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Why Is Norm Coleman Not After Michael Steele’s Job?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 28, 2010

This is interesting:

[Norm] Coleman said in a C-SPAN interview scheduled to be broadcast Sunday that he would not challenge Steele if he decides to run for a second term. “I am not here to do any battles with our chairman; he is a friend,” Coleman said.

Considering that Norm’s been angling for the job for years, even before he lost to Al Franken, this is a rather noteworthy volte-face.

What made Norm decide not to go for it? Would the name “Kazeminy” be a clue? Or “Blo-and-Go“?

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In Other News, Hitler Accuses Churchill Of War Crimes

Posted by Phoenix Woman on January 10, 2010

Blue Texan nails it concerning Michael Steele’s attacking Harry Reid:

Here’s a guy [Steele] who promised to woo African American voters with fried chicken, refused to criticize Glenn Beck for saying that the president was a “white culture”-hating racist, and who just a few days ago dropped the Native American equivalent of “nigger” on national teevee.

And when it was pointed out to him by a fellow Republican that “injun” isn’t kosher, Steele told him to “get a life.”

My favorite part is when Steele brings up poooor martyred Trent Lott. Awwww.

Lott, as Steele well knows, is a member of the Council of Conservative Citizens (aka the White Citizens’ Council) — he tried denying it, but his own uncle blew the lid off that little game.

But of course this isn’t a bug, but a feature in GOP circles, so when Atrios and other bloggers first started asking why the same folks who freaked out over innocuous comments made at the Wellstone memorial event at were silent and/or approving of the remarks Lott (who was one of the vocal disapprovers of the Wellstone event) made about wishing Strom Thurmond’s white-supremacist candidacy had beaten Harry Truman for the White House in 1948, the Villagers who so assiduously take RNC dictation ignored Atrios et al. Until, that is, Bush’s favorite brain Karl Rove realized he could use this scandal to dump Lott — who had been stubbornly insisting that the Senate GOP Caucus was not Rove’s plaything — and replace him with the far more malleable Bill Frist. This is why Lott wasn’t exactly sorry to see Rove bail out on Bush’s second term.

In any event, it’s ironic as hell that Steele’s now agitating for Reid’s removal as Senate Majority Leader — as Reid’s likely replacement is the far more effective Chuck Schumer. That’s not what Mitch McConnell wants to see.

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