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“Tax-Cutter” Pawlenty Raised Taxes for 90% of Minnesotans

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 30, 2011

The Cons tried to deny it, but to no avail — Tim Pawlenty raised taxes for nine out of ten Minnesotans:

Between 2002, the year before Pawlenty took office, and 2008, the wealthiest Minnesotans – the top 10 percent – saw their effective state and local sales tax rate decline slightly. Meanwhile, lower earners generally saw their rates increase slightly.

And Pawlenty’s policies played a role in that shift. For example, he supported cuts to Local Government Aid, which prompted some local governments to raise property taxes for many Minnesotans. That increase largely hit middle-and-lower income earners, according to the Minnesota Department of Revenue. A new cigarette fee backed by Pawlenty also changed effective tax rates.

But something else happened during Pawlenty’s time in office: The richest Minnesotans got richer, in part due to unusually high capital gains income. So, while taxes may have increased for everyone in the state, in terms of percent of income, those changes were less dramatic for the state’s wealthiest.

The rich got richer, the rest of us got shafted, and Pawlenty never did actually “fix” the deficit he’d played a key role in creating back when he ran the Minnesota House in the late 1990s. Funny how that works.

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Tim Pawlenty = Sarah Palin. So Says The Nickster.

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 23, 2011

Here. Nick Coleman.

Is good blog. You read. Learn.

Me now scuffle off to bed. Get sleep.

You be warned. Gutshot Tim sucks rocks. Like Grifter woman from Alaska.

That is all.

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So Why Did Tony The Toddler Have His Latest Tantrum?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 1, 2010

As many of my Minnesotan readers may know, Republican Party of Minnesota Chair and failed taco king Tony Sutton and his minion in the Emmer camp Tony Trimble each had a bit of a hissy fit directed at long-suffering Hennepin County elections manager Rachel Smith, I’m guessing in part because she dared notice that Republican recount volunteers were being told to challenge more ballots.

But part of me has to wonder: Was this done in part to try and take attention away from the burgeoning Jeremy Giefer pardon and sex abuse scandal currently enveloping Tim Pawlenty?

If the goal of the Republicans is to drag out the count, by frivolous ballot challenges or frivolous lawsuits, so that Pawlenty can remain governor come January, the last thing they’d want to see is a nasty lingering scandal wrapped around him. That would make the public less amenable to their grandstandings.

It’s in their interest to drown out the news of Pawlenty — who had said he’d never pardon a sex offender — having pardoned a sex offender so said sex offender’s wife/first(?) victim could open a daycare even as he was raping his own daughter and cheating on his child bride with another woman.

(By the way: Help out Sally Jo Sorensen by throwing a few coins her way. Journalism isn’t cheap, especially the kind of her quality.)

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Hold Onto Your Hats

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 1, 2010

Remember Jeremy Giefer, the guy who a) knocked up a 14-year-old, b) married her, then c) started molesting the daughter he sired off of his child bride? And the guy who d) got a Pawlenty pardon for the first molestation even though e) Pawlenty said he’d never ever pardon sex offenders?

Well, there’s an f) to all of this, courtesy of City Pages’ Nick Pinto:

One reason Giefer wanted his record cleared [via the pardon Pawlenty gave him]? His wife wanted to open a childcare center in the house where they live–the same house where Giefer allegedly molested his young daughter throughout the six years prior.


As it turns out, Giefert’s wife — the woman he pled guilty to statutorily raping in 1994 — had already opened a family childcare center next door to their Vernon Center home two months earlier, according to state licensing information.




Do I even have to tell you all about how predators seeking to molest children love to try to get daycare permits?




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Time For Another Blogger Ethics Panel

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 30, 2010

Good news: StarTribune and national-media’s go-to pundits pick up on Sally Jo Sorensen’s Bluestem Prairie story about Jeremy A. Giefer, the sex offender given a Pardon Extraordinary by Governor Tim Pawlenty, and who is now facing charges of incest.

Bad news: They somehow, ah, forgot to credit her or BSP.

I’m starting to lose track of the number of times some legacy-media outlet snarfs up a story first broken by a blogger and then fails to credit the blogger. At least we try to hat-tip or link to the sources for our stuff, when we pass along something someone else discovered.

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Give It Up, Timmy

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 16, 2010

Via the Cucking Stool, we find out that the Republicans in the state next door to ours really don’t want to see Gutshot as the GOP’s standard bearer in 2012:

Pawlenty scored 1 percent in a poll of Republican presidential hopefuls released Monday by the Iowa Republican, putting him in a distant tie for sixth out of 10 candidates in the poll.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who won the 2008 Iowa caucuses, led at 22 percent, followed by former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney at 18 percent, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich at 14 percent and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin at 11 percent. [Sarah Palin polls eleven times as well, proving once again why John McCain picked her as a running mate over Pawlenty.]

