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Hillary Clinton and Omar Khadr: Bashings From Left And Right

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 12, 2015

Two weeks ago, I posted this diary over at Daily Kos about Kerry Eleveld’s and Jason Leopold’s excellent reporting on Hillary Clinton’s spending much of the last few months of her time as Secretary of State quietly working to take Omar Khadr, the Canadian-born young man whose father took him from his home at fifteen years of age and made him fight alongside him against coalition forces in Afghanistan, from Gitmo – the place where Khadr had spent most of his teens and all of his adult life – and send him back to Canada, where he’s now living with his lawyer’s family in Edmonton, Alberta.

We all knew that right-wing sites like the Daily Caller would bash Hillary over this (“Emails: Hillary Cheered Transfer Of Gitmo Detainee Who Killed American Soldier With Grenade”).   Sadly, her leftist critics aren’t much better.  (Or as informed on the case as many of them think they are, as was pointed out in response to the ones falsely claiming that he’s still in prison.)


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News Roundup: WI Senate Recount, Obamacare-Hating Cons Moving To Canada, Media Depict NFIB Shill As Just A Plain Ol’ Businessman

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 30, 2012

So much to write about, so little time:

— Add Joe Olivo of Perfect Printing to the list of right-wing and/or business lobby shills the media choose to pretend are just plain old folks with no hidden agenda:

Wow — two news organizations covering the same story scoured the nation for a random small business owner to comment on that story — and they both found the same one! How’d that happen? What are the odds?

Well, as it turns out, Joe Olivo of Perfect Printing turns up quite a bit in public discussions of this and other issues. Here he is testifying against the health care law before House and Senate committees in January 2011. Here he is on the Fox Business Network around the same time, discussing the same subject. Here he is a few days ago, also on Fox Business, talking to John Stossel about the law. Here he is discussing the same subject on a New Jersey Fox affiliate.


NFIB, you will not be surprised to learn, is linked to the ALEC and Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS, and to the usual rogues’ gallery of right-wing zillionaires.

So Joe Olivo isn’t just some random business owner — he’s dispatched by NFIB whenever there’s a need for someone to play a random small business owner on TV.

It’s time to make a list of these clowns. I know that Olivo’s not the first person whose conservative and/or business lobby ties our allegedly-liberal media doesn’t disclose when choosing to use him or her as their “average person without an agenda” soundbite provider.

— Speaking of clowns, these right-wingers apparently think that moving to a country with socialized medicine is a good way to express their hatred for socialized medicine. (If right-wing drivel of this sort is something you find wildly entertaining, TBogg has come along to harvest some choice examples.)

— In other news, once and future Wisconsin state senator John Lehman (D-Racine) is winning the optional recount that the state Republicans demanded and for which they are paying out of their own pockets, as Lehman’s lead was big enough to avoid triggering a mandatory recount. If control of the Wisconsin State Senate during recess (a recess that Walker can end at any time, just as he did last year) wasn’t such a big deal, why are state Republicans fighting so hard to delay the inevitable turnover to the state Democrats?

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Can You Guess This Guy’s Boss?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 4, 2011

Yesterday afternoon, I was sitting in Kieran’s drinking Two Gingers (house brand) whisky while my friend the attorney was drinking pints of Guinness and regaling me with stories. One story will interest you both:

Seems a while back — I didn’t find out exactly when, but it was during the health care reform battle — he and a female friend were at Gianni’s in Wayzata for drinks, talking about health care reform, when someone overheard them. “I work for a legislator in DC, we’ve been working on health care all this term,” he said affably, producing a business card.

Now my friend’s female friend had spent some years in Canada, and got to know the Canadian health care system really, really well. “I think we need to adopt the Canadian system,” she replied.

The guy’s demeanor changed instantly. “Oh, no, no, no, that’s the LAST thing we should do!”

The lady was undaunted. “I’ve lived there, my daughter goes to college there, it’s great –”

“NO! You’re wrong!” He was starting to get red-faced already.

“– we experienced it ourselves, we love their health care, the Canadians love it too, they’d never give it up –”

“LIAR!” By this time he was literally screaming at them. “LIAR! YOU’RE LYING! LIAR!” Right up in their faces, over and over again, to the point where he was made to leave.

After he’d gone, they saw the business card he’d left behind. My friend didn’t remember the name, but the card proclaimed Mister Hothead to have been the Chief of Staff for a Republican member of Congress whose identity I will leave you to guess.

The way my lawyer friend described it, there was no attempt by the guy to argue facts and figures, no effort to say something like “you may have liked it but it’s bankrupting Canada” (which would have been a lie, but it at least would have been an effort at a semi-coherent rejoinder). Instead, it was the sort of brook-no-disagreement white-hot rage exhibited by someone whose religion was being ripped and mocked to shreds, whose worldview was in danger of shattering around him. Anything or anyone that interfered with his religious belief was not to be argued with, but to be intimdated, censored, silenced, shouted down.

How do you negotiate with people like that? You don’t — the only things that curb them are hits to the body or the bank account.

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People Advocating Breaking Laws! Shocking!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on January 23, 2011

Look at this! A prominent figure advocates and encourages dark-skinned persons from south of the border to enter his country without their papers!

Estimates vary widely, but at least 30,000 slaves, some say more than 100,000, escaped to Canada via the Underground Railroad.[6] The largest group settled in Upper Canada (called Canada West from 1841,[20] and today Southern Ontario), where numerous Black Canadian communities developed. These were generally in the triangular region bounded by Toronto, Niagara Falls, and Windsor. Nearly 1,000 refugees settled in Toronto, and several rural villages made up mostly of ex-slaves were established in Kent County and Essex County.

Another important center of population was Nova Scotia, for example Africville and other villages near Halifax, see Black Nova Scotians. Important black settlements also developed in other parts of British North America (now parts of Canada). These included Lower Canada (present-day Quebec) and Vancouver Island, where Governor James Douglas encouraged black immigration because of his opposition to slavery and because he hoped a significant black community would form a bulwark against those who wished to unite the island with the United States.

Shocking, I tell you!

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