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Bradlee Dean And The Catholic Church

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 16, 2011

Last week, the folks of the Dump Bachmann blog got screwed by YouTube, which canceled their video accounts — and for a short while, their Gmail accounts as well.

Why? Apparently because Bradlee Dean cowed YouTube, which is owned (just as is Gmail) by the huge and deep-pocketed Google, into doing his bidding. Here’s what YouTube told the Dump Bachmann people:

We have disabled the following material as a result of a third-party notification from You Can Run But You Cannot Hide Intl. claiming that this material is infringing:

Bradlee Dean on the Catholic Church

As DB’s Ken Avidor noted back in March, Bradlee Dean Smith is known for abusing copyright laws in order to silence critics:

“This is a case where people don’t want you to see something that’s embarassing to a politician they like, so they’re trying to make it go away,” Avidor says. “It’s Orwell’s memory hole.”

It’s interesting that the video YouTube cited as the reason for their giving the death penalty to Dump Bachmann is one where Dean is, according to those that have seen it, caught telling his devoted fans that Catholicism is riddled with perversion and “old guys checking out your daughters”.

This is not the sort of thing that Dean wants to have floating around as he tries to make nice with the local Catholic hierarchy in the first stages of the plan to ramp up their push for the anti-gay, anti-marriage-equality “Bradlee Dean” ballot measure — that’s the one that was supposed to have been added to the 2012 ballot on the same day he performed the invocation that went so disastrously that it nearly scuttled the bill and caused Republican House Speaker Kurt Zellers to have it struck from the official record. (Gee, wonder if YouTube will now suppress videos of that as well?)

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What Catholic Voters Really Think (Hint: It’s Not What The Vatican, Or Republicans, Say They Do)

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 27, 2010

On the occasion of the Republican Party of Minnesota’s titanic efforts in trying to smear Betty McCollum and a DFL pamphlet praising the work of local Catholics in aiding the poor (a smear that one of its disseminators, David Strom, was forced to retract), I thought I would pass this on to all of you:

— Sexually active Catholic women 18 and older are just as likely (98%) to have used some form of contraception banned by the Vatican as women in the general population (99%). (National Survey of Family Growth, 2008)

— Catholics (69%) are just about as likely as non-Catholics to support medical research using embryonic stem cells left over from in-vitro fertilization procedures: Protestants (74%), other Christians (66%) and the overall population (72%) have broadly similar views. (Harris Interactive, 2010)

— When Catholic voters considered healthcare reform in 2009, and were asked about access to abortion, they supported health insurance coverage for abortion in many circumstances: when a pregnancy poses a threat to the life of a woman (84%); when a pregnancy is due to rape or incest (76%); when a pregnancy poses long-term health risks for a woman (73%); when test results show a fetus has a severe, abnormal condition (66%); and whenever a women and her doctor decide it is appropriate (50%). (Belden Russonello & Stewart, 2009)

— Only 14% of Catholics in the US agree with the Vatican’s position that abortion should be illegal (Belden Russonello & Stewart, 2009) and a poll released by the bishops themselves in late 2008 showed just 11% of US adults support the bishops’ preferred option: a complete ban on abortion.

— Only eight percent of Catholics believe that the views of the US bishops are “very important” in deciding for whom to vote. Seventy-three percent of Catholics believe they do not have a religious obligation to vote on issues the way their bishop recommends and 69% of Catholic voters do not believe they have a religious obligation to vote against candidates who support legal abortion. (Belden Russonello & Stewart, 2008)

— The vast majority of Catholics (92%) rate the economy as very important; almost as many (91%) say jobs are their top issue in the coming election. These numbers are nearly identical among all major religious groups and the overall population (90% for the economy and 88% for jobs).

— Social issues, abortion included, are much farther down the list with fewer than half of Catholics and Americans (both 43%) rating abortion as “very important” during this election cycle. (Pew 2010 Annual Religion and Public Life Survey)

Just thought you should know.

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