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Murdoch Media Operatives Wiretap British Royals, Anyone Else They Don’t Like

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 13, 2010

The Rupert Murdoch wiretapping scandal — one that’s been brewing for over a year now — has hit a critical phase — and the New York Times, for once, is doing some actual reporting:

IN NOVEMBER 2005, three senior aides to Britain’s royal family noticed odd things happening on their mobile phones. Messages they had never listened to were somehow appearing in their mailboxes as if heard and saved. Equally peculiar were stories that began appearing about Prince William in one of the country’s biggest tabloids, News of the World.


By early January 2006, Scotland Yard had confirmed their suspicions. An unambiguous trail led to Clive Goodman, the News of the World reporter who covered the royal family, and to a private investigator, Glenn Mulcaire, who also worked for the paper. The two men had somehow obtained the PIN codes needed to access the voice mail of the royal aides.


As Scotland Yard tracked Goodman and Mulcaire, the two men hacked into Prince Harry’s mobile-phone messages. On April 9, 2006, Goodman produced a follow-up article in News of the World about the apparent distress of Prince Harry’s girlfriend over the matter. Headlined “Chelsy Tears Strip Off Harry!” the piece quoted, verbatim, a voice mail Prince Harry had received from his brother teasing him about his predicament.

The palace was in an uproar, especially when it suspected that the two men were also listening to the voice mail of Prince William, the second in line to the throne. The eavesdropping could not have gone higher inside the royal family, since Prince Charles and the queen were hardly regular mobile-phone users. But it seemingly went everywhere else in British society. Scotland Yard collected evidence indicating that reporters at News of the World might have hacked the phone messages of hundreds of celebrities, government officials, soccer stars — anyone whose personal secrets could be tabloid fodder. Only now, more than four years later, are most of them beginning to find out.

But guess what? Per the NYT, Scotland Yard, which is apparently in bed with Murdoch’s media, didn’t do anything to investigate, much less stop the crimes from happening.

Murdoch of course denies everything, but here’s the kicker:

The phone-hacking story is about “The Times striking back” at Murdoch’s Journal-led aggression, says Michael Wolff in Newser. But its trump card is what it hasn’t printed — yet: If ousted World of the News Editor Andy Coulson knew about this illegal activity, then so did Murdoch and his son James. The Times wants Murdoch to know that if he tries to take on the N.Y. Times, “he and his son are going down, too.”

Oh, and David Cameron’s Tory government is even likelier to go down: Andy Coulson is Cameron’s press secretary.

If this isn’t enough to make Nick Clegg pull his Liberal Democrats out of the coalition with the Tories that he was bullied by BNP Paribas into joining, I suggest that Interpol start investigating possible funds transfers from Murdoch-controlled bank accounts to his own.

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I Knew The Daily Mail Worshipped Hitler

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 20, 2010

But I didn’t know that it was behind a fake-letter scandal that was used to bring down the first Labour government in the 1920s.

“For politicians of Livingstone’s generation and ideology, the Daily Mail is, as it were, a blue rag. They call it the “Forger’s Gazette” because of the Labour-damaging fake “Zinoviev letter” in the 1920s. They refer constantly to the paper’s soft line on Hitler in the 1930s and its infamous 1934 “Hurrah for the Blackshirts” headline.” The Guardian, 25th February 2006

“Newly released documents reveal how in the 1930s its (Daily Mail’s) treacherous proprietor heaped grovelling praise on Adolf Hilter and the Nazis, sparking calls from Jewish groups and MPs for the newspaper to say sorry. Daily Mail boss Lord Rothermere, grandfather of the current chairman, described his psychotic hero as “superhuman” and suggested Britain and Germany should unite to rule the world.” The Daily Express, 2nd April 2005

No wonder why it’s called “The Forger’s Gazette”.

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British Tory Caught In Spitzer Trap?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 13, 2008

Sure looks like it:

According to the British tabloid News of the World, the Duke of Westminster also gets his whores from the Emperor’s Club VIP. He is Britain’s third richest man and “heads his country’s Territorial Army,” who fight the terrorists. Since these incredible things were not quite enough for his paid sex whore to have sex with him, here’s what he told her to seal the deal: “Osama bin Laden was alive and hiding in Pakistan.”The Emperor’s Club arranged the Evil Duke’s tryst with Zana Brazdek, 26, whose whore name is Shanna. Shanna “was paid £2,000 in £50 notes to have sex with the Duke on December 28 at his plush mews house in central London.” A whole ton of pounds! That’s like 5,500 billion American scrip leaves, no?


So the Duke of England fucked an Emperess — Whore Diamond(TM) rating unknown — in London’s Jurassic Park Express dino-rehab compound. What other details does the Emperess herself offer?

“He told me that British soldiers were getting tested for sexual diseases every three months because they were sleeping with women all over the world.” Later, without batting an eyelid at the irony of the situation, the Duke went on to ask Zana to have sex WITHOUT a condom.

He’s right there — raptors cannot give STDs to humans.
Duke boasts [News of the World via The Blotter]

I suspect that this is one fish the Bush Junta didn’t want to be caught in the net they set out for Spitzer. Expect this to either be all but ignored by most of the GOP/Media Complex, or to be a big fat poison pill that makes further coverage of the story unpalatable to the US corporate media.

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