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How Convenient For Him That He’s Not Running Again For Governor

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 13, 2010

Otherwise, this little boo-boo of Smilin’ Tim’s probably would have been on the front page instead of buried in the Metro section of the Strib’s print version:

When Minnesota motorists paid out $30 apiece for “Support Our Troops” license plates, it’s a good bet they had no idea they were supporting Lee Buckley, a political appointee of Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

Last year $30,000 from the license-plate fund was used to pay a portion of Buckley’s salary. Buckley worked in Pawlenty’s office as a $92,000 a year special adviser on faith and community services.

During budget hearings on Pawlenty’s office budget this week, Sens. Steve Murphy, Don Betzold and other legislators were furious over what they saw as a siphoning off of the money and a deception to those who bought the plates thinking they were directly helping veterans organizations. By state law, money from the plates is split between the Department of Military Affairs for family members of deployed service members and the Department of Veterans Affairs for grants for homeless and needy veterans.

“For money that was supposed to go to fund things for veterans going to fund people in the governor’s office, it’s outrageous,” said Murphy, DFL-Red Wing, a Marine veteran. “The governor runs around telling everyone he’s cutting all these budgets, and then he back-door fills in his own department. I’m just disgusted with this.”

If Rudy Perpich or Jesse Ventura had tried this, Republicans would be on all the local TV and radio stations calling for impeachment. But I suspect that most Minnesotans will never know about this little Friday news dump. It will disappear without a ripple, and Governor Gutshot will have once again artfully dodged his day of political reckoning as he tries to fail upwards into a spot on the 2012 Republican presidential ticket.

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Until We Get Really Good Batteries…

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 17, 2008

this may well become one of the main ways that our military and commercial jets will be powered:

Tyson Foods and Syntroleum Corp. have approved plans to build and fund Dynamic Fuels’ first renewable synthetic fuels facility in Geismar, La., clearing the way for construction to begin.

Dynamic Fuels is a 50-50 joint venture between Tyson and Syntroleum to convert low grade, inedible fats and greases into renewable transportation fuels for the military and civilian markets.

I’ve noticed two distinct mindsets among military types. The one that gets the most press is of course the Rumsfeld-Cheney “invade our way to energy security and devil take whoever stands in our way” mindset.

The other one is the one that led a number of top brass to buy Priuses instead of limos or SUVs as soon as the Priuses were available (and has led to other military personnel making solar-based Prius conversions), and the one behind the Tyson Foods synthetic fuels plant, and the one behind this waste-to-energy refinery supplying an Army base in Baghdad (the more garbage they can turn into fuel, the less truckloads of diesel coming and garbage going out, and the fewer targets for insurgents). It’s the one that’s led the Navy to put solar-power systems in Naval housing in Hawaii. It’s the one that led the Air Force to install the country’s biggest solar-power system at Nellis AFB, along with wind power, geothermal and even biomass facilities.

In the meantime, the Navy’s investing in battery reserarch. They understand Peak Oil, even if Bush doesn’t.

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Mutiny: It’s not just for American troops

Posted by Charles II on May 11, 2008

Jonathan Owen and Brian Brady, London Independent:

A highly sensitive internal report into the state of the British Army has revealed that many soldiers are living in poverty. Some are so poor that they are unable to eat and are forced to rely on emergency food voucher schemes set up by the Ministry of Defence (MoD). …

Pressure from an undermanned army is “having a serious impact on retention in infantry battalions”, with nearly half of all soldiers unable to take all their annual leave as they try to cover the gaps.

The Tories will doubtless use this as an issue against Labour, just as our “conservatives” used their systematic underfunding of enlisted salaries/benefits against Clinton– and then did nothing except make the misery of the troops worse. Sure the right supports the troops… right after cutting taxes and maintaining the culture wars and paying off big business and pretending to be pious while sleeping with anything that moves, and….

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The Bush Administration Supports the Troops Again

Posted by MEC on March 18, 2008

Since the 2004 election, the Department of Veterans Affairs has been actively opposing efforts to enable U.S. soldiers to register to vote at VA facilities.

