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Chamber of Congress Backs Internet Blacklist Bill

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 1, 2011

I had to pass this on:


How can you be sure that your cause is righteous? One sure-fire way: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce lashes out against you.

More than 100,000 Demand Progress members emailed Congress in opposition to the Internet Blacklist Bill last week — and we’re proud to say that, in response, the Chamber of Commerce just launched an attack against Demand Progress.


They’re terrified of the popular uprising against their censorship legislation. So in a remarkably glib post, the Chamber writes:

First up is Demand Progress. Before they even saw the House bill, they started calling it the “New Internet Blacklist Bill.” Blacklist? That sounds pretty bad. But before we get carried away, let’s take a look at the actual language of the actual legislation. Can YOU find a blacklist? No? Can you find a list of ANY kind? No?

We’ve got to give them credit: In their wisdom the authors of the Internet Blacklist Bill refrained from inserting the terms ‘Blacklist,’ ‘censorship,’ or ‘Great Firewall Of China’ into the text of their legislation.

But that’s why Demand Progress exists: To illuminate the corporatists’ propensity for censorship, doublespeak, and plain old BS.


As EFF notes:

As drafted, the legislation would grant the government and private parties unprecedented power to interfere with the Internet’s domain name system (DNS). The government would be able to force ISPs and search engines to redirect or dump users’ attempts to reach certain websites’ URLs.

Or, in other words, these sites would be BLACKLISTED. And the bill goes even further — undermining other sites’ abilities to continue to operate by choking off their access to financial resources.

Please consider donating 5, 10, or 20 bucks so we can keep calling out the corporate interests that are trying to censor the Internet — we rely on our members, not big businesses, to keep up our work.

Thanks so so much,

The Demand Progress team

There you go.

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Business Owners: If Anything We Need MORE Regulation, And Republicans Need To Shut Up

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 8, 2011

From a recent McClatchy article:

McClatchy reached out to owners of small businesses, many of them mom-and-pop operations, to find out whether they indeed were being choked by regulation, whether uncertainty over taxes affected their hiring plans and whether the health care overhaul was helping or hurting their business.

Their response was surprising.

None of the business owners complained about regulation in their particular industries, and most seemed to welcome it. Some pointed to the lack of regulation in mortgage lending as a principal cause of the financial crisis that brought about the Great Recession of 2007-09 and its grim aftermath.

Go read the whole thing.

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The Hill Thinks Donations Made By Americans Living Overseas (Or Working For American Outlets Of Foreign Companies) Are “Foreign Money”.

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 18, 2010

That’s the pretzel logic behind their latest efforts to rush to the defense of the Republicans, this time over the foreign-donations scandal:

See the obvious dots that The Hill is trying to connect? It’s trying to suggest because Democrats have accused GOP-friendly attack groups, such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, of possibly using money foreign donations to help influence U.S. elections in the form of paying for relentless attacks ads targeting Democrats, that there’s some double standard in play because Democrats have cashed checks from “foreign-affiliated” PACs.

But of course there’s no comparison between the two. None. 

The questions that continue to swirl around the Chamber revolve around unknown donors who may live in foreign countries giving undisclosed amounts.

As for the PACs in question? Behold [emphasis added]:

The PACS are funded entirely by contributions from U.S. employees of subsidiaries of foreign companies. All of the contributions are made public under Federal Elections Commission rules, and the PACs affiliated with the subsidiaries of foreign corporations are governed by the same rules that American firms’ PACs or other PACs would face.

Like I said, this is The Hill trying to connect non-existent dots. And I’m sure the GOP and right-wing bloggers are happy to watch. 

Your GOP/Media Complex in action, folks.

(UPDATE: Thanks to ClassicLiberal2 for the correction.)

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