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Turning The Corner

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 5, 2009

Kimberly over in the comments section of The Field pointed this out:

From Krugman’s latest piece:

“Credit where credit is due: President Obama and his economic advisers seem to have steered the economy away from the abyss.”

I remember just a couple months ago where he said Team Obama was ‘killing us all’ with their ‘dithering’

Nouriel Roubini (Dr Doom) is more objective imo- he said in Newsweek that he no longer fears and L-shaped near depression, he now thinks we’re in the middle of U-shaped recession. He said the Obama Admin deserves credit for their aggressive policy action. The worst has been averted.

What’s interesting to me is how different the outlooks of Krugman and Roubini are. Krugman, as mentioned above, did admit (but only after a few hundred words of general balefulness) that the economy does seem to have been steered away from the abyss; however, he thinks that we’re in for a Japanese-style L-shaped stagnant recovery, whereas Roubini, the guy who is the one usually known as “Dr. Doom”, thinks that we’re about halfway through a U-shaped recession that, while “deep and protracted”, will be markedly on the wane, if not over, by this time next year.

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