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The real New York Times

Posted by Charles II on June 23, 2013

John Hess, quoted by Jim Naureckas of FAIR:

The Newspaper of Record recorded a century of the crimes, follies and misfortunes of mankind, generally as a faithful voice of the Eastern establishment. It supported all its wars, hot and cold. It supported witchhunts during and after World War I and temporized with the one after World War II; it fudged the menace of Hitlerism and played down the Holocaust…. At the cutting edge of major events, it could be found against women’s suffrage, against unionism (always), against minimum wages and national health insurance…. Like the rest of the business establishment, it preferred corrupt politicians to liberal reformers.

The occasion is that the New York Times is again using an obituary, in this case of a heroic journalist, Michael Hastings, to defame the dead. Just as they have done to defame Gary Webb, John Hess himself, and so many others.

Really, it’s hard to come up with words to describe just how bad the people who run things are.

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Support Don Siegelman

Posted by Charles II on September 11, 2012

Andrew Gumbel, The Guardian:

The magazine of the American Trial Lawyers Association has described him as “America’s No 1 political prisoner”, and his well-connected friends and supporters include more than 100 former state attorneys general and former Democratic presidential candidates Al Gore and John Kerry.

The basic story is that a healthcare executive, who had served on a (non-paying) state hospital regulatory board for three administrations, was appointed to the board a fourth time by Alabama Governor Don Siegelman. That healthcare executive had donated to the non-profit Alabama Education Foundation which was seeking to promote a lottery initiative (to support education) that Siegelman supported (and was opposed by powerful interests represented by Jack Abramoff). Despite the fact that appointing contributors to positions is a normal political practice (and Siegelman had not received a dime), the courts–in the person of Dubya appointee Judge Mark Fuller— called this bribery.

You can sign a petition supporting Don Siegelman’s search for justice here. This is the message I included in my signature:

If someone as senior as Don Siegelman can be jailed on such flimsy charges and with the assent of figures including the Attorney General and the Supreme Court, then I can have no faith in the American justice system. Why should any of us serve on juries or otherwise support the system when it has become simply a tool of political power?

Our courts are deeply corrupt. Until they are reformed, until all of the political appointees are shaken out of the system and replaced by people with a passion to see justice done, this nation will continue to decline. And shame on Barack Obama for refusing to take a stand on this case and Eric Holder for standing on the wrong side.

The full megillah follows below the fold.

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Beware of Trojans bearing gifts: Murdoch computer hacking scandal begins to unwind

Posted by Charles II on November 24, 2011

Josh Halliday, The Guardian:

A 52-year-old man has become the first person arrested as part the Metropolitan police’s investigation into alleged computer hacking by the press.

The man was arrested in Milton Keynes on Thursday morning in connection with computer misuse offences.

He is the first person to be arrested by Scotland Yard’s Operation Tuleta, the force investigating breaches of privacy involving computers.

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The Tice Tribune Strikes Again, This Time On Teaching

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 22, 2011

The War on Teachers is in full swing over at the Tice Tribune. Marshall Tanick (via Rob Levine over at The Cucking Stool) has the details:

The editorial told only half of the story, and got that part wrong. As the attorney for the prevailing principal, I feel obliged to correct those mistaken impressions…

…The court ruled against the superintendent because she consciously and deliberately bypassed the notice and hearing requirement for no apparent reason, stripping Murphy of significant job responsibilities that she carried out well for many years…

The editorial opined, as did the school district in the lawsuit, that the reassignment was a mere trifle because Murphy retained her same salary….[but] The law currently defines a “demotion,” which triggers a right for a notice and hearing, to consist of a “reduction in rank,” defined as a diminution of duties or a decrease in compensation. Both occurred in this particular case.

The principal’s duties were changed from overseeing a facility and its staff to more menial duties, including lunchroom supervision. The offense in this case was not merely a matter of modifying a “title,” as the editorial suggested, but a major reduction of the educator’s role that could affect her if seeking a job elsewhere as well as promotional opportunities internally.


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Terrorism Advocate Peter King Attacks Wikileaks, US Constitution

Posted by Phoenix Woman on January 13, 2011

Because I am Spartacus, and you are too, a public service announcement:

“WikiLeaks condemns US embargo move”

WikiLeaks today condemned calls from the chair of the House Committee on Homeland Security to “strangle the viability” of WikiLeaks by placing the publisher and its editor-in-chief, Julian Assange, on a US “enemies list” normally reserved for terrorists and dictators.

Placement on the US “Specially Designated National and Blocked Persons List” would criminalize US companies who deal with WikiLeaks or its editor. “The U.S. government simply cannot continue its ineffective piecemeal approach of responding in the aftermath of Wikileaks’ damage,” King wrote in a letter to the Secretary of the US Treasury, Geithner. “The U.S. government should be making every effort to strangle the viability of Assange’s organization.”

