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Jane Hamsher Called It

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 28, 2009

Tuesday, Jane said this:

GOP to Soak Wingnuts over Sotomayor

Meaning that the Republicans were going to squawk and raise a ruckus for fundraising purposes, but not actually do anything to keep Sotomayor from becoming the next Supreme Court justice.

Yesterday, we saw this:

Republicans see little chance of blocking Sonia Sotomayor’s Supreme Court nomination, a key GOP senator conceded Wednesday. But senators and advocacy groups are still girding for this summer’s battle — partly with an eye toward raising money and perhaps preparing for Barack Obama’s next nominee.

Is that a cash register I hear?

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Why Thomas Friedman isn’t worried

Posted by Charles II on April 16, 2009

(Thomas Friedman’s wife’s fortune is from General Growth Properties, the largest mall owner in the nation)

Henny Sender, FT:

Credit default swaps, the derivatives instruments that have figured prominently in the global financial crisis, are now being blamed for playing a role in two bankruptcy filings this week.

Bankers and lawyers involved in restructuring efforts say they are concerned some lenders to troubled companies, such as newsprint producer AbitibiBowater and mall owner General Growth Properties, stand to benefit from a default because they also hold default swaps, which entitle them to payments in such events.

And here we thought they got into so much financial trouble because they were stupid.

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“How Will Media Play Kerik’s Indictment?”

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 9, 2007

Greg Sargent asks:

Will Rudy Giuliani’s name be in the headline and lede of tomorrow’s stories, given that this is only important really because Rudy is running for President?

Will the stories prominently point out that this is a blow to Rudy’s campaign? How many pundits will say this?

Will Kerik’s indictment gain anywhere near the amount of political commentary that was lavished on, say, fugitive Norman Hsu, who inspired days and days of chatter from pundits despite his being one of many thousands of donors to the Hillary campaign?

Will any of the stories delicately suggest that this raises questions about Rudy’s judgment and vetting skills in picking key cabinet members? Will any pundits say this?

Answer to all of the above: No.

This has been another episode of Simple Answers to Simple Questions.

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File This One Under “No Duh!”

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 22, 2007


Looks like the states are finally getting tired of playing Charlie Brown to the business community’s football-holding Lucy Van Pelt:

Generous tax breaks given to companies that threaten to take their business elsewhere are coming under increasing scrutiny from state and local officials who say taxpayers aren’t getting their money’s worth.

Critics say the tax breaks and other financial incentives have gotten out of hand, costing taxpayers billions of dollars and doing little for the economy.

“There’s an entitlement mentality about tax breaks today,” Kansas City, Mo., Mayor Mark Funkhouser says. “Every developer thinks it’s his right not to pay property taxes.” Funkhouser was elected mayor in May after campaigning against tax breaks to developers, including one for a luxury condo development in an affluent part of his city.

The incentive scam has been a very lucrative racket for many American businesses. Promise a state or city the moon, haul in the cash, break your promise. Lather, rinse, repeat.

A local case in point: Northwest Airlines’ hosing down of the State of Minnesota for $838 million back in 1992, with the promise of an Airbus maintenance facility that would provide oodles and oodles of jobs forever and ever. Except that it a) it didn’t provide anywhere near as many jobs as promised, and b) Northwest abandoned the facility a little over a decade later.

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Another Sucker Bet

Posted by MEC on July 12, 2007

In Daily Kos, Adam B tells us about a New York Times report that John McCain violated Senate ethics rules and federal law by making a campaign phone call from Senate facilities.

About 3 p.m. Tuesday, Senator John McCain ducked off the Senate floor, entered the Republican cloakroom and took out his mobile phone. Just hours after accepting the resignation of his two top campaign aides, he was making a conference call to his top fund-raisers to urge them to keep up the fight.

The call, however, may only have exacerbated an already tough week for Mr. McCain. Senate ethics rules expressly forbid lawmakers to engage in campaign activities inside Senate facilities. If Mr. McCain solicited campaign contributions on a call from government property, that would be a violation of federal criminal law as well….

I bet $100 this story will become a rehash of the accusations that Al Gore made illegal fundraising calls out of the Vice President’s office. Any takers?

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