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#DylannRoof And #LostCause Backers: Bellicose Lying #Bigots

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 25, 2015

Ta-Nehisi Coates does an excellent job of running Confederate lies to earth.

For instance, after first demolishing the “War of Northern Aggression” lie by showing how the Southern slave camp owners had been planning to secede and/or invade Cuba, Mexico and other parts of Latin America and the Carribean before finally firing on Fort Sumter, he then takes on the infamous “the war wasn’t about slavery” lie:

… As the Late Unpleasantness [of the Civil War itself] stretched from the predicted months into years, the very reason for the Confederacy’s existence came to threaten its diplomatic efforts. Fighting for slavery presented problems abroad, and so Confederate diplomats came up with the notion of emphasizing “states rights” over “slavery”—the first manifestation of what would later become a plank in the foundation of Lost Cause mythology.

The first people to question that mythology were themselves Confederates, distraught to find their motives downplayed or treated as embarassments. A Richmond-based newspaper offered the following:

‘The people of the South,’ says a contemporary, ‘are not fighting for slavery but for independence.’ Let us look into this matter. It is an easy task, we think, to show up this new-fangled heresy — a heresy calculated to do us no good, for it cannot deceive foreign statesmen nor peoples, nor mislead any one here nor in Yankeeland. . . Our doctrine is this: WE ARE FIGHTING FOR INDEPENDENCE THAT OUR GREAT AND NECESSARY DOMESTIC INSTITUTION OF SLAVERY SHALL BE PRESERVED, and for the preservation of other institutions of which slavery is the groundwork.

Even after the war, as the Lost Cause rose, many veterans remained clear about why they had rallied to the Confederate flag. “I’ve never heard of any other cause than slavery,” wrote Confederate commander John S. Mosby. The progeny of the Confederacy repeatedly invoked slavery as the war’s cause.

The entire article is worth a read, so much so that I pray Mr. Coates has a good home security system. Confederates get violent when their cognitive dissonance is attacked, as Dylann Roof has already shown.

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“Bill White actually leads the Governor’s race 51-42 with voters who want to be Americans.”

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 13, 2010

Yesterday, over at my other blogging home, I posted an evisceration of some American Enterprise Institute hack’s attempt to try and rewrite history, not to mention reality, concerning the racism that is at the heart of the conservative movement.

And now, what do I see in my mailbox but a link to this PPP poll, courtesy of the Burnt Orange Report:

15% of voters in the state support seceding from the Union while 72% are opposed. 21% of Republicans and only 4% of Democrats support secession. Bill White actually leads the Governor’s race 51-42 with voters who want to be Americans, but Perry leads overall because of a 69-18 lead with the secessionists. It’s too bad for White that the secessionists don’t go so far as renouncing their right to vote in American elections or else he’d definitely be the next Governor of Texas.

As the Burnt Orange Report says: “Rick Perry’s supporters would rather secede than stick with our great nation. Maybe it has something to do with the African-American president?” Considering that the last time any states seceded, it had to do with black people, it’s not an unreasonable question.

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