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Irritating All The Right People

Posted by Phoenix Woman on January 6, 2009

Barack Obama’s pick to head the CIA, Leon Panetta, is foursquare against torture — and yes, he considers waterboarding to be torture. Check it out.

Furthermore, he’s irritating all the right people: Jell-O Jay Rockefeller, Jane Harman, Dianne Feinstein, all of whom are complicit in backing Bush’s wars and his wiretappings and his other assaults on decency. I like it.

UPDATE: Better yet, Panetta is pleasing at least some of the right people. Here’s Rush Holt, one of the good guys on FISA, on the Panetta pick (h/t Selise):

(Washington, D.C.) – U.S. Rep. Rush Holt (NJ-12), Chair of the Select Intelligence Oversight Panel since 2007 and a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence today issued the following statement on President-Elect Barack Obama’s expected nomination of Leon Panetta to serve as Director of the CIA.

“Having served in Congress in the wake of Watergate and the domestic surveillance abuses that surfaced during the 1970s, Mr. Panetta understands how a democratic government should operate. He also demonstrated skill in running the Office of Management and Budget and as Chief of Staff under President Clinton. We need the CIA to collect reliable, actionable intelligence in ways that respect American values and honor the Constitution. Mr. Panetta’s background and reputation indicate he would serve the intelligence community, the President, and the country well.”

And here’s former CIA officer Robert Baer:

Leon Panetta may not have an intelligence background, but his appointment as CIA director shows that Barack Obama understands the CIA’s problems. As the former White House chief of staff, Clinton Administration budget director and an eight-term California congressman, Panetta knows his way around Washington better than most people, and that kind of knowledge is exactly what the CIA needs right now.

To show that Panetta’s deeds have been known to match up with his nice words, Rick Perlstein provides the story of how Panetta, then a youngish moderate Republican serving as the civil rights chief of the Health, Education and Welfare Department, staged a mutiny against Richard Nixon’s racist Southern Strategy and resigned rather than be complicit in Nixon’s and the GOP’s deeds.

Dang. I’m liking this pick more and more.

If things were different, Dianne Feinstein would be standing trial for complicity in war crimes. I think she might need to be gently reminded of that, don’t you?

415-393-0707 (fax: 0710)
202-224-3841 (TTYD: 2501; fax: 228-3954)

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Sound And Fury, Signifying Self-Destructive Kabuki

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 28, 2008


Smilin Snarlin’ Tim Pawlenty’s high-handed imperial effort to pander to the people picking McCain’s running mate thump his mighty chest on taxes and spending rings pretty hollow when one remembers that he’s the guy who tried using property tax and fee increases (from state college tuition hikes to calling a proposed 75-cent-per-pack increase in state cigarette tax a “fee”) to make up for the loss of income caused by the big state income tax cuts he rammed through when he was House Majority Leader in the Minnesota Legislature. He did the same chest-thump bit when LRT was passed, yet lately he’s been more than happy to claim to be a friend of light rail, especially when it benefits his friends like the Northstar line will benefit Pawlenty benefactor Bruce Lambrecht. (By the way: the Hiawatha line has done wonders for what was once a depressed part of Minneapolis. Pawlenty fought that tooth and nail, but he still showed up at the ribbon-cutting.)

It also rings pretty hollow when you consider that the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, not exactly a tax-happy organization, strongly endorsed the gas-tax hike last month, and it’s backed similar gas-tax hikes since at least 2005. Fixing our roads won’t be cheap, but they know that bad infrastructure is bad for business.

I suspect that Pawlenty’s preoccupation with pandering his way onto the McCain ticket has left him less able and/or willing to focus on, or even care much about, what’s happening in his home state. Here’s why:

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Impeach by supporting Jim McDermott

Posted by Charles II on July 2, 2007

Jim McDermott is one of the most decent members of Congress. A physician who served in Vietnam, he has been the first senior member of Congress to sign onto the impeachment of Dick Cheney.

