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Right-Wing Nutjob Jerome Corsi Works The Racist Birther Grift

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 4, 2012

Despite the fact that Jerome Corsi’s new book Where’s the Birth Certificate? was rendered moot by Obama’s OKing the release of his long-form birth certificate, that hasn’t stopped Corsi from energetically working the Birther Grift:

Retired detective and volunteer Maricopa County Sheriff’s Posse member [and buddy of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio] Mike Zullo is listed as the co-author of “A Question of Eligibility,” an e-book for sale through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Zullo’s co-author is Jerome Corsi, a well-known political conspiracy writer.

Jerome Corsi is also a well-known bigot and nutjob who we last saw lying about John Kerry as part of the “Swift Boat” nonsense, and that alleged “book” of his and Zullo’s is essentially the e-book form of the press conference that Arpaio and Zullo held last Thursday; they are apparently counting on gullible wingnuts to pay good money for this, despite there being no actual evidence to back up their claims. But who needs evidence to sell racist dogwhistling to racists marinated in three generations’ worth of the Southern Strategy?

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Donald Trump, The Ultimate Republican: Greedy, Lying, Selfish, Deluded

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 1, 2011

Johann Hari of the Independent nails both Trump and the GOP (and Obama in the bargain):

Enter stage (far) right Donald Trump, the bewigged billionaire who has filled America with phallic symbols and plastered his name across more surfaces than the average Central Asian dictator. CNN’s polling suggests he is the most popular candidate among Republican voters. It’s not hard to see why. Trump is every trend in Republican politics over the past 35 years taken to its logical conclusion. He is the Republican id, finally entirely unleashed from all restraint and all reality.


Trump probably won’t become the Republican nominee, but not because most Republicans reject his premises. No: it will be because he states these arguments too crudely for mass public consumption. He takes the whispered dogmas of the Reagan, Bush and Tea Party years and shrieks them through a megaphone. The nominee will share similar ideas, but express them more subtly. In case you think these ideas are marginal to the party, remember – it has united behind the budget plan of Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan. It’s simple: it halves taxes on the richest 1 percent and ends all taxes on corporate income, dividends, and inheritance. It pays for it by slashing spending on food stamps, healthcare for the poor and the elderly, and basic services. It aims to return the US to the spending levels of the 1920s – and while Ryan frames it as a response to the deficit, it would actually increase it according to the independent Center for Budget and Policy Priorities. Ryan says “the reason I got involved in public service” was because he read the writings of Ayn Rand, which describe the poor as “parasites” who must “perish”, and are best summarized by the title of one of her books: ‘The Virtue of Selfishness.

The tragedy is that Obama needs serious opposition – but not from this direction. In reality, he is funded by similar destructive corporate interests, and has only been a few notches closer to sanity than these people. But faced with such overt lunacy, he seems like he is serving the bottom 99 per cent of Americans much more than he really is.

This is why we’re suddenly seeing serious attacks on him from all quarters. If he’s allowed to stand, he gives away the corporate GOP platform as well as its reliance on the Southern Strategy.

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