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Wingnut-Welfare Recipient And Ayn Rand Fan Craig Westover Lectures Us On Self-Reliance, Morals

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 8, 2012

In the course of his StarTribune missive seeking to enhance the right wing’s desire to demonize Saul Alinsky and any and all other lefties who have effectively fought against Westover and his fellow one-percenters, sings the praises of Ayn Rand, who of course taught that the one-percenters like Westover were so far above we mere mortals in the 99% class because they’re so much stronger and self-reliant and unhindered by things like morality and conscience and compassion.

Westover, in fact, is one of the Minnesota right wing’s leading recipients of wingnut welfare, having for many years drawn a paycheck at the Minnesota Free Market Institute (he’s still there in an unpaid capacity as a “Senior Fellow”), a notorious sheltered workshop for otherwise-unemployable conservatives, before going on to be the paid mouthpiece for the incompetent and crazy Pat Awada Anderson and was hired last year by disgraced former RPM Chair Tony Sutton to be the the Republican Party of Minnesota’s Communications Director.

As for whether Ayn Rand is more moral than Saul Alinsky, well — Guess who based the male heroes of several novels on a vicious punk of a serial killer named William Hickman? (Hint: Her name rhymes with “Mine Bland”, and she herself became what she scathingly called a “moocher” in later life, turning to Social Security benefits when her conservative buddies refused to significantly assist her and her ailing husband.)

I think I’ll take the guy who improved the lives of millions of Americans over the woman who spun turgid tales for the elites in order to provide comfy justifications for their own amorality and sociopathy.


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