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The Texas miracle

Posted by Charles II on August 16, 2011

Paul Krugman did more to clarify what a lying, incompetent hypocrite Rick Perry is than all the rest of the media combined (see also Felix Salmon).

Rick Perry has been claiming that he has created half the jobs that were created in America since Obama took office. Set aside that many of these were created by stimulus money, that some were created at the expense of the American people through price gouging on oil, and that many were minimum wage jobs. [added: and all of them were government jobs!]

Let’s just look at Perry’s claim in full context. This graph shows the number of people working vs. the total population aka the employment to population (EP) ratio. Texas has more children than average, so they run a lower EP ratio than the nation. But look: there is simply no difference between what happened in Texas and what happened in the nation.

Rick Perry's Texas miracle

These statistics can be generated by anyone from data at the St. Louis Fed.

So, there’s no miracle? Well, actually there is. The miracle is that this lying, incompetent hypocrite is taken seriously by the media and the Teabaggers.
Added. And now Perry has added “dangerous,” a word that I use very sparingly, to how he should be described. John McCormick, Bloomberg:

“If this guy [Ben Bernanke] prints more money between now and the election, I don’t know what you would do with him,” Perry said at a backyard appearance in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. “We would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas. Printing more money to play politics at this particular time in American history is almost treacherous — or treasonous in my opinion.”

Just a friendly Texas necktie party for people you disagree with, eh, Governor Goodhair?

A shame. I was hoping he could be nominated and beaten in the election.
Added, 8/18 [corrected and added a link]: Robert Scheer has unearthed the truth on Rick Perry. Jim Hightower has the lowdown on the lowbrow.

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GOP Loves BP

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 18, 2010

If it had just been John Boehner cuddling up to BP, that’d be one thing.

But as Joe Conason points out, out Republican politicians, prominent ones like Haley Barbour, Joe Barton, and (of course) Minnesota’s own talking point of blight, Michele Bachmann, who are revealing the GOP’s love for Big Oil even as it kills the Gulf Coast ecosystem and economy.

And guess what? These are people who’ve been sucking up to the teabaggers, aka the GOP base.

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Sunday Morning News Roundup

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 19, 2009


Susan Boyle, the never-been-kissed lass, has a very torchy rendition of “Cry Me a River” under her belt, done back in 1999. (An audio-only snippet is here; for the full song on YouTube, click here.)

— Looks like the US and Venezuela will be exchanging ambassadors once again. This is good news.

— In a nice measure of bipartisan unity, the Texas House voted to strip almost all funding from would-be secessionist governor Rick Perry’s office and give to veterans and other deserving folk. It’s doubtful this measure will make it past the Senate, but it’s still a nice rebuke of Governor Goodhair.

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Want To Know What Republicans Are Doing?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 18, 2008

Look and see what they’re accusing Democrats of doing.

To wit: We find that Will Perry, the son of fabulously rich Swift Boat sugar daddy Bob Perry, is filing for bankruptcy to get out from under a divorce settlement. Hey, maybe if Daddy Bob hadn’t dropped nearly $20 million in the last four years into his pet conservative causes, his poor little darling son wouldn’t be forced out into the street.

What? You say that Will really isn’t that poor, but is just trying to hide his assets from his ex? How cynical of you!

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Debunking The Obama-NAFTA Smear

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 5, 2008

Remember how it was alleged by the CTV that a “senior member” of Obama’s campaign had phoned Canadian Ambassador Michael Wilson to advise him to “not be worried about what Obama says about NAFTA”? The implication being, of course, that Obama was being less than truthful in his public anti-NAFTA stance. Both the Obama campaign and the Canadian embassy have strenuously denied this ever happened. Yet both McCain and Hillary Clinton used that smear to keep Obama from winning in both Texas and Ohio primaries.

Well, guess what? The CBC’s looked into the whole deal and has come down on the side of Obama and the Canadian embassy, and said that sources stated that the Conservative government of Stephen Harper had leaked the smear in order to hurt Obama (h/t mattw). Furthermore, according the CBC, Canadian government officials privately question the wisdom of trying to influence the US presidential elections.

