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Murdoch’s Media: Bollixing Manhunts, Pushing Lies About Education

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 20, 2012

Charles has already brought up how Rupert Murdoch’s media empire has added to its long list of atrocities by messing up the 2006 search for a serial killer in the UK. I’m here to mention how a Murdoch employee is trying, in My Lai fashion, to destroy American public education under the guise of “saving” it with charter schools and vouchers:

A crisis in the U.S. public education system poses a “very grave national security threat,” requiring an overhaul to offer families more choices, business, education and political leaders said in a report.

Along with undermining economic competitiveness and increasing inequality, subpar public schools threaten recruiting for the State Department, intelligence agencies and the armed forces, according to a task force headed by Joel Klein, the former New York City school chief now at News Corp. (NWSA), and Condoleezza Rice, former Secretary of State.

Several members of the task force, including Weingarten, disagreed on its tone and recommendations, according to their written dissents. Parts of the report cast “public schools in the worst possible light, while ignoring facts to the contrary” and demoralizing teachers, Weingarten wrote.

Vouchers and charters don’t systematically improve the system and instead “deplete badly needed resources from the public schools that educate 90 percent of our students,” Weingarten said.

And just in case you weren’t sure about the motives of Klein et al:

The message from the majority of the task force echoed a 1983 report, called “A Nation at Risk.” Commissioned by President Ronald Reagan, it fueled three decades of efforts to overhaul U.S. schools.

That would be the report that was discredited almost as soon as it came out, and whose most famous debunking — the Sandia Labs study — was commissioned by George H.W. Bush and then suppressed when it showed that American public schools, despite the constant attacks on them by conservative Republicans and DINOs that were already in full swing, were on the whole performing at levels similar to if not better than private schools.

Meanwhile, the number of charter school scandals continues to grow.


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