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Dayton Offers MN GOP Hobson’s Choice: Protect Rich Or Bust Unions

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 14, 2011

As you may have heard by now, the Minnesota state shutdown is likely to come to an end soon, as Governor Mark Dayton offered the state Republican leadership a Hobson’s Choice:

Dayton offered to accept their June 30 budget proposal, which delays school payments and doesn’t tax the rich, on these three conditions:

– They dump all the ALEC-inspired social/policy agenda bullshit (including their own version of Scott Walker’s union-busting bill), crap which they’d spent the entire session pushing and which they’d tacked onto the bill

– They drop their plan to cut state employee numbers by 15%

– They approve a $500 million bonding bill to put people back to work in Minnesota.

In other words, he challenged them to show, once and for all, their true priorities.

And guess what? They’ve tentatively agreed to it.

That’s right, folks: The Republican Party of Minnesota not only jettisoned their union-busting, their stem-cell research ban, their mandatory picture voter ID demand, as well as their anti-stimulus stance and their deficit hawkery, just to make sure Governor Dayton didn’t raise taxes on the richest .03% of the population.

That should tell you something. So does the fact that Michael Brodkorb and other Republican leaders, who would have been filling their Twitter feeds with boasts about making Dayton cave if they really liked this deal, have done no such thing today. They now have to sell this to their freshman Tea Party goons, and that’s going to be difficult.

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A Quick Note of Correction

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 6, 2011

Governor Dayton is not currently asking for higher taxes on all millionaires, only on those who make $1 million or more a year — the 7,700 individuals mentioned.

Karl Northman
, a stalwart of the old and lamented Table Talk, set us all straight:

The problem with the number of millionaires is a problem with Star-Tribune reporting. Dayton’s final offer was to raise the taxes on people earning more than a million dollars a year. The Strib managed to refer to that as “millionaires” – but in normal usage, a millionaire is someone with a million in assets – a vastly larger group. I believe his original proposal (that he ran on, and held firm on for a long time, was for tax increases on the top 2%, which I recall as being in the neighborhood of $250K a year.

As soon as I read the article, I knew that was going to be one of those stupid copy-editor tricks that never goes away.

The Strib today published a letter from a reader pointing out their mistake.

Thanks, Karl!

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Arne Carlson: Pawlenty Caused Minnesota Budget Woes

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 3, 2011

Just to remind everyone:

Carlson contends that his administration didn’t just point out the long-term structural problems in the 1995 report that Downey was referring to. Rather, it made the “reforms” necessary to correct the problems.

Carlson also contends that Tim Pawlenty, as majority leader of the House and then as governor, undid most of the changes the Carlson administration instituted. Along the way, Pawlenty got a little help from Gov. Jesse Ventura and some DFLers.

But mostly Carlson blames Pawlenty.

He says that Pawlenty closed the very department, Planning, that created the report Republicans now are citing.

He also says that Pawlenty, as House majority leader, was responsible, along with Ventura, for a disastrous change in the relationship between school funding and property taxes.

And he also says that Pawlenty showed that he wasn’t serious about budgeting because he never pushed for inflation to be considered a factor in out-year spending, only in out-year income.


Gimmicks replaced the reforms of the Carlson years, Carlson said. Tobacco settlement money was used as a one-time budget-balancing fix. School funding aid was shifted. Federal stimulus money was used.

“Under Tim Pawlenty, it became deficit heaven,” said Carlson. “All the things we did were undone. Now, what bothers me is you get these holier-than-thou attitudes. Oh, we’re all to blame. But that’s just not true. There’s one person who has the power to insist on a balanced budget. That’s the chief executive officer, the governor.”

Carlson’s words were borne out back in 2005 by Britt Robson in his excellent City Pages piece “Minnesota Eats Itself“.

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The Great and Powerful Brodkorb Has Spoken!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 1, 2011

Pay no attention to the boor behind the curtain!

Earlier this week, Doug Tice, the conservative editor of the StarTribune, published what was the mother of all chastisements to his fellow Republicans, Minnesota Republican Party Chair Tony Sutton and his deputy Michael Brodkorb, warning them to stop with the boorish behavior or risk seeing Governor Dayton eat their lunch in the budget battle: “Sutton’s methods could help tilt the balance of public opinion in the governor’s favor at a time the GOP majority can ill-afford to lose support.”

Unfortunately for Messrs. Sutton and Brodkorb, they didn’t take the hint from Tice et al — Hey, bozoes, shut up or Dayton wins! — because Brodkorb has just asked for, and been granted, space in the Strib to dig his and Sutton’s holes even deeper, accusing Governor Dayton of icky behavior but somehow failing to quote anything by Governor Dayton, much less anything anywhere near as icky as the tripe Sutton and Brodkorb spew, one of whom was quoted at length and in context by the StarTribune’s editorial writer.

Tild of reveals the boor behind the curtain

Furthermore, much as humbug artist and former “independent blogger” Brodkorb would like to wish it otherwise, the StarTribune isn’t the only Minnesota paper whose editors are horrified at the Sutton-and-Brodkorb act. Bluestem Prairie’s Sally Jo Sorensen’s reeled off a list of three major papers in Greater Minnesota who have scorched the Republican strategy, and the Republicans’ Fantasy Budget, in words that make the Strib’s seem downright gentle in comparison.

Face it, Broddie: Not even the Twin Cities media will be eating out of your hand much longer.

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Obama Caves Again, Death of a Thousand Cuts Continues

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 9, 2011

David Dayen says it all here.

Obama caved when he had the Republicans on the run. That’s all you need to know here.


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