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Honking The Clown Car’s Horn In MN-01

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 6, 2010

Ho-hum. Another election cycle, another spate of attempts to pretend that Tim Walz is in dire danger of losing his Congressional seat. This despite the clear evidence that the NRCC has no intentions of wasting any money against a guy who beat their last nominee like a gong.

First, the StarTribune:

The Mankato teacher-turned-politician was largely unknown until he ran as a centrist Democrat four years ago and knocked off a seemingly safe GOP incumbent.

Now a clutch of Republicans vying to take on Walz see the First District as their best chance to pick up a House seat in Minnesota during an election year that is expected to be tough for Democrats. They’ve all homed in on his vote for President Obama’s health care overhaul, which the GOP portrays as creeping government expansion out of step with the southern Minnesota district that was long in Republican hands.

Next, the place that pays Ann Coulter’s bills, Human Events — which has apparently chosen Elmer Fudd lookalike Jim Hagedorn over the unelectably creepy Allen Quist, the confirmed lightweight Randy Demmer (who fell to an attack launched by one of his GOP rivals the last time he tried to run for Walz’ seat), the unspeakable Jim Engstrand, and the utterly unknown Frank McKinzie:

In spelling out what he means by a “passionate conservative,” [Republican candidate and would-be nominee Jim] Hagedorn means “defeating the liberals by repealing and replacing Obamacare; enacting Reagan-JFK across-the-board tax cuts to create private sector jobs; slashing domestic spending; unleashing U.S. fossil fuel and nuclear energy production; standing firm for innocent life and traditional marriage; and taking a hard-line on captured terrorists (“Give them last rites, not Miranda rights!”).

He also vows a hard-hitting campaign against Walz, who, in Hagedorn’s words, “has voted to impose Washington, D.C.,-based control over our lives and livelihoods, everything I am committed to stop—big-government healthcare, Keynesian stimulus packages, cap and trade, abortion on demand, and closing Guantanamo Bay. Walz’s voting card is locked in Pelosi’s purse!”

Way to go with the outright lies and sexism, Jim — though it’s true that you’re not exactly unfamiliar with making outrageous statements. I guess with noted feminist Allen Quist running to your right, you have no choice short of actually draping your wife in a burqa when she accompanies you on the campaign trail (except that you apparently don’t have a wife, something I expect your primary opponents are going to make much of behind your back). Too bad for you that what works with Republican primary voters doesn’t work with the general public.

Somehow I have the feeling that, while Representative Walz is most definitely prepared, he’s not exactly terrified of any of these blokes.

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Hagedorn: “The Only Good Indian Is A Dead Indian”

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 2, 2009

You know, if the state and national Republicans really want to take back Minnesota’s First Congressional District from Tim Walz, they’re going to have to deal with the Clown Car Syndrome that has afflicted their candidates over the last few election cycles.

First, they assumed that nobody would really be able to take out Gil Gutknecht, who had been the representative of that district since 1994, when he came in as one of Newt Gingrich’s barbarians at the DC gates. Surprise! Walz won by six percentage points due to hard work, shoe leather, and a tremendously savvy and well-funded ground organization.

Second, they assumed that MN-01, since it had been a Republican district for most of the previous century before Walz’ win, was still a Republican CD at heart and that his win was a fluke. This meant that they didn’t really take the 2008 race all that seriously, allowing joke candidates like Dick Day and Brian Davis to slug it out for the RPM nomination to face Walz in the general. The result? In a CD that only went for Obama by four percentage points, the new incumbent Walz crushed eventual Republican nominee Brian Davis by nearly a two-to-one margin.

Now, one would think that the Republicans would have been ready with a credible candidate from the start after Walz handed them their buttocks last year. But nooooooo — the first person to throw his hat into the proverbial ring was none other than longtime antigay, antifeminist Christian conservative and failed gubernatorial candidate Allen Quist, whose second wife Julie works for Michele Bachmann as her district manager and who is most noted locally for being the man whose first wife Diane was killed while pregnant with their tenth child in a car accident in December 1986; he showed his undying love for her by a) pulling the six-and-a-half-month-old fetus’ body out of her womb and putting it in her arms so they could be displayed that way in the casket, and b) marrying his second wife about six months later.

