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MN GOP Hates Bees And Anything Else That Can’t Sign Checks

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 26, 2015

It’s a pity that bees don’t have appendages capable of holding pens or clicking keyboards, much less have big bank accounts from which they can use the pens or keyboards to draw out money to hand to Minnesota Republican state legislators like senator Gary Dahms (R-Poisoned Bees). Then they might be able to hold their own against the chemical companies that have captured his interest and his loyalties, causing him to roll back polllinator protections that were created by a more sensible legislature last year:

Unfortunately, the insecticide industry is fighting back, and it won another battle in the war against bees today in the Minnesota Senate Jobs, Agriculture and Rural Development Committee when Senator Gary Dahms (R-Redwood Falls) moved to amend SF1459 so that existing language would be deleted from statute.

“This is loosely drawn language, it’s very vague,” Dahms said. “. . . This was passed in the House last year, and the concern I have is that we’re going to start asking people when they apply for money through Legacy or LCCMR, we’re going to insist they meet this and it’s really going to be hard to do that because the terms and the facts just aren’t there. . . ” (We post the section of statute below).

But it’s not just wildlife habitat will be affected. As a consequence of removing the language, greenhouses and garden stores could market bee-lethal, neonic-treated plants and seeds as “pollinator friendly” to the home gardener.

Go to Bluestem Prairie for the full story, as well as for ways to contact the members of the relevant committee.

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MN GOP: Bizarre Bedroom Agenda and 7,700 Rich People More Important than Budget or Jobs, So We Shut Down the Government

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 2, 2011

The story is here.

The 7,700 rich people? The state’s millionaires and billionaires, all of whom already pay less percentage-wise in taxes than the other 99.7% of all Minnesotans.

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