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Honduras: A Deadly Country For Women, And The Coup Hasn’t Helped

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 2, 2012

Honduran murder statistics for women, from the CONADEH report

Following up on Charles’ 08/01 post on Honduras and Mexico, I thought I should mention this from TrustLaw’s Anastasia Moloney:

The number of women murdered in Honduras has more than quadrupled since 2002, the national human rights commission says, with more than 90 percent of the killings going unpunished in the country which has the world’s highest murder rate.

Forty percent of the 3,018 women murdered over the past decade were killed in the last two years, the commision said in a report. In 2010, 36 women were killed on average each month in Honduras. In the first half of this year, that figure rose to 46 – about three women every two days.

The article goes on to state that experts blame the rise on various causes, most notably drug trafficking and general anti-female attitudes, things that have long plagued Honduras. But that doesn’t explain why forty percent of the 3,018 murders of women all occurred within the past two years.

What’s interesting is that the CONADEH report cited by the article doesn’t frame it the way the article implies it did. Instead of stating that “forty percent of the 3,018 women murdered over the past decade were killed in the last two years”, the report, written in Spanish, states it as follows in a passage with the following header:

“41% de las muertes violentas de mujeres se registraron en el gobierno de Pepe Lobo”

In English, that translates as “41% of the violent deaths of women occurred under the government of Pepe Lobo“. In other words, the murders were committed after Manuel Zelaya, the last legitimately elected president of Honduras, was toppled by Lanny Davis’ paymasters and after Porfirio “Pepe” Lobo Sosa won a joke of an election in September November of 2009. This fact is made even more explicit in this passage: “En lo que va de la actual administración del Presidente Porfirio Lobo (2010 – junio 2012) se registró la muerte violenta de 1,228 mujeres, cifra que representa el 41% de los homicidios cometidos desde el 2002.”, which translates as “So far the current administration of President Porfirio Lobo (2010 – June 2012) has recorded the violent deaths of 1,228 women, representing 41% of homicides since 2002.”

One wonders why Ms. Moloney, or her TrustLaw (Thomson Reuters) editors, chose to remove all mention of what the CONADEH report references prominently — namely, the references to Pepe Lobo.

As horrifying as is the sharp rise in the murders of women, it must be noted (as the CONADEH report does) that the murder toll for men is far higher: Of the 16,643 violent deaths in Honduras between 2010 and June 2012, 15.415 (92.62%) were of men while 1,228 (7.38%) were of women.

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Funny How Conservatives Aren’t Saying That Trayvon Should Have Had A Gun Too

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 24, 2012

Markos makes a good point:

Notice that conservatives aren’t arguing that Trayvon should’ve been packing? I wonder why…

Yeah, one would think that these ALEC-crafted “Castle Doctrine” and “Stand Your Ground” laws were meant for both nonwhites and whites, right? Or are these laws all designed to allow for open season by whites against blacks?

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They Made Sure Everyone Knew Convicted Killer Ira Einhorn Was Part Of Earth Day…

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 1, 2012

…yet when a locally-prominent Republican gets noticed nationally for doing something similarly wrong, his party ID is tucked away.

I was reminded of that when I saw the teaser for a Huffington Post story: “Politician Arrested for 1979 Murder”.

When I read the story, I noticed that it left out the political party of the city councilman, Gregory Scott Hopkins, arrested for the 1979 murder of his lover, Catherine Walsh.

I’ve noticed in the past that whenever a politician or prominent activist figure is accused of a crime, his or her political affiliation can usually be guessed by whether or not it’s mentioned in the coverage of said crime. If the politician or figure is a Democrat or anyone that’s ever so slightly to the left, that fact gets mentioned early and often, typically within the first couple of paragraphs. If the politician is a conservative and/or Republican, that fact often doesn’t get mentioned at all.

Sure enough, most other coverage, national and local, left out the accused killer’s party ID.

It was left out of this CBS Pittsburgh story.

It was left out of this Beaver County (Pennsylvania) Times story.

It was left out of this other Beaver County Times story.

It was mentioned in this other Beaver County Times story, but only in a sidebar.

Interestingly enough, the only paper to not only note the accused perp’s party ID, but to put it in the story’s title, was a overseas one, the UK’s Daily Mail.

Make of that what you will.

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Compare And Contrast: Colombia And Venezuela

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 29, 2011

First, Colombia:

We have known for years about the dangers of being a trade unionist in Colombia, of the murders of organizers and labor officials. The murders have increased in frequency in the years since the US negotiated a trade deal with Colombia. They are well documented.

Now, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka has put names to the tragedy. In a letter to President Obama, Trumka says that 22 union activists have been killed in Colombia this year, including 15 since a so-called “Action Plan” designed to crack down on union violence was instituted in the country. All of their names are in a fact sheet at the end of the letter.

Trumka added that six Catholic bishops have been killed in Colombia in 2011.   The Bishops Conference of Colombia believes the killings occurred because of “their courageous commitment… with the prophetic denunciation of injustice and the cause of the poorest in the country.”

Now, Venezuela:

On a hillside overlooking Caracas, Venezuela, Pedro Echavez feeds sweet potato greens to his rabbits. These animals are raised for their meat, but their droppings also fertilize Echavez’s black bean and vegetable plots. This four-acre farm produces enough food to provide 80 percent of the diet for the sixteen people living in his community.


The Venezuelan equivalent of the US Department of Agriculture is overseeing the project. Yet, unlike the USDA, which gives around $20 billion in subsidies to the largest producers in the United States annually, Venezuela is giving 4.3 billion bolívares fuertes ($1 billion) in low-interest credit solely to small and medium-sized grain producers. Another 13 billion bolívares fuertes ($3 billion) is set aside for fruit and vegetable operations, as well as growers of crops like coffee, cacao and sugar cane. A portion of what farmers grow will be used to pay off the loans, and much of this produce will be locally packaged, processed and sold at state-owned supermarkets.

President Hugo Chávez’s leftist Bolivarian Revolution has embraced the idea of food sovereignty, or the right of a people to define their own food and agriculture policy. The food sovereignty movement is a global one, and the organization at the forefront, La Via Campesina, counts 300 million members. Venezuela is one of many countries, including Ecuador, Bolivia, Mali and Nepal, that have, in response to this grassroots movement, developed a legal framework for food sovereignty.

Tell your congresscritters to oppose the trade deal with Colombia. The fact that this nation’s bloodsoaked ruling classes are feted by the US’ elite, while the far more democratic and human Chavez is demonized by corporate-owned American media and corporate-owned American politicians, shows just how amoral is our leadership.

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The Guilty Flee When No One Pursueth: RWers Scrub Websites After Giffords Shooting

Posted by Phoenix Woman on January 8, 2011

Erick Erickson and Michelle Malkin doth protest too much when they say that the guy who shot Democratic congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords couldn’t have been a fellow right-winger like them. If that’s so, then why are a whole bunch of right-winger Republicans and their allies suddenly scrubbing things from their websites?

Things like this:

And this, scrubbed from Sarah Palin’s website:

The guilty — of conscience, perhaps? — flee when no one pursueth.

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