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Carrying On What Steve Started

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 2, 2007

Steve Gilliard and his News Blog may be gone, but the Group News Blog fights on!

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Steve Gilliard lives

Posted by Charles II on June 16, 2007


Above: Unofficial insignia used by 1st Cav. in Iraq. Steve could probably tell you why this was not a very wise choice of symbols

Thanks to Sam Seder, you can [if you follow the magic decoder instructions below] listen to the late Steve Gilliard at the following two links. Sam posted them on 6/11 and warns that he can’t keep them up long, so– click, already!: 

Part 1

Part 2

Magic decoder instructions: Look for the gray and white player icon right below the title. Click on the triangular Play icon until it changes into a Pause icon. A few tries are necessary. Listen.

Oh, and say, “F— the Yankees.”  Otherwise it won’t work.   

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The Gilliard News

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 4, 2007

From 1996 to 1998 or thereabouts, before there was Eschaton, before there was Daily Kos, before there were any blogs, right or left, there was The Gilliard News.

When the internet web message boards (such as and and proto-weblogs (such as Drudge’s shop) were almost all conservative, The Gilliard News stood out because it was one of the few non-conservative websites out there.

For years, Gilly stood out there, all alone aside from and Joe Conason over at the New York Observer, speaking his mind and letting it all hang out — on why The New York Times did and does such a horrible job covering the city for which it was named (the Daily News and even the Post pay more attention to the city and its neighborhoods), on Democratic politics, on liberalism in general and effective political action, and of course on Why The Yankees Suck. It had maps of the city, tips on New Yorker etiquette, and was a fun and useful read.

I was steered to the site by a New York friend of mine; I struck up an online conversation with Gilly, in which he told me about a new web magazine called I checked it out, hopped into its “Table Talk” message boards (where lots of the A-list bloggers hung out in the days before blogging got off the ground), and haven’t looked back since.

Almost all traces of The Gilliard News have vanished now (clicking on the old website link brings up nothing, and not even The Wayback Machine has it archived), but in its heyday in the mid-’90s, before Gilly apparently gave it up to work for Netslaves, it was the place for non-New-Yorkers to go and learn from a New Yorker about the city that never sleeps, particularly from the perspective of a black resident of the city. Like the magazine The New Yorker, Gilly’s focus at The Gilliard News was New York City and he gloried in it.

I wish there was some more left of it than my poor memory thereof. Maybe it still exists on some of Steve’s old backup disks. But I just wanted to let the record show that before there was Yearly Kos, the various Kos Schismites, Atrios, TBogg, Digby, or any other blogger, A-List or otherwise, there was Steve Gilliard — and that as Kos points out, Gilly helped turn Daily Kos from just one guy shouting into a void into the blogosphere giant it is today.

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See What Happens When I Go Away For A Weekend?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 3, 2007

Sorry for the flippant headline, but I think that Steve would like it if he could see it.   At least, I like to think he would.

Man, oh, man.  Another great one is gone too soon, too soon.

Steve Gilliard is the reason you’re reading this blog.  Shortly after I got online in the mid-’90s, right in the middle of the GOP’s Hunting of President Clinton, a friend of mine forwarded me a link to something Steve had written for his Gilliard News.  I liked it, and wrote to Steve to tell him so.  He e-mailed me back to tell me about this great new online magazine called Salon that he thought I should check out.  I did, and promptly fell in love – this was the Salon of Murray Waas and Mollie Dickenson, back when they were doing the best political reporting in America.  I checked the site several times a day, and got hooked on their “Table Talk” message boards, the place where some of the bloggers we all now know and love used to hang out:  Atrios (he called himself “Kurt Foster” then), TBogg, and a host of others.  

I, and I suspect a lot of other folk, owe a lot to Steve.  He was a pioneer with a genius for encapsulating the most complex concepts in simple, powerful answers.   As Stormcrow noted in the comments to MEC’s post on this yesterday, he was also one of the few online lefties who was able to talk knowledgably about military issues.   This came in handy when discussing Iraq.

Steve had enough military knowledge to be able to predict, before it happened, just what a bad move (militarily as well as morally) invading and occupying Iraq would be — and to be able to convince righties (who like to mock lefties for being ignorant about such matters) that he knew whereof he spoke.   He was able to direct us towards military histories that went far beyond (and in many cases, directly contradicted) what we learned in high school, and we became better citizens thereby.

Furthermore, Steve had the sort of faculty for incisive, direct speech and action I tend to associate with Marines.   To wit:  He’s the one who gave us the vivid imagery of Moqtada al-Sadr sipping coffee at the Balad Starbucks after Balad’s eventual and inevitable forced repatriation to the Iraqis.  There are many ways to depict the monumental hubristic stupidity of Bush and the PNAC Platoon in thinking they could easily impose their will without penalty on Iraq, but for sheer slap-in-the-face, wake-up-stupidhead power, few can touch that image of Steve’s.

Ave atque vale, Steve!   I’m glad you’re not suffering any more, though I wish you could have stayed a while longer. 

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We Regret To Inform You

Posted by MEC on June 2, 2007

Steve Gilliard, 1966-2007



(Added by Charles)


If only we all could touch as many lives in as brief a time.

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Guess What? Undocumented Workers Help Our Economy

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 6, 2007

From Latina Lista via Pachacutec subbing for Jen and Steve over at News Blog:

The Public Policy Institute of California recently released a report, in their California Counts series, titled How Immigrants Affect California Employment and Wages and they uncovered some of the same facts that Texas did.

The report looked at the effects of the arrival of immigrants between 1960 and 2004. Specifically, the author looked at the impact on employment, population and wages of U.S. California natives.

Among the study’s principal findings:

1) There is no evidence that the influx of immigrants over the past four decades has worsened the employment opportunities of natives with similar education and experience.

2) There is no association between the influx of immigrants and the out-migration of natives within the same education and age group.

3) Immigration induced a 4 percent real wage increase for the average native worker between 1990 and 2004.

4) Recent immigrants did lower the wages of previous immigrants.

The author of the report states in his conclusions that native and foreign-born workers perform complementary rather than competing tasks in production. He goes on to say that the increase in the number of immigrants increases the demand for tasks performed by native workers and raises their wages.

Was that Lou Dobbs having a choking fit I just heard?

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Get Well, Steve Gilliard

Posted by MEC on February 24, 2007

Steve Gilliard is one of the best. And he’s going through a bad time right now.

Gilly is in the hospital for observation and treatment of an unspecified infection which is causing a cough, fever, and other symptoms. He is undergoing treatment and may be out by Wednesday…. He was supposed to go in for routine tests; maybe get a scrip and go home. But now, we’re coordinating getting him shit in the ICU and other stuff.

Whatever you believe or don’t, send prayers and/or good wishes his way.

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