Republicans and the GOP in general: “When your new leader Rush Limbaugh calls for President Obama to fail he’s calling for more flag-draped coffins. Limbaugh is the new ‘Hanoi Jane.'”

Landlord Nation? In a trend that shows signs of spreading to other cities, out-of-town investors are buying up Detroit’s foreclosed houses and turning them into rentals or rent-to-own properties.

— President Obama is moving to undo Bush’s limits on stem-cell research, limits that essentially ended whole swaths of medical research in the US. Republican House Whip Eric Cantor sputters some nonsense about it being a distraction from solving America’s economic issues, when in fact taking the chokehold off of stem-cell research will help stimulate the economy by boosting medical-related R&D.

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More Now Than Ever: You Cannot Be Sane And Republican

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 1, 2007


The flight of the sane people from the Republican Party continues:

GOP state senator appears ready to switch parties

By Virginia Young



JEFFERSON CITY — Chris Koster, a Republican state senator and champion of stem cell research, is expected to announce today that he is switching to the Democratic Party.

Koster, a candidate for attorney general next year, will hold news conferences in Columbia, Harrisonville and St. Louis. In a news release, he promised “a speech that may transform the political landscape of Missouri.”

Koster, of Harrisonville near Kansas City, resigned late Tuesday as chairman of the Senate Republican Caucus. His resignation letter, hand-delivered by Koster’s secretary to the office of Senate President Pro Tem Mike Gibbons, gave no explanation.


Koster was calling major donors Tuesday to alert them to his plans. By late afternoon, word had spread to Democratic operatives. Mike Kelley, a Democratic consultant, said he had “heard it too many places for it not to be true.”

Koster could have had trouble winning a Republican statewide primary because of his strong stance favoring embryonic stem cell research.

His biggest campaign donation was $125,000 from Jim Stowers, co-founder of the Stowers Institute for Medical Research in Kansas City. Stowers and his wife were major supporters last fall of Amendment 2, which protects all forms of embryonic stem research in the state allowed under federal law.

And now it’s official: Missouri’s highest-ranking Republican state Senator is now a Democrat.

Thanks for driving all the sane people out of your party, wingnuts!

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I Predict Somebody Will Be Leaving the Administration Soon

Posted by MEC on March 19, 2007

No, not Abu Gonzales. (Now, really, would Bush fire somebody who knows where all the bodies are buried?)

NIH chief Elias A. Zerhouni has told a Senate panel that the ban on stem-cell research should be lifted.

Recall that “Bush issued the first and so far only veto of his presidency last year when he killed legislation that would have expanded federal funding of stem-cell research. In January, the House passed a revived proposal.”

Dr. Zerhouni has committed two fatal offenses against Bush’s sovereignty: he’s said, in effect, that Bush is wrong about something, and he’s indicated that he actually wants to do the job right instead of working to ruin the agency he’s in charge of.

He’s toast.

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