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Putting “Balance” Over Truth: The Right-Wing Media Scam That Is Destroying America

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 27, 2011

The other day, Paul Krugman said this:

We have a crisis in which the right is making insane demands, while the president and Democrats in Congress are bending over backward to be accommodating — offering plans that are all spending cuts and no taxes, plans that are far to the right of public opinion.

So what do most news reports say? They portray it as a situation in which both sides are equally partisan, equally intransigent — because news reports always do that. And we have influential pundits calling out for a new centrist party, a new centrist president, to get us away from the evils of partisanship.


…The “both sides are at fault” people have to know better; if they refuse to say it, it’s out of some combination of fear and ego, of being unwilling to sacrifice their treasured pose of being above the fray.

Oh, it’s not that at all. It’s that the media members are millionaires working for billionaires — billionaires who love the tax breaks they got from Bush, as well as the gutting of anti-trust and environmental oversight under Bush — and to pretend both sides are equally at fault is to penalize the more virtuous side and go easier on the less virtuous (but far richer) side — and this rewards the less-virtuous side, in a vicious circle/feedback loop.

To make a long story short, it shoves the Overton Window farther to the right, eventually into fascism.

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