Quist’s quirkiness, plus his habit of losing elections, apparently makes some local Republicans quite nervous, as Bluestem Prairie’s Sally Jo Sorensen discusses here and here. That nervousness may well be why Jim Hagedorn, the son of former Minnesota congressman Tom Hagedorn and a Washington, DC resident and insider for 25-odd years, has now decided to move back to Minnesota and compete with Quist for the right to challenge Tim Walz.

But if anyone thinks that Hagedorn is an improvement over Quist in terms of Clown Car Syndrome, they might want to think again. As Paul Schmelzer reports for the Minnesota Independent:

As mentioned earlier, GOP candidate Jim Hagedorn removed posts from his “Mr. Conservative” blog prior to announcing his bid this morning for U.S. Rep. Tim Walz’s seat, but a review of scrubbed posts reveals a brand of humor that might not sell well in southern Minnesota, including jokes about the death of Northfield-professor-turned-U.S. Sen. Paul Wellstone just 11 days earlier.


He concluded the section with a prediction — a Walter Mondale win in the Senate race that Norm Coleman eventually won: “Goofdale will win, something like 50 – 46 with the independent parties taking the remainder.”

As mentioned earlier, the post also includes an analysis of the 2002 race in South Dakota, in which Hagedorn wrote of voter registration irregularities on Native American reservations:

Voter backlash against the Democrat’s (typical) election-stealing maneuvers will be the margin of victory for Thune. Leave it to liberals to ruin John Wayne’s wisdom of the only good Indian being a dead Indian.

BSP’s Sorensen also notes a few more of the now-scrubbed bons mots by Mr. Conservative, such as this musing on the failed nomination of Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court:

The nomination of White House legal hack Harriet Miers to fill the bra of Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor simply enhances the bush-league legacy of a family that time and again proves the Peter Principle applies to elective politics.

Yes, kids: Hagedorn is one of those conservatives who thinks the Bushes are too liberal. Plus, he’s prone to bouts of racist, sexist tastelessness that aren’t even close to being funny. No wonder he — or whoever is advising him — had his site scrubbed.

As Schmelzer points out, this is all reminiscent of similar efforts by Gil Gutknecht to scrub away the inconvenient history of his term-limits pledge from online repositories. And as I mentioned already, Gutknecht just happens to be the the gent that Tim Walz defeated back in 2006.

Like I said: Clown Car Syndrome.

[UPDATE: Geez, I forgot all about Randy Demmer’s entering the race! The RPM’s Clown Car is getting pretty crowded.]

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The RPM’s Wishful Thinking WRT MN-01

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 9, 2009

Minnesota Democrats Exposed, a Republican-boosting political blog founded by “independent” Michael Brodkorb (a guy so “independent” that he left MDE to be the deputy chair of the Republican Party of Minnesota) posted that MN-01 is rated “Leans Republican” by CQ, without providing a link.

As DJ Danielson’s tweet points out, CQ actually rates the seat as “Likely Democratic”.

Yes, the Republicans want that seat. No, they’re not going to get it, not so long as Tim Walz is in it.

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Rule Number One: Do Not Mess With Ollie Ox.

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 25, 2008

One of my greatest shames is that I am not industrious or sharp enough to do a blog that focuses mainly on local issues. Anyone with reasonably eclectic reading habits can do a nationally-focused blog; the stories are usually there to be plucked from the internet the way bears pluck salmon from a stream. However, the disadvantage is that while one often serves a useful purpose as a news amplifier — bringing stories to light that might otherwise not be seen in various quarters — it does tend to lend a certain degree of sameness to one’s blogging.

It takes people willing to get up off their duffs to do good jobs as locally-focused bloggers. The rewards, in addition to having a fresher take on the world (and not sounding like every other person who reads DailyKos or Eschaton or FDL or AmericaBlog or whatever and then started to blog about the same exact stuff they just read), is that with the best local bloggers there is more of a sense of connection to the things they accomplish.