’The Homeland Security Committee chair Peter T. King wants to put a Cuban style trade embargo around the truth—forced on US citizens at the point of a gun,’ said Julian Assange.

’WikiLeaks is a publishing organization. It is time to cut through the bluster. There is no allegation by the US government or any other party, that WikiLeaks has hurt anyone, at any time during its four-year publishing history, as a result of anything it has published. Very few news organizations can say as much.’

’WikiLeaks has “terrorized” politicians from Kenya to Kansas over the last four years. Quite a few have lost office as a result. That doesn’t mean we are “terrorists”—it means we doing our job. We intend to “terrorize” Peter King, Hillary Clinton, corrupt CEOs and all the rest for many years to come, because that is what the people of the world demand.’

King noted that some U.S. companies had voluntarily cut off ties to Wikileaks, but that a New York publisher had recently agreed to pay Assange for an autobiography. Assange has said the eventual book royalties would help ’keep Wikileaks afloat’.

’By targeting WikiLeaks and the US publisher Knopf for economic censorship, King reveals his abiding hatred for the US constitution. When the founding fathers wrote, “Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press”, they did not provide an exception for blustering fools like Peter T. King.’

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Andrew Breitbart’s next victim

Posted by Charles II on July 23, 2010


After days of wall-to-wall media coverage of its grotesquely misleading, edited clip of USDA official Shirley Sherrod speaking about race, Andrew Breitbart’s blog Big Government is targeting Citizens for Tax Justice.

Breitbart’s bizarre and extraordinary claim is that CTJ, ACORN, The New York Times, the Center for American Progress and a group called Clean Energy Works (of which we were previously unaware) are colluding to deceive the public about tax policies affecting oil and gas companies.

Breitbart’s argument goes something like this. On July 3, the New York Times published an article saying that oil and gas companies get a whole lot of tax breaks. Then on July 9, CTJ published a report saying that oil and gas companies get a whole lot of tax breaks. Also on July 9, Clean Energy Works sent someone a strategy memo saying that the public needs to know that oil and gas companies get a whole lot of tax breaks.

As Breitbart sees it, surely this can be no coincidence!

Because, of course, no free-thinking, capitalistic-minded citizen would want to tax Big Oil as much as any other company. Heaven forfend that they pay for the harms that their business does to society.

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Glenn Greenwald Writes Letters

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 1, 2010

When somebody tried to smear him as a byproduct of smearing Jane Hamsher over at FDL (where I write a Saturday morning blog column), he did not take this lying down:

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Dog Bites Man. Sun Rises In East. Eric Cantor Lies.

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 26, 2010

Anyone with access to a TV yesterday got to see Eric Cantor not only join other Republicans in huffily blaming the Democrats for the wave of teabagger-inflicted violence the Dems are suffering in the wake of the health care bill’s passage, but insisting that he, too, was the target of political violence.

It only took a couple of hours to find out he was lying (h/t Blue Texan):

According to police, Eric Cantor was mistaken. His staff office in Richmond, Va. was not targeted by political extremists as he claimed earlier today with so much partisan pizazz. Instead, a bullet fired into the air at 1 a.m. on Tuesday happened to fall at just such a trajectory that it punctured the office’s front window and fell some inches from it.

Police in Richmond said late Thursday that bullet was fired randomly, and that Cantor’s office was in no way the target.

Will Cantor apologize? Will James O’Keefe apologize for producing his heavily-edited and padded-after-the-fact ACORN smear job? Somehow I doubt it.

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Second Verse, Same As The First

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 6, 2010

Just as the depantsing of Bjorn Lomborg has so far got far less press coverage than the lies spread by Exxon-Mobil-funded climate-change deniers, my guess is that the role of Rupert Murdoch in helping facilitate, if not mainstream, anti-environmentalist extremism won’t get a tenth of the coverage the Exxon-Mobil-funded lies have.

Murdoch and Big Carbon are devoted to pumping people’s minds full of garbage.

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News you’ll read only here

Posted by Charles II on March 2, 2010


ACORN Cleared in New York Probe

Here in New York, employees of the anti-poverty group ACORN have been cleared of criminal wrongdoing after a five-month investigation conducted by the Brooklyn District Attorney office. The probe began after right-wing activists secretly videotaped ACORN employees giving tax advice to a couple posing as a pimp and a prostitute.

So, with the help of FOX News and Andrew Breitbart, a right-wing sociopath succeeds in destroying the one main organization that gets the poor involved in politics and gets dozens of innocent people investigated, all over heavily edited remarks by a few low-level employees.

If there were justice in America, ACORN would be successfully suing The New York Times, FOX News and The Washington Times into insolvency.

Added: I hadn’t realized that the NYT was this culpable. As usual, Tom Tomorrow proves that I am way too trusting:

(From via Bradblog)

Speaking as a potential member of the jury pool, if the NYT ever did get sued by ACORN, I’d be very tempted to say that I knew nothing about the controversy, just to get a chance to find them liable. B——-s.

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