The one bit of good news for Pawlenty is that three potential candidates included — former Sen. Rick Santorum, Mississippi Gov. Hayley Barbour and Texas Gov. Rick Perry — failed to reach the 1 percent threshold.

What’s more humiliating than losing out on the #2 spot on the 2008 Republican ticket when a pretty grifter who spews word salad catches John McCain’s, erm, eye? Getting your ass kicked by a full order of magnitude, courtesy of that same word-salad-spewing grifter — and knowing that she in turn is bested by Huckabee, Romney, and Gingrich.

Give it up, Timmy. You destroyed your home state in order to win the favor of the GOP base nationwide, and they still hate you and think your mom dresses you funny. Just give it up, go into the ignominious exile you’ve earned, and be glad we haven’t actually grabbed a rail with which to run you out of town.

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Gutshot’s Power Grab Goes Down In Flames

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 6, 2010

Less than two years ago Tim Pawlenty and his former law partner Eric Magnuson were best buds — so tight that in June of 2008, Gutshot had Magnuson appointed to the Minnesota Supreme Court.

How things change.

The Minnesota Supreme Court has ruled in Brayton v. Pawlenty that Governor Gutshot “overstepped his bounds” (speaking of delicious irony) in deciding that he was not only the governor, he was the legislature, too! In a decision written by his own appointed Chief Justice, Eric Magnuson, who was his former law partner, to boot, the Supreme Court held that Pawlenty did not have the authority to remake the budget of the state for a biennium that hadn’t even begun.

The full opinion is here.

Spotty’s Cliffs Notes version is here. Enjoy!

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How Convenient For Him That He’s Not Running Again For Governor

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 13, 2010

Otherwise, this little boo-boo of Smilin’ Tim’s probably would have been on the front page instead of buried in the Metro section of the Strib’s print version:

When Minnesota motorists paid out $30 apiece for “Support Our Troops” license plates, it’s a good bet they had no idea they were supporting Lee Buckley, a political appointee of Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

Last year $30,000 from the license-plate fund was used to pay a portion of Buckley’s salary. Buckley worked in Pawlenty’s office as a $92,000 a year special adviser on faith and community services.

During budget hearings on Pawlenty’s office budget this week, Sens. Steve Murphy, Don Betzold and other legislators were furious over what they saw as a siphoning off of the money and a deception to those who bought the plates thinking they were directly helping veterans organizations. By state law, money from the plates is split between the Department of Military Affairs for family members of deployed service members and the Department of Veterans Affairs for grants for homeless and needy veterans.

“For money that was supposed to go to fund things for veterans going to fund people in the governor’s office, it’s outrageous,” said Murphy, DFL-Red Wing, a Marine veteran. “The governor runs around telling everyone he’s cutting all these budgets, and then he back-door fills in his own department. I’m just disgusted with this.”

If Rudy Perpich or Jesse Ventura had tried this, Republicans would be on all the local TV and radio stations calling for impeachment. But I suspect that most Minnesotans will never know about this little Friday news dump. It will disappear without a ripple, and Governor Gutshot will have once again artfully dodged his day of political reckoning as he tries to fail upwards into a spot on the 2012 Republican presidential ticket.

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Minnesotans Just Love Our Absentee Governor. NOT.

Posted by Phoenix Woman on January 18, 2010

Found on a light post in downtown Saint Paul.

Per Rasmussen via TPM’s Eric Kleefeld, we find out that Governor Gutshot would have a tough time winning his own home state should he by some miracle get the Republican nomination for president in 2012:

The poll asked: “Suppose Governor Tim Pawlenty runs for President in 2012 and wins the Republican nomination. If Pawlenty was the Republican Presidential candidate, would you vote for him?” The answer was only 37% yes, 46% no. This down from a 42%-46% margin, when Rasmussen previously asked this same question of Minnesotans two months ago.

Gee, anybody think that Pawlenty’s decision to screw over his own state just to please the insane phalangists known as Republican primary voters might have been a factor here? He’s so determined to starve Minnesota of revenue (and not just by keeping the tax cuts he rammed through when he ran the Minnesota House back in the 1990s and early Oughts) that he says he won’t even let Dick Day — a fellow Republican — have his racino.

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Smilin’ Tim, Running Afoul Of The Peter Principle

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 8, 2009

Smilin’ Tim’s way of dealing with the messes he leaves behind him has been to simply hop up the political ladder, trusting in his press allies to scrub off any of his fingerprints he may have left on the bodies. However, in his quest for the biggest rung on the ladder, it looks as if he may have finally risen to the level of his own incompetence.

“Republicans need to be more like Eminem”? Really? Which Eminem, Tim? The antiwar one or the misogynistic one that wants to ‘nail’ Sarah Palin?

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