03/06/08 UPDATE: Check this out

Seems the NAFTAgate leak started with — surprise, surprise — the Chief of Staff to Canada’s conservative PM Stephen Harper. Only the first hint wasn’t about stuff the Canadians had heard from the Obama camp. It was about reassurances the Canadians got from the Clinton campaign. According to a reporter who heard the original conversation, Brodie said “someone from (Hillary) Clinton’s campaign is telling the embassy to take it with a grain of salt. . . That someone called us and told us not to worry.”

Only somehow this evolved into a story about the Obama campaign giving such reassurances.

The Globe and Mail has the latest details.

So was Hillary bashing Obama for what her own campaign had done? Did they both do it? Was it all a set up? I think the overarching story here is that friendly governments should not interfere in our elections.

–Josh Marshall

The other overarching story is to not trust anything Stephen Harper or his people say or do.   It sounds like a big ol’ effort to start “let’s you and him fight”.

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MR News Roundup: Things You Probably Won’t See On The TV Evening News

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 9, 2007


…because they’re too busy telling us all about The Scary Brown People:

— From Orcinius via The Wege, a story that, had it featured Muslim and/or brown-skinned perps, would have been all over the US media for the past week:

Three Burleson [Texas] men who belong to a “radical Christian activist group” were in the Johnson County Jail on Friday night after a church deacon caught two of them attempting to ignite an explosive device on Independence Day at a church under construction in north Burleson, authorities said Friday.

Dayton Lee Calaway, 19, and Michael Philip Plaisted Jr., 18, were arrested Wednesday night near the Victory Family Church after they got bogged down in mud as a fleet-footed deacon chased them from the church in the 400 block of Northwest John Jones Drive, police said.

Two other people drove away, the deacon told officers.


The suspects said the group has three levels of involvement: Bible study, consensual fighting and destructive acts. Because one of their beliefs is free thought, however, participation in all three levels is not mandatory, they told police.

The three admitted to being in a core group of seven that created the explosive weapon as a test to draw attention to the demise of society and to see whether the device would work, Havens said.

“They believe that the past generations have accumulated trash and are responsible for making younger generations clean up their mess,” he said. “They’re trying to make a statement and get society’s attention regarding that.”

That’s why two of the men said they were involved in an earlier fire in a recycling bin at CentrePoint Church on Alsbury Road, Singleton said. That fire burned the materials in the bin but did not damage the church, he said.

— Norm Coleman [R-MN] is an invincible juggernaut and presidential timber. Except, of course, when he’s not. Wow. Not only has Al Franken outraised Ol’ Ignore The Blonde Behind The Curtain, he’s massively outraised his chief DFL primary rival Mike Ciresi. Here’s some fun facts about Franken’s fundraising:

Over 20 percent of the money comes from inside Minnesota.

36,000 people contributed this year, with 20 percent of the first quarter donors returning again last quarter.

The average contribution was $65 and 95 percent of them were less that $100, countering the perception that Franken is backed by rich Hollywood liberal types.

Dick Durbin’s Prarie PAC contributed $5,000, indicating some establishment Democratic Party support.

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Bark, Blue Dog, Bark! Woof Woof!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 19, 2007

Today, the Senate Armed Services Committee is holding a hearing on Preston M. “Pete” Geren III, former Democratic congressmember from Texas, to become the next Secretary of the Army.

Mr. Geren is, of course, a Bush buddy from way back and a Blue Dog as well, as his voting record amply shows. He also is tied to the effort to protect Donald Rumsfeld from being toppled by the Abu Ghraib torture scandal, and may be connected to other scandals as well.

Anyone doubt that he’s there to make sure his old buddy Bush is insulated from the consequences of his own actions?

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Even Texas

Posted by MEC on April 14, 2007

Martin Freed of Fairbanks, Alaska reports an interesting experience in Texas:

Our “Dump Bush” sign on the rear door was large enough to be read from at least 30 feet. So far, we had received nothing but thumbs up or even cheers from passing drivers. What can be expected in Texas?

…The waitress asked where she could get one of our “Impeach Bush” buttons.

…two 18 wheeler truckers came over and asked if they too can have some. You know the Neocons are in trouble when truckers in Texas want “Impeach Bush” buttons.

Can we impeach him now?

(H/T LetterMan of Salon’s Table Talk and LetterMan’s Lair)

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