All this is by way of introducing this story by Ollie Ox, who is one of the best locally-focused bloggers I’ve encountered in my admittedly-limited experience with them. It shows how she corrected some rather lazy reporting from a city slicker who thought he knew more than she did, yet was easily rolled by the rather pathetic political operation of Brian Davis, a guy who spent over $1 million and still couldn’t crack 33% against Tim Walz in Minnesota’s First Congressional District. Go and read. [UPDATE: Oh, yeah, check this out, too.]

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Republican Tax Hypocrisy

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 26, 2008

Bluestem Prairie reports, here, here, here, and here, on the longstanding tax woes of Brian Davis, the man who would be the GOP’s top dog in the effort to unseat freshman Democrat Tim Walz. Seems that the good doctor Davis was fined $1,237.05 for being late with his property tax payments every single year between 2003 and 2007.

Now, remember, certain local Republican bloggers, including at least one paid Republican activist blogger, have been spending the past few months yammering about El Tinklenberg’s having two late tax payments, six years apart — Tink’s the guy running against Michele Bachmann in Minnesota’s Sixth CD. They’ve also been attempting to revive their old smear about Al Franken’s tax issues, carefully ignoring the fact that when the dust settled, he actually was owed money overall by various state governments.

Yet when it comes to the repeated tax tardiness of their own fair-haired boy Dr. Davis, The Usual Suspects are as silent as the tomb. Hmmm.

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Tim Walz Versus The Clown Car

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 15, 2008

It’s funny to think that to the media outside of Minnesota’s First Congressional District, Democratic first-term Representative Tim Walz is somehow a prime target for toppling by a Republican Party eager to reclaim a seat they had thought of as forever theirs.

But that darned Tim Walz just won’t lie down and croak for them. Instead, as Ollie Ox tells us over at Bluestem Prairie, he’s put together a hefty warchest of over a million dollars, which is nearly ten times as much as his two leading Republican challengers, Dick Day and GOP endorsee Brian Davis, combined.

Yes, combined. Ollie crunched the numbers, and Walz has just over $1 million in the bank, while Day’s nest egg contains $72186.18. Davis, on the other hand, loaned himself $24,000 and raised $34,491.90. Walz isn’t facing opponents, he’s facing the Clown Car.

This seat is Tim Walz’ for as long as wants it. And judging by his responsiveness to constituent concerns, he wants it.

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Smilin’ Tim’s Neverending Shell Game: The Rushford Screwjob

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 23, 2007

A Bluestem Prairie’s reporting on some interesting things happening (or not happening) in flood-ravaged southeastern Minnesota that Tim Pawlenty is no doubt hoping don’t get noised about too much in the Twin Cities media:

The Fillmore County Journal, the Rushford Tri-County Record, and the Winona Daily News all report that the Pawlenty administration’s interpretation of the flood relief bill is at odds with what its local authors intended for small business recovery. 

Issues develop in fund formula for businesses, according to the Rushford paper. What’s the issue?:

The commissioner of the Department of Employment and Economic Development Dan McElroy told business people at the City of Rushford Village city hall Friday that the Minnesota Investment Fund, where the state placed $35 million will contract with the city as the recipient and issue loans. Some of it is “forgivable,” usually 20 to 25 percent as determined by the city, and the rest may have deferred interest, he said.

Ron Zeigler of the Southeast Minnesota Development Corporation which some cities have designated as their loan applicant processor, said the loan is one-third forgivable, one-third paid back into the revolving loan fund of the community, and one-third returned to the state investment fund.

“We were told forgivable loans and grants,” said Ted Roberton, one of seven who went to St. Paul last Tuesday to observe the legislative process.

That was the understanding of area legislators as well:

Told of this interpretation Saturday Rep. Ken Tschumper was flabbergasted. He was the chief author of the bill, but “I never heard anything about that-Pawlenty’s people said ‘trust us’. They said it would be flexible and they said it would be forgivable loans. Some of us are really angry how this is being carried out.”

He’s also heard about the governor’s interpretation that the $16 million appropriated to the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency is being used to “backfill” he said, the amount the governor announced a day earlier as being taken from the agency for homeowner relief in the stricken area. “We believed we were getting $32 million for housing and they are saying it’s $16 million. They aren’t going to get away with that if I can help it,” said Tschumper. . . .

