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The Solar Roadways People Need To Look Into This

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 31, 2010

One of the biggest holdups in implementing the Solar Roadways vision has been the lack of a glass or other transparent substance strong enough to stand up to the constant abuse delivered by car and truck traffic, yet cheap enough to use on a large scale.

Shell’s Floraphalte may be just what they need, at least for the initial plan to do parking lots first:

Shell Floraphalte represents the next generation of clear binder for the production of high performance coloured asphalts, manufactured using plant based renewable ingredients.

Use it to bind glass chunks, use that as the top layer for the road panels, install in parking lots of big-box stores or fast-food chains. Since parking lots don’t see quite the abuse that interstates do, this is an excellent transitional solution that would allow the Brusaws to get their product out and bring in the cash needed to work on getting a cheap yet interstate-worthy substance for the long haul.

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