He was also the man who busted Newt Gingrich for attempting to frustrate the ethics charges that were lodged against Gingrich. McDermott released to the New York Times a tape of the conversation made by a Florida couple. That tape had Gingrich, John Boehner, and others discussing how they would respond to the ethics charge, in violation of Gingrich’s agreement. McDermott was sued in civil court by Rep. Boehner, famous for passing out tobacco lobby checks on the floor of the House just ahead of a vote.

Boehner prevailed at the appellate level by a single vote. Even David Sentelle, appointer of Ken Starr, wouldn’t vote to sustain this wrongful verdict.

The costs of fighting a decade-long legal battle have been enormous. But this is a man who stood with us and stands with us. He is a genuine Democrat.

  • If you’re for impeachment, send some help.
  • If you’re a vet, send some help.
  • If you’re a physician, send some help.
  • If anyone you know suffered from lung cancer, send some help.
  • If you want to see universal health care coverage, send some help.
  • If you’re appalled by the corruption of Congress, send some help.
  • If you want to send a message to the courts that it’s wrong to bankrupt elected officials who do their jobs, send some help.

But send some help.

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Mike Gravel, Truthsayer

Posted by MEC on April 27, 2007

In last night’s Democratic candidate debate, former Senator Mike Gravel made some very strong points about our country’s current warmongering policies. So of course he’s being dismissed as “comic relief“.

But don’t listen to The Usual Suspects, listen to Sen. Gravel:

Well, first off, understand that this war was lost the day that George Bush invaded Iraq on a fraudulent basis. Understand that.


I got to tell you, we should just plain get out. Just plain get out.

It’s their country. They’re asking us to leave, and we insist on staying there.

And why not get out? What harm is it going to do? Oh, you hear the statement, “Well, my God, these soldiers will have died in vain.” The entire deaths of Vietnam died in vain. And they’re dying in vain right this very second. Do you know what’s worse than a soldier dying in vain? It’s more soldiers dying in vain, that’s what’s worse.

The soundbite of the debate should be, “Do you know what’s worse than a soldier dying in vain? It’s more soldiers dying in vain, that’s what’s worse.”

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Patrick Leahy, I Love You

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 12, 2007

As you all probably know by now, the e-mail records of as many as fifty Bush Junta staffers have just suddenly up and vanished, so — je suis désolée — they are unavailable to the Congressional committees that have asked for them.

Pat Leahy ain’t having that:

“They say they have not been preserved. I don’t believe that!” Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy shouted from the Senate floor.

“You can’t erase e-mails, not today. They’ve gone through too many servers,” said Leahy, D-Vt. “Those e-mails are there, they just don’t want to produce them. We’ll subpoena them if necessary.”…

“E-mails don’t get lost,” Leahy insisted. “These are just e-mails they don’t want to bring forward.”


How convenient for Unca Karl Rove — who used his RNC account for 95% of all his e-mails — that they would suddenly disappear along with all the e-mails sent by his minions.

Oh, and we’re talking about five million e-mails that have allegedly disappeared, folks.

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Posted by MEC on April 11, 2007

The First Federal Congress

(A panel of the “Great Experiment” mural in the U.S. Capitol)

I’m sure Bush has been feeling smug about defying the will of the Senate — and violatiing the original intent of the writers of our Constitution — by making recess appointments of nominees that could not get Senate approval.

He forgot that this Congress knows it’s an equal branch of the government, and isn’t likely to roll over for insults.

Senate Democrats are discussing strategies to remind Bush that the presidency is not a dictatorship, including blocking judicial nominees and shortening recesses to make it difficult for Bush to make recess appointments.

I doubt that shortening the recesses will stop Bush from making recess appointments; his minions will just make sure the appointments are ready to announce the day after the recess begins. Blocking judicial nominees will be more of a hindrance to his agenda. Even if he uses recess appointments to seat them, they’ll be on the bench only until the end of the Congressional session instead of until they die or retire.

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This Is What A Real Man Looks Like

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 5, 2007



And this is how a real man moves to defend his country and its armed forces.

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Pow! Biff! Zap! Bam!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 26, 2007

Nananananananana Nananananananana WAX MAN!