There’s more at the Tri-County Record. The Fillmore County Journal in Preston tells a similiar story in Aid package fine print raises many concerns:

. . .The bottom dropping out, that must be what Rushford residents and members of the business community felt when they met with Dan McElroy, Commissioner of the Department of Employment and Economic Development on 14-September and learned that grants and forgivable loans they were expecting would not be delivered as promised. . . .

. . .The apparent contradiction between DFL-lawmakers’ promises and the restrictions or limitations announced by Dan McElroy, the head of DEED – a key appointment by a Republican Governor with a well-deserved reputation for fiscal conservatism – came as a poignant partisan snub to the Rushford business community. Its members have independently estimated direct business damages, that is lost buildings, inventories, equipment and clean-up costs, at $27.6-million. In Rushford alone, 58-businesses suffered significant flood damage. In addition, 272-fulltime and 191-parttime employees were idled by the disaster, and many remain out-of-work. . .

The Winona Daily News has more in Officials split on flood relief for businesses.

Tim Pawlenty and his crew talk really big, but then wait for the spotlights to be pointed somewhere else so they can then do their backstabbing in the dark.

No wonder why Pawlenty doesn’t think we need a tax hike to pay for flood relief. He wasn’t actually planning on spending what he’d promised, anyway.

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Breaking News (Unfortunately)

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 20, 2007

Bluestem Prairie reports that Congressman Tim Walz’ Mankato office was broken into last night, along with several other offices in the same building.  It doesn’t look as if anything important went, but the incident is being investigated by the local police. 

This is reminiscent of last fall, when Walz’ predecessor, Republican Gil Gutknecht, claimed a day before the election that his office in Rochester, Minnesota had been vandalized, that the FBI had been called in, and that Walz’ people did it.  As Bluestem Prairie discovered, the FBI generally won’t confirm or deny if they’ve been called into a case — but BSP suspects they weren’t, as no reports had been filed with the Rochester police, and if you’re going to file with the FBI, you’re going to file with the local cops as well.

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So Much For Grover

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 19, 2007

Looks like even some Minnesota Republicans realize that Grover Norquist’s “use debt to kill social programs” scam is not how responsible adults run a government — or at least they want to have it both ways, voting for a bill that they claim the governor will veto anyway, without mentioning that it’s going to pass by a veto-proof majority.

In other news, that oh-so-nice man Michael “Minnesota Democrats Exposed” Brodkorb — who is trying to shake his partisan Republican reputation and history to get more and better exposure in the mainstream media — has been revealed to be the guy behind yet another local partisan Republican site, this one attacking newly-elected Democratic Congressman Tim Walz.

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Does Tim Walz EVER Have An Off Day?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 14, 2007

This guy is just the Energizer Bunny when it comes to meeting and working with his constituents, as A Bluestem Prairie notes, quoting from a recent Walz press release:

In order to be more accessible to constituents, Rep. Tim Walz will continue his “Saturday Store Stop” tour this Saturday with a stop in Owatonna. On Saturday, March 17th, Rep. Walz will be at Owatonna HyVee store from 9-11am.

Owatonna’s HyVee is located at:
1620 South Cedar
Owatonna, MN 55060

Next Saturday, Walz will visit the New Ulm HyVee Store. Walz’s planned February stop in New Ulm was canceled due to inclement weather. Walz has rescheduled his visit for Saturday, March 24th from 9-11am.

New Ulm’s HyVee is located at:
2015 South Broadway
New Ulm, MN 56073

By positioning himself in local grocery stores during peak shopping hours, Walz hopes to hear from constituents who might not otherwise request a meeting or submit their opinion on policy topics.

“I hope that people will take a few minutes Saturday morning to stop by and express their thoughts and concerns. My staff and I will have voter registration forms available, as well as information on how we can assist constituents who are having difficulty with a branch of the federal government,” said Walz.

Constituents can find Rep. Walz and his staff at a table near the HyVee dining area.

Walz began his tour on Feb. 10th in Mankato and plans to continue it throughout the spring. Since being elected, Walz has conducted hundreds of meetings with individual constituents and representative organizations around southern Minnesota and in his Washington D.C. office. Constituents can also contact Congressman Walz through his website at or by calling his Mankato office at 507-388-2149.

This is what a hardworking Congressman looks like.

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