The VA has asserted that since their facilities are solely medical facilities, it would be inappropriate to permit nonmedical activities, including voter registration.

As usual, the Bush Administration is lying.

Across the country, VA facilities have been rented to social agencies working with the homeless, house libraries, parks, playgrounds and even a minor league baseball stadium, he said. Moreover, Rafferty said the “Rolling Thunder” veterans group in New Jersey, which has lead many protests in Washington, regularly meets at VA facilities.

And the VA doesn’t oppose voter registration in its facilities if it’s done by Republicans:

…before the 2004 presidential election, California’s Republican Party paid workers $15 for each new voter registered, and actually registered “dozens of people” at the Menlo Park homeless center.

So the objection, it seems, is to voter registrations that don’t result in more Republican voters. One would suspect they fear that our brave men and women in uniform have become disenchanted with being cannon fodder in an illegal war Bush’s policies and the Republicans who support those policies.

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So Much For This Smear

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 23, 2008

The right-wing nutjobs attacking Obama for addressing the concerns of an American veteran of Afghanistan are insanely desperate to hunt down the veteran so they can destroy him just like they did Scott Beauchamp, Jamil Hussein, and anyone else who is living in harm’s way and says something that endangers their delusions.

Well, ABC and NBC found the man (h/t Magorn), but guess what? You don’t get to destroy him, troop-hating hypocrites:

The captain, who spoke on background because he’s still active duty, said that his unit temporarily had to replace their .50-caliber turret-mounted machine gun with a weapon seized from the Taliban because they couldn’t get a needed part fast enough.

He did not say that any of the shortages contributed to any combat casualties in his unit. But he said any shortage, whether in training or combat operations, was inexcusable for the U.S. military.

Obama said the captain had served as the head of a rifle platoon, which should have had 39 members — but 15 had been sent to Iraq so the unit deployed to Afghanistan had only 24 soldiers.

Obama’s campaign said an ABC News interview with the captain confirmed the story. ABC said the officer was a lieutenant when he led a platoon to Afghanistan in 2003. Fifteen soldiers were reassigned to other units in ones and twos and not replaced before the unit deployed, ABC cited the captain as saying. He knew 10 had gone to Iraq, and suspected the other five had too, ABC said.

Of course, the real wackos will still try to stalk him and punish him for telling the truth. That says a lot about their amoral disregard for our troops.

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Republicans Rally Around Guy Fired By ESPN For Being Racist Jerk

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 3, 2007

Yupper, this is the fourth anniversary of Mister “Why Don’t You Take The Bone Out Of Your Nose” Limbaugh’s being booted from ESPN for being a racist jerk.

Yet he’s still on Armed Forces Radio. And Republicans — especially Southern white Congressional ones like Jack Kingston — still are rallying around him, without excuse or apology, after he dissed troops.

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The American Lesion

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 16, 2007

(Like your freedoms?  Thank this guy, General Butler.)

Well, well, well.  I see that the goosesteppers running the American Legion are all hot and bothered about John Edwards telling the truth about Iraq.

Those boys are just begging to have their dirty anti-American laundry laid out for all to see, aren’t they?  Rick Perlstein, with assists from Digby and Jonathan of A Tiny Revolution, dumps out the first basket right here.

And I’m going to display the contents of the second basket, by reminding everyone that the American Legion was part of the 1934 plot to overthrow Roosevelt and set up a fascist, Hitler-friendly régime in his place, with Marine General Smedley Butler as the figurehead leader.  Too bad for them that Butler was a real American who detested fascism — he played along just long enough to figure out who and what was involved, then spilled the beans to Congress.

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This Is What A Real Man Looks Like

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 5, 2007



And this is how a real man moves to defend his country and its armed forces.

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House GOP Knew About Walter Reed Scandal For Years — And Did Nothing

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 9, 2007

Why? Because they didn’t wanna hurt poor Bushie-Wushie’s feewlings.


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What’s Behind The Walter Reed Scandal?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 3, 2007

In a word:  Privatization.

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