Nananananananana Nananananananana WAX MAN!:

Monday, March 26, 2007

Administration Oversight Committee Directs RNC to Preserve White House Emails

Citing evidence that senior White House officials are using RNC and other political email accounts to avoid leaving a record of official communications, Chairman Waxman directs the Republican National Committee and the Bush-Cheney ’04 Campaign to preserve the emails of White House officials and to meet with Committee staff to explain how the accounts are managed and what steps are being taken to protect the emails from destruction and tampering.

Wake up and smell the accountability, Republicans!

Nananananananana Nananananananana WAX MAN!

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Pawlenty’s Own Revenue Department: Pawlenty’s Tax Structure In Minnesota Favors Wealthy, Businesses

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 20, 2007

Marty Seifert has GOT to be howling right now. Smilin’ Tim Pawlenty can’t be too happy, either. And David Strom’s probably grinding his teeth like crazy.

They woke up this morning to find this staring at ’em from above the fold on the front page of the Saint Paul Pioneer Press:

Taxes favor Minnesota’s wealthy, businesses
Study strengthens DFLers’ resolve to turn the tide that puts burden on middle class

Pioneer Press

It was just the kind of political ammunition Democratic legislators were seeking.

And Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s administration handed it to them.

A state Revenue Department study presented to the Senate Tax Committee on Monday showed wealthy Minnesotans are paying a slightly smaller share of their incomes in state and local taxes, while tax burdens for middle-class households are increasing.

The biennial “tax incidence study” also showed taxes are shifting away from businesses and toward individuals.

Overall, the study projected Minnesota’s state and local taxes will become somewhat more regressive by 2009. That means the percentage of income a person pays in taxes declines as his or her income rises.

Those findings provide good reasons for increasing income taxes on high earners and boosting business property taxes, Tax Committee Chairman Sen. Tom Bakk, DFL-Cook, said after a hearing on the study.

Bakk strongly hinted he would propose higher income taxes for top earners this week when his committee assembles its major tax bill for this session. He said he would use the additional revenue to buy down homeowner property taxes.

“This (study) shows the people at the top are not paying their fair share,” he said.

This is a big boost to Mindy Greiling, who is the State Rep behind the DFL plan to undo Pawlenty’s ruinous tax giveaways to the rich. Take a bow, Representative Greiling!

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Does Tim Walz EVER Have An Off Day?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 14, 2007

This guy is just the Energizer Bunny when it comes to meeting and working with his constituents, as A Bluestem Prairie notes, quoting from a recent Walz press release:

In order to be more accessible to constituents, Rep. Tim Walz will continue his “Saturday Store Stop” tour this Saturday with a stop in Owatonna. On Saturday, March 17th, Rep. Walz will be at Owatonna HyVee store from 9-11am.

Owatonna’s HyVee is located at:
1620 South Cedar
Owatonna, MN 55060

Next Saturday, Walz will visit the New Ulm HyVee Store. Walz’s planned February stop in New Ulm was canceled due to inclement weather. Walz has rescheduled his visit for Saturday, March 24th from 9-11am.

New Ulm’s HyVee is located at:
2015 South Broadway
New Ulm, MN 56073

By positioning himself in local grocery stores during peak shopping hours, Walz hopes to hear from constituents who might not otherwise request a meeting or submit their opinion on policy topics.

“I hope that people will take a few minutes Saturday morning to stop by and express their thoughts and concerns. My staff and I will have voter registration forms available, as well as information on how we can assist constituents who are having difficulty with a branch of the federal government,” said Walz.

Constituents can find Rep. Walz and his staff at a table near the HyVee dining area.

Walz began his tour on Feb. 10th in Mankato and plans to continue it throughout the spring. Since being elected, Walz has conducted hundreds of meetings with individual constituents and representative organizations around southern Minnesota and in his Washington D.C. office. Constituents can also contact Congressman Walz through his website at or by calling his Mankato office at 507-388-2149.

This is what a hardworking Congressman looks like.

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