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The Ineffable Sadness Of @mbrodkorb And His Twitter Account

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 18, 2011

Poor Michael Brodkorb. How the mighty have fallen.

He, who has spent the past year playing the role of Gríma Wormtongue to Amy Koch’s Théoden (or is it in her case Éowyn?), and who with Tony Sutton has commanded the Republican caucus at the Capitol like a two-bit Svengali dominating a cadre of exceptionally weak-minded Trilbys, who had been leading the charge for Mike Parry to keep TheoCon Allen Quist from being the one to go down in defeat against Tim Walz next year, is now so far off his game that instead of starting new smears or recycling old rejected ones (the latter task having apparently been farmed out to other local Republicans), he is reduced to making Tweets like this one:

So sad.

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The Fall Of The House Of Sutton: The Brodkorb-Koch Angle

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 17, 2011

Michael Brodkorb channels his inner Hugh Hefner

It’s been a busy few days in the North Star State, as a whole battalion of chickens have come home to roost at the Republican Party of Minnesota.

First, there was the mysterious stepping-down of Amy Koch on Thursday morning from her Majority Leader post in the State Senate; she gave no real reason why she was stepping down, and also said that while she wasn’t going to run for re-election, she would retain her state Senate seat until her term expired.

That apparently wasn’t good enough for the state party leadership, because on Friday morning, it was announced that she’d been forced out over an “inappropriate relationship” with a male Senate staffer whose name was not mentioned.

Then, well after the deadlines for the six o’clock and even the nine and ten o’clock evening newscasts, it was announced that Koch’s nominal underling, Michael Brodkorb — Tony Sutton’s right-hand man and a guy who until October of this year had been the Deputy Chair of the Minnesota Republican Party and its communications boss — had resigned his job at the state Senate. (See also Tild’s lovely graphic above, which may also be found here.)

My, my.

The jockeying to replace Brodkorb’s sock puppet as Majority Leader has begun, with inspid right-wing talk-show host and freshman Senate Republican Dave Thompson already expressing interest in the gig. (Be careful what you wish for, Dave: The RPM powerbrokers, especially the Sutton-Brodkorb crew, would love to see you nominally presiding over the state Senate GOP caucus when the Republicans lose control of it next year. They’ll blame the loss on you and use it to try and vault back into power, hoping that nobody notices that their fingerprints will be all over that loss.)

Pass. The. Popcorn.

UPDATE: And now we find out that Brodkorb has resigned from the campaign of Mike Parry, who is competing with Allen Quist for the right to get a butt-kicking from Tim Walz next November. Yeah, I think we can safely say that the circumstantial evidence is piling up here.

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Lying About Tweets: Mike Parry Shows It’s OK, If You’re A Republican

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 15, 2011

Two prominent politicians lied about what they tweeted, and tried to cover it up. One was forced out of politics, the other got a free pass.

The one forced out of politics? A Democrat. The one who got the free pass? A Republican, Mike Parry — who keeps getting free passes and wet kisses from various Minnesota media.

It’s enough to make a cat laugh — or bark, as the case may be.

(Crossposted to Renaissance Post.)

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Mike Parry’s Vizzini Impersonation

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 10, 2011

Ever see the film The Princess Bride? Or read the book on which it’s based? If you haven’t, please do so. (By the way, this is one of the rare films that’s better than the book — perhaps because the book’s author, William Goldman, wrote the screenplay and knew what to cut and what to keep — so if you must choose between the two, choose the movie.)

One of the more memorable, and silly, characters in both book and movie is that of the self-described criminal genius Vizzini, who is not half as smart as he thinks he is. He is forever setting up allegedly foolproof plans that turn out to be not what he claims them to be, and whenever one of his plans fails, his usual response is to angrily declaim “Inconceivable!” As one of his henchmen, Inigo Montoya, tells him: “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

There’s another person I know of who keeps trying to pull what he thinks are clever stunts that never quite work out the way he thinks they should, then keeps having rather entertaining public hissy fits as a result: That would be newly-elected Minnesota State Senator Mike Parry, a Republican from Waseca.

Senator Parry, whose first claim to, erm, fame was, as noted by Sally Jo Sorensen at Bluestem Prairie nearly a year and a half ago, a) getting caught making racist and homophobic Tweets on Twitter and b) getting caught trying to erase all record of them, is now in the news for trying to erase words written in a letter by the State Commander of the American Legion so as to make the letter seem to say something it doesn’t. Namely, he leaves out the bulk of the letter to make it seem as if the State Commander is straightforwardly praising Parry and other Capitol Republicans for their promise to hold veterans harmless in the state budget, when in fact the State Commander had made two suggestions to Parry as to how they could keep their promise — suggestions that neither Parry nor his fellow Republican caucus members seem interested in heeding. In fact, the full text of the letter indicates that the State Commander, Tom Lannon, made the suggestions as a way to hold Parry and Morrie Lanning, who chairs the House’s Veterans Committee, to the promises they made. That’s not the move of a man who’s overly confident that Parry or Lanning will keep their promises without compulsion.

Here’s Two Putt Tommy over at MN Progressive Project on the subject, and here Sally Jo Sorensen is good enough to provide the full text of Commander Lannon’s letter.

In this day and age, it’s, well, inconceivable that anyone would think one could get away with the sort of ridiculous spinning that Mike Parry’s trying. But then again, this is the guy who thought he could erase his racism and bigotry from his Twitter history and get away with it.

(Crossposted to Renaissance Post.)

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