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Martyred Jewish Journalist Daniel Pearl “Re-Baptized” By Mormons Nine Years After His Death

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 29, 2012

Wonder if Dana Loesch, currently having backarching ragegasms over Joan Walsh’s tweaking of Romney and the LDS over the Mormon policy of posthumously baptizing Jews, will dare address this:

Members of the Mormon Church last year posthumously baptized Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter who was captured and killed by terrorists in Pakistan shortly after the Sept. 11 attacks, according to records uncovered by a researcher in Utah.

Helen Radkey, an excommunicated Mormon who combs through the church’s archives, said that records indicate Pearl, who was Jewish, was baptized by proxy on June 1, 2011 at a Mormon temple in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Mormons baptize deceased Jews and members of other religions as part of a rite intended to give them access to salvation.

But the practice has stirred outrage among some Jewish leaders. In 1995, the church, after meeting with Jewish leaders, agreed to stop baptizing Holocaust victims. Current church policy encourages church members to baptize their ancestors, but does not explicitly forbid the baptism of deceased Jews and people of other faiths.”

For those who weren’t around or don’t remember it, Daniel Pearl was kidnapped, tortured and killed specifically for being Jewish.

Betcha Dana doesn’